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How tough is Manaslu Trekking in Nepal and how Prepared should you be?

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 12:00am
The given article will provide you all sorts of relevant information regarding toughness/ difficulty level of Manaslu trekking and suggests you the best way to be prepared for the trek. The trek is hosted by Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. which is a renowned leading trekking agency in Nepal.
Trek in Manaslu region is considered as one of the challenging treks in Nepal and its difficulty level is stated to be Grade four/ Challenging/ Hard/ Alpine trekking. Therefore, it is not an easy job to carry the trek without any prior preparedness. Several factors like your physical fitness level, tolerance capacity and much more determine your eligibility for the trek in Manaslu, one of the reserved and controlled remote areas of Nepal.
So, how can you be well-prepared for Manaslu Trekking as it is one of the toughest trekking destinations of the country? Here we have provided some essential suggestions that are most useful for the trek in Manaslu region.

Be Physically and Mentally well-prepared
Trekking in Grade four difficulty level requires a sound physical fitness along with the stable mind. Therefore, develop a habit of jogging and walking a few weeks earlier moving to the journey. Beginner trekkers often get problems accomplishing the Manaslu trek and we suggest them to move for an easy and soft trek like Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek and later dare to go for Manaslu Trekking. But, if s/he is physically active and sound, proper preparedness can make him/her eligible for the trek. Further,

Look After All Essential Trekking Gears/Equipment
Besides fitness, you must have made proper arrangement of trekking equipment before moving to the destination. The Manaslu region is one of the remote areas of Nepal and hence you won’t find any supplier who could provide you essential materials during the trek. Hence, it is compulsory to take essential trekking gears with you before moving on.

Administrative and Paper Works
Despite carrying essential equipment and being physically fit, you are ineligible for Manaslu Trekking unless you complete the paper works for having the permits. You need to issue such permits like Manaslu RAP, ACAP from Kathmandu and for this purpose please carry all sorts of essential documents like Passports with Visa and arrival stamp, photographs and much more. A good trekking agency in Nepal will definitely help you in arrangement and processing of all required documents. Therefore, we suggest you choose Core Trek Pvt. Ltd as your trekking companion.

For being well prepared for Manaslu Trekking, you need to look after several miscellaneous otherwise your trekking experience would turn worst. Make your budget available and plan for the trek much earlier you before you move. We suggest you research on the internet and take the advice of the experienced trekkers and also it is vital to consult with experts and even doctors if you are physically or mentally weak. Also, develop the habit of staying calm by means of Yoga and meditation.
Manaslu region which was officially opened for trekking during early 90’ and is popular for its scenic beauty under the shadows of the Himalayas comprised with culturally rich villages. The area is blessed with beautiful flora and fauna taking you far away from the crowd and city areas. It is highly recommended for the adventurous lovers as the trek is challenging and the entire trail is filled with diverse and secluded topography
The most challenging part of the trek is the day of crossing the Larke Pass which is exciting and adventurous too. With varying altitude, you have to carry the journey at different elevation passing through the remote and diverse trekking trails. Known for the strenuous grade difficulty, the trek makes you stand face-to-face against Mount Manaslu, the 4th most dangerous mountain in the world to climb after Mount Annapurna (Nepal), Nanga Parbat (India) and Mount K2 (Pakistan).
Also, we would like to inform you that, trek to Manaslu region is free from the consequences of 2015 mega earthquake from which Nepal suffered a lot. The trekking routes are safe and don’t get panic from the rumors related to earthquake consequences.
Manaslu region is the best choice for adventure lovers to carry an unforgettable and mesmerizing journey of your life. Here, we have listed some major highlights of the Manaslu Trekking
  • Passing the Larke Pass, the most challenging and adventurous day
  • Diverse topography with varying altitudes that makes you feel changing trekking trails.
  • Culturally rich villages with ancient gompas.
  • Illusive scenic beauty of raging rivers, waterfalls along with wild flora and faunas.
Talking about its lowlights, the Manaslu region is backed by the proper facilities of transportation and of which the cost of food and accommodation is relevantly higher than that of the average cost of trekking in Nepal. Indeed, being one of the best trekking destination in the country, the accommodation facilities may be scarce during high season i.e. October and between March to April. Somehow, the destination is accessible during the winter but trekkers get a big obstacle while crossing the Larke Pass which is at the altitude of 5,135 m.
Manaslu has been one of the popular trekking destinations of the country which is best known for its challenging adventurous journey. It is compulsory to be well-prepared few weeks earlier before heading to Manaslu. Take essential equipment and documents with you before stepping on the trek zone. Follow our tips and advice of the experts for making your journey accomplished in this heavenly land which is filled with breathtakingly and mesmerizing beauty. The region is also popular for being a great tea-house trek of Nepal. The heavenly feeling of traveling across the great Himalaya trail in this preserved and controlled area cannot be explained by the words but can only be felt.
Being a renowned trekking agency in Nepal, Core Trek Pvt. Ltd has been organizing several trekking tours and packages including Manaslu Trekking. Choose us as your trekking partner and let us look after the trekking arrangement for your best comfort and convenience.


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