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Manaslu Trek Cost | Manaslu Circuit Cost

Saturday, October 28th, 2017 at 12:00am
manaslu trekking cost
It is too crucial to know Manaslu trek cost before heading to the unspoiled and preserved land of Manaslu. If you’re interested to make Manaslu as your destiny then the good news is that it is not as expensive as expected. However, compared to other some destination of Nepal like Annapurna and Langtang, expenses incurred during Manaslu trek is slightly higher. The adventure of exploring the controlled region is something special that can never be described with few words and can never be measured in terms of monetary value.
So, let’s discuss all the expenditure headings individually so that it could be easy to understand the cost detail that incurred while trekking the manaslu, controlled land of Nepal. You have to be well prepared about the budget to spend from issuing permits to managing all sorts of food & accommodation and much more. Also, you have to remember the special provision and rules applied on Manaslu regions like hiring an authorized guide or porter is mandatory and so on. Any of the trekking agency in Nepal can help you determine the overall cost and expenditure headings during the journey to Manaslu.

How Much Does It Cost Trekking in the Manaslu Circuit?
Most of the renowned travel agency in Nepal are conducting trek packages to Manaslu, however, Core Trek has always been the leading one. In an average, trekkers may have to spend $700 to $1000 but the charges made by the international agencies may cross above $2500 which may not be in everyone’s budget. The amount is assessed through rough calculation as per the review of past trekkers, guides, hotel owners and of course, the internet as well.

Cost Headings

Permit Fees

As said above, Manaslu Circuit is a preserved and controlled land of Nepal that is enriched in culture, tradition along with the natural beauty. Very fewer people have grabbed an opportunity to visit this unspoiled and diversified land. The government of Nepal and its affiliated agencies are continuously monitoring, controlling and amending the rules and laws related to issuing the special permit for all preserved tourist destinations including Manaslu. Permit fees have always been the major expenditure headings while determining the Manaslu trek cost.
Here is the list of all essential permits that are necessary before heading for the trek:

Manaslu Restricted Area Permit
Being the part of a conserved area, you need to pay few charges for issuing the permit to open the gate for your visit. The cost differs according to the trekking seasons i.e. September to November and December to August.
The month of September, October and November are usually the rush seasons and therefore the charges are slightly higher i.e. $70 per person for the first week and extra $10 for each day after the eighth day onwards.
Similarly, from December to August, the charge of issuing Manaslu Restricted Area Permit is $50 for the first week and extra $7 each day, you spend over there.
Trekkers need to submit all kind of their detail along with their recently captured printed photographs. The photos will also be printed in the Manaslu RAP permit. The permit fees detail has been grabbed from the website of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN).

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP)
MCAP is required to be issued while moving ahead from Philim, the point from where the Manaslu Conservation Area starts. The charge for issuing MCAP permit is $20 per person. The cost for manaslu trekking is constant and is not affected by the number of days, peak seasons and months. This permit can be easily issued by the trekker himself in case the fulfillment of all required documents.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) Permit
Like MCAP, the cost of Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) permit is same throughout the year with no change regarding the months or number of days. The cost is also $20 per person.

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit
Issuing Tsum Valley Restricted Permit is completely optional and is required if the trekkers are making their journey in the land of Tsum Valley. It is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley which was opened for trekking since 2008 and was completely restricted before it.
For Tsum Valley Restricted Permit, the fees range according to two trekking seasons i.e. September to November and December to August. From September to November, the permit fees are fixed as $35 per person for the first eight days whereas from December to August, the fees are reduced to $25 per person for the same period of time.

Is TIMS Card necessary for Manaslu Trek?
No, trekking in the Manaslu region doesn’t need TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management Systems) Card to be issued.

How many days does it take to issue the permits?
The permits can be issued within a day i.e. it may take only a few hours of time. But in case of Saturday and other public holidays, the Department of Immigration remains closed. Hence it is suggested to check the public holidays before issuing the permits.

