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Kerung Border: International Crossing Point to Tibet From Nepal

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017 at 12:00am
With the motive of facilitating international tourists and upgrading it as an international crossing point, Kerung Border is a new international border for travelers. Now, the Kerung border is developed as a major crossing point linking the entire South Asia to China’s autonomous region, Tibet. The border is aimed to be the best junction through which international tourist can carry their journey between South Asia and China.
Nepalese and Chinese officials came to an agreement and on 30th August, 2017, it was officially announced that Rasuwagadhi-Kerung border is a new international crossing point. This has spread a positive vibe to the tourism industry and the local people residing there. This border was opened in December 2014 and became the only point of bilateral trade between Nepal and China after the devastating 2015’s mega earthquake in Nepal. The damage made to Kodari Highway joining Tatopani made Kerung as a crucial point facilitating trade between the countries.
Chinese government seems to encourage upgrading the border and therefore pledged Rs15 billion to Nepalese government. Officials from both the countries aimed the junction develop as an international checkpoint between Nepal and China’s autonomous region, Tibet. The announcement was made in Lhasa by inviting press and other concerned bodies in attendance of Mr. Govinda Bahadur Karki, Consular General of Nepal and Luo Mei, assistant chairperson of Tibet government. Luo Mei expressed his happiness in front of the media upgrading the border as an international crossing point to Tibet from Nepal. Before the announcement, only Nepalese and Chinese were allowed to enter each other’s territory by carrying essential documents like passport and visa. But now, people from all around the world can enter