Trekking in Nepal
Tourism Licence No: 1948/072

Best Season to Visit Nepal

Nepal is a country with varieties of climate with its topography and its altitude. Nepal is divided into three regions.  The low land called Terai region with its maximum altitude to approximately 305m, which lies in the tropical Southern part of the country. The mid land hilly region are pleasant almost all the year round, although winter nights are cool. The Northern region Himalayan region at the altitude above 3300m has an alpine climate with considerably lower temperature in winter.
Our Nepal has four seasons temperate climate. However due to its location, landscape and power outages those seasons often dictate when the best month to visit Nepal.
Climate factors are very important in deciding on a visit to Nepal.  But all seasons are preferable to visit and all seasons are best to trek in Nepal. Among them some seasons are more excellent.
December, January and February are winter seasons. The winter season in Nepal will be cold and there be snow fall above the mountain region, but we are able to trek and we will prepare for the trek with good warm clothes and you will need the experience of hill climbing in winter to be able to cope with this.
March, April and May are spring seasons. This is one of the best months to visit Nepal. The temperature is quite moderate and it is a colorful season in the jungle. Many flowers are blossoming just like rhododendron and the Mountain View are awesome. Temperature is brilliant and in this time Nepal weather is an excellent to visit Nepal.
June, July and August are summer seasons. This season is also preferable season to trek in the Himalayan regions- just like upper Mustang, around Annapurna, upper Manang, Manaslu and upper Dolpa etc. During this time a raincoat is necessary.
September, October and November are autumn seasons which is the best time to visit Nepal. Autumn in Nepal is a trekker's paradise: cloudless and dey, neither too hot nor too cold, and the clear mountain views resplendent.
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