How many photographs are required for the permits?
To apply for the permits, trekkers need to submit two recently captured printed photographs and a scanned photograph as well. The two printed photographs are required in order to get ACAP and MCAP permits. Similarly, the scanned photograph is required while filling the online form of Manaslu Restricted Area permit where you have to upload the photograph.

Cost of Guide and Porters

As per the rule, no trekkers are allowed to carry their journey independently in the Manaslu Circuit. The provision is applied because of the unique, unspoiled and undamaged feature of the region which has made compulsion in hiring an authorized guide or porter for the trek. So, how much does an authorized guide or porter costs? Here we will discuss it too:
The cost of hiring a guide in manaslu region is about $25 per day per guide. This includes his fees, food and accommodation and insurance charges as well. If you are willing to hire a porter instead of a guide, then you may reduce your budget to $16 to $20. We suggest you hire an authorized and experienced guide in order to make your journey worriless and safer. An authorized person is technically sound and is well-trained who could present his skills during the difficulty and can help his clients achieve maximum satisfaction.
There are many benefits of hiring a guide or at least a porter too. He is well known to local map and itinerary and hence there is no chance of getting lost in the unknown land. Also, a guide is fluent in local languages and has a great knowledge of local culture, tradition, religion and so on. He can help you explore all the cultural aspects and hence make your trek culturally rich. Further, the person can act as a translator and in case you’re willing to conversate with the local people, there will be no problem. Also, hiring a guide/porter will definitely promote employment opportunities that will directly aid to the local economy. Core Trek Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading trekking agency in Nepal can help you manage a trusted, experienced and authorized guide/ porter at a reasonable cost as we have a good link and access to the local bodies.

Transportation Cost

Manaslu region has always been backward in case of transportation facilities. To reach the starting point of the trek, you need to hire a private jeep or take the local bus. The transportation cost of traveling through a local bus is $10 per person from Kathmandu to Arughat or Sotikhola. Similarly, if you are hiring a private jeep, then you need to pay between $150 to $200 each way. The cost per person will be minimized if you’re in a group and share the jeep fare. The same charge is applicable during your return to Kathmandu from Besisahar or Tal.
We recommend you to hire a private jeep as sharing it in a group would come to cost $30 per person only. Public buses are mostly crowd and people often face difficulty in traveling it.

Cost of Food During Manaslu Trek

The region lacks the proper services of transportation and therefore it is very difficult for traders to bring goods for selling purpose. This reason has made the cost of food more expensive than the other regions of Nepal. Being an isolated and rural area, the price is comparatively high. With the rise in elevation, the food prices are charged high and you will get limited food products on the menu.
In an average, the cost per meal is $5 per person but that may vary on what kind of food you are ordering. It is better to allocate $20 per day for meal expenses. Although the cost sounds a bit high, it is less in amount compared to Everest and Annapurna region. Lack of transportation is the major point for high food cost over here.

Cost of Drinks

Drinks may not be the compulsory items you need to have, but trekker is often found having a keen in having drinks like tea, coffee, beer and so on. The cost detail drinks in Manaslu Circuit is:
The charge of a cup of tea/ Coffee ranges according to the hotels and also according to the elevation. In an average, you need to allocate $2 to $4 for a cup of tea/ coffee. Similarly, you can purchase a bottle of a beer in the range of price between $2 to $5. And the charge of a bottle of water is normally charged $0.5 to $1.

Accommodation Cost

Talking about the accommodation cost during Manaslu trek, the fees of renting a room on twin sharing basis is $6 to $9 and that may range according to the service provider and elevation as well. There are many teahouses and lodges available on the trekking trails.
Most of the teahouses are developed in such a way that trekkers would get the feelings of local culture. Many of the lodges and teahouses were damaged due to the devastating 2015 mega earthquake. But as of now, most of them have already been repaired. If you wish, you can go for camp firing too.

