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How much does it cost for different trekking expeditions in Nepal?

Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at 12:00am
You might be thinking of having a journey to different expeditions in Nepal and wondering how much does it cost. If yes, this article will definitely help you out by providing all sorts of relevant information. For a single person, $35 per day is the average traveling cost incurred in Nepal. There is a wide range of destinations for trekking with multiple cost rates. In an average, you may have to spend $9 for food services and around $27 for Hotel room services for a couple. If you are willing to hire a porter or guide than you must spend per day around $20 to $30 which also includes the cost of food, accommodation and Insurance charges of porter/guide Trekking cost in Nepal is considered to be low in comparison to other parts of the world with same range of stunning scenery and beautiful Himalayan ranges. 
On the way of the expedition, you might bear several costs like trekking permit fees to restricted areas, food and accommodation costs, guide and porter wages, equipment and tools, medical and accidental Insurances and other nominal charges of the travel agency. We assure you that no penny of your expense will go worthless in Nepal due to the support of glorious beautiful summits, challenging mountains, adventurous routes, prompt service and friendly local bodies.
Nepal is a trekking country which makes you select the appropriate destination among several alternatives as per your comfortability, budget and desired adventurous level. Some of the popular trekking expeditions in Nepal are Annapurna Trekking, Everest Trekking, Langtang Trekking, Upper Mustang Trekking, etc. Trekking at Everest and Annapurna region are known to be the most preferred and crowd region in Nepal. Generally marching to upper northern areas of Nepal at higher altitude are costly to some extent than the lower trekking regions. The real excitement and fun of having a journey with the group in the local routes of Nepal are practically impossible to compute in terms of monetary value.
Everest expedition is one of the most popular trekking destination in the world as this region is gifted with the highest summit i.e. Mt. Everest. Some of the agency charges around $3500 for the duration of 65 days for expedition in this region. There may occur miscellaneous expenses like Oxygen bottles, Solar panel for light and battery charger in Base Camp and other camping equipment like a tent.
Another popular expedition spot of the country is Annapurna region where your cost limit may cross above $2000 for a half month of the period. You need to take special permit costing $500 to enter the restricted areas of Upper Mustang valid for the period of 10 days along with Annapurna Conservation Area Project [ACAP] permit costing $20 with a number of day constraints. Your team can have a guide or travel independently exploring the ancient culture, monasteries, traditions with an extreme level of adventures. The stunning beautiful red mountains, rocky path, the traditional way of living of local peoples and desert scenery are the main assets of this trekking region.
Nepal is known to be under budget destination for expeditions. An average cost of $35 is expected to incur during the expeditions in Nepal. You will be able to grab the benefits of beautiful Himalayan ranges, challenging mountains and scenic beauty of nature. You are most welcome to Core treks Pvt. Ltd. for making your expedition reliable, comfortable and be performed in a convenient way with ultimate adventures.


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