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Manaslu Trekking Trip: Great Himalayan Trail, Waterfalls, Ancient Gompas, Wild flora and fauna

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 12:00am
One of the popular trekking destination Manaslu Trekking Trip is nowadays being popular as a great tea-house trek. The trek is on the Great Himalaya Trail and offers the magnificent scenic views of white snowcapped mountains on one of the controlled and preserved areas of Nepal. The trip has always been an adventurous trek and is blessed with the natural glory combined with a thriving Himalayan culture. Last few years, the trek has developed at a high speed and now it is capable to accept thousands of visitors to its trails. The trekking route is still safe after the devastating damage done by 2015 mega earthquake.
Some trekkers take Manaslu Trekking Trip as an alternative destination to Annapurna Base Camp because of the same range of natural beauty with wild flora and fauna available here. Unless you move to the beaten track, camping is not necessary as there are numerous tea houses/Dharamsala and local guest houses to provide you food and accommodation services. The trek takes you far away from the crowd and cities areas to one of the culturally influenced controlled areas of Nepal and for sure, the journey would be a lifetime unforgettable experience. Here we will provide you some of the essential information about Manaslu Trekking Trip before you carry it out.
Manaslu Trekking
What are the Major Highlights of Manaslu Trekking Trip?
Manaslu Trekking Trip which is popularly called as Manaslu Circuit Trek is the composition of adventure, natural beauty, and diversified ethnic communities rich in cultural aspects. During the trek, you will experience the beauty of Himalayas, waterfalls, wild flora and faunas along with scenic view of landscapes. Some of the major highlights of the trips are mentioned below:
Explore and stand face-to-face against the world 4th dangerous mountain to climb, Mount Manaslu (8156m).
Culturally rich trek including ancient Gompas.
100% authentic trekking experiences with mesmerizing scenic beauty.
Discover wild flora and fauna including rhododendrons and other protected wildlife.
Breathtaking waterfalls and raging rivers with precarious bridges
Tea houses for food and accommodation.
Fully adventurous trip with strenuous grade difficulty level.
Passing the Larkya La Pass
Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. is a leading travel agency of Nepal who is continuously conducting tours to several destinations of the country including Manaslu Trekking Trip. You need to arrange several documents including permits to make your journey to this controlled area of the country. Further, you are not allowed to trek individually and hence it is compulsory to hire at least one guide or porter who is authorized by the National Trekking Agency (NTA).
manaslu trekking
Best Season
Regarding the environmental condition and favorability of the climate, the Manaslu region is best for trekking during the month of March, April, May, September, October, November and also up to the mid of December. During these months, the skies are clear and the weather is bearable. The temperature is moderate and chances of rainfall are very low. Hurry up to explore and experience the stunning glory of the great Himalayan trail, waterfalls, ancient Gompas along with wild flora and fauna available there.
manaslu trekking
Essential Permits
As we have informed you that the Manaslu region is one of the controlled areas of Nepal and hence you must issue various permits to make your journey in this heavenly land of Nepal. These permits include Manaslu Restricted Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and Tsum Valley Restricted Permit. The Tsum Valley Restricted Permit is optional if you want travel Tsum Valley) whereas other permits need compulsorily to be issued.
You can get these permits issued in Kathmandu, the capital city of the country. For this purpose, you have to submit several official documents including original Passport with visa and arrival stamp, photos (passport sized), Insurance with the provision of emergency flight up to 6000m, etc. Please kindly contact us so that we could assist you in the arrangement of the documents and allocating budget for the permits.

Difficulty Level: Is the Trek Possible for Beginners?
Normally, Manaslu Trekking Trip is best for the experienced trekkers as the region’s trekking difficulty is categorized as a strenuous grade. But, this doesn’t mean that beginners should stay far from the region because they can also accomplish the journey if they are physically fit and mentally well-prepared for the trekking experience here in the Manaslu.

Trek Cost
The region is little costlier in comparison to average destinations of the country as the territory lacks the proper transportation facilities and is far beyond the commercial areas. You have to make your wallet available for issuing permits, food and accommodation cost, transportation cost, fees for porter and guides, and other miscellaneous charges that occur during the trek. On an average, be ready to spend USD 1300 to USD 2000 per person for the period of 18/20 days to trek in Manaslu region. The scenic beauty under the shadow of great Himalayas will give you a mesmerizing trekking experience whose value can never be computed in terms of monetary values.

Physical Fitness Required
For having a lifetime unforgettable trekking experience in Manaslu region, you must be physically sound and active as it is not an easy trek. It is suggested to be well prepared before few weeks earlier attending the trip. Further, we suggest you to carry essential equipment/gears so that you won’t be in trouble during the journey. If you are willing to grab a soft and easy trek then Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek would be the best alternative for you.

Essential Equipment/Gears for Manaslu Trekking
Without the proper availability of essential equipment, your journey would turn worst. So, make a proper arrangement of the gears and we suggest you purchase them in Kathmandu where there are a large number of suppliers offering verities of brands and prices that suit you. Some major gears include navigation tools, extra clothing, emergency shelters, medicines and first-aid kit box, extra foods and so on.
If you are eager to know more details about the Manaslu Trekking Trip then please feel free to contact us (Core Trek Pvt. Ltd.) as we are one of the leading trekking agency of Nepal. Your satisfaction is the determinant of our company’s success.


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