Cost of Charging Electronic Devices

It may sound unfamiliar but yes, you must allocate few dollars for the purpose of charging your electronic gadgets like cell phones, camera, iPods and so on. Your accommodation providers may not charge you for this purpose but other teahouses and hotels may charge during the trek.
It is also suggested to carry a portable power bank or a solar-powered charger with you. It is better to be ensured that the cell phones and camera are charged well otherwise you may not be able to capture the best moments of your trek. Most of the trekkers can never stop them taking the snaps of the spectacular scenic views seen during the trek. The breathtaking giant Himalayas, rhododendron forest, raging rivers and stunning surroundings will compel you to capture every moment of your journey in the camera.

Hot Shower

Despite having an adventurous moments and unforgettable memories, trekking is not an easy task. Often trekkers feel tired and wish to have the hot shower and they are bound to pay for that as well. Bathing at the higher elevation will be difficult and every lodge may not have standard bathrooms. It will be very helpful carrying a towel with you. The cost for hot showers may be only a few dollars.

Tips and Donations

No one can force somebody for providing tips and donations. However, many of the trekkers are found giving tips to the guide, porters, and another facilitator. The cost is upon your interest and budget.

Fees for Visiting Monasteries and Gompas

As said earlier, Manaslu trek is one of the cultural treks that will help you explore the cultural and traditional aspects of the local ethnic communities. During your trek, you may find monasteries and gompas where you might pay some fees to visit. Normally, the charges are very few and if you wish, you can donate for their maintenance and supervision purpose.


You have to be ready for the expenses on several miscellaneous headings including trekking gears/ equipment, shopping and much more.
Talking about the essential trekking gears required during Manaslu trek, you need to carry:
Navigation tools (For direction in case you lost your way)
Tent (compulsory if thinking about the camping)
Sleeping bags
Clothing (warm jackets, trousers, gloves, Wool shocks)
Hiking Boots/ shoes
Winter Hat
Water Purifiers
Water bottles
Hand Sanitizer
Sun protection cream
Throat lozenges, lip balm
First Aid kit box
Headlights and water-proof lighters/ fire starters
Medications (Ibuprofen, Paracetamols, etc.) and much more.


Manaslu region is one of the best destinations in the country that is known for its unspoiled and breathtaking natural beauty with varied topography. The cost of trekking the region varies according to trekking agency in Nepal but be sure to choose Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. as your trekking companion to get the best of your journey in this heavenly land of Nepal. Normally, the local trekking agencies in nepal charges in between $700 to $1000 for accomplishing the Manaslu trek and some of the international agencies are found charging thrice the amount offered by local agencies. It is better to analyze each and every aspect before heading for the journey.
Manaslu has always been the prior choice of trekkers and the region has always been the best destinations. Based on the opinion and reviews of past trekkers, the destination has always been ranked at top-level because of its stunning and majestic beauty. The trek has always been culturally fascinating with trails meandering through traditional farming villages along with dark rhododendron and sal forests. Crossing the Larkya La pass is often considered as one of the adventurous and risky steps in Manaslu trek. Being the controlled and protected area, visitors have much more to explore in this heavenly land. The returns from the beauty and adventure from the region can never be measured in terms of monetary value.
Trekking to the region has always been a test of one’s endurance. Travelers are found being fascinated while encountering the passing yaks, cultural monuments and of course, the natural beauty of the land. It is suggested for the people having problems with hypothermia and altitude sickness to not carry the journey to this region.
We hope this article titled “Manaslu Trek Cost” will definitely provide all sorts of information you need to know for trekking in this region. We have described each and every expenditure headings in depth which includes permit fees, hiring a guide/ porter, transportation charges, food during Manaslu trek, cost of drinks, accommodation charges, charging electronic devices, hot showers, tips and donations, fees for visiting monasteries and gompas and miscellaneous.
Please feel free to contact us for any kind of inquiries concerned with treks to any of the destination in the country. Our best employees and best channel are always ready to provide any kind of trek and travel services in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan.


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