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Trekking Gear in Kathmandu

Sunday, August 6th, 2017 at 12:00am
If you’re moving for hiking in Nepal, you must be worried about where to buy trekking gear in Kathmandu. No need to worry, we Core Trek are here to solve out your trekking and tour related problems and confusions. The most reliable trekking gear sellers are located on Durbar Marg and Thamel areas especially on the way of Tridevi Sadak. The North Face, Sherpa, Black Yak and Red Fox are some of the best suppliers for buying trekking equipment.
trekking gears in kathmandu
Nepal is a beautiful mountainous country and is one of the preferred trekking destinations around the world. And you must be well known about the capital city of the country i.e. Kathmandu which is only the entrance zone for the foreigners through Tribhuvan International Airport. Hence, Kathmandu is the appropriate place to buy all sorts of essential hiking equipment and the city also offers you the wide option of sellers, brand, quality, durability and price.
During your trek, you need to carry various equipment to complete your journey. Without these accessories, you will be like an empty-handed soldier moving to the war. For your convenience, we have listed major trekking gear below:
  • Navigation (Map and Compass)
  • Sunglasses/ Sunscreens
  • Extra Clothing
  • Extra food
  • First-aid supplies
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • Emergency shelter
  • Firestarter (waterproof matches, lighter and candles)
Here we have listed some best place to shop for buying trekking gear in Kathmandu:

The North Face (Tridevi Sadak, Thamel)
This brand is well known to the most of the trekkers which offer outdoor clothing and trekking gear rather than more specialist equipment. It focuses on supplying similar products that are available around the world. This is one of the renowned brands and is best known for durability and best quality.

Sherpa (Narayanhiti Path, Lal Durbarmarg)
Owned by Sherpa, it supplies all essential trekking gear including climbing equipment and hand-knitted accessories. 85% of its products are manufactured in Nepal and is contributing to the local economy as well. In future, it is aiming to manufacture 100% of its product within the country and is best known for qualitative products. Sherpa is the best place to shop where varieties of trekking equipment are available at a single store.

Red Fox (Narayanhiti Path, Lal Durbarmarg)
The Red Fox is relatively a new brand in Nepal originated from Russia which is mostly offering mountaineering gear. Many of its products are named after the places of Nepal, giving an importance to the country. It is the best place to buy tents, weather jackets and sleeping bags.

Black Yak (Tridevi Sadak, Thamel)
The Black Yak is a South Korean brand supplying the best quality of trekking gear. This is the preferred place and brand for international tourist and its logo is inspired from the owners’ trips to Nepal. Mostly, buyers are interested in buying trekking clothes from this store.
Besides these above-mentioned stores, there are other several places in Kathmandu to shop for trekking gear. Everest Hard Wear, Mammut, Salewa, Sonam and Mountain Hard Wear are other reliable places offering you the wide distinct local and international products. We hope this article will help you find the best place for finding trekking gear in Kathmandu. Feel free to contact us (Core Trek Pvt. Ltd - A reputed trekking agency in Nepal) for any kinds of advice and service related to travel, tour and trekking in Nepal.


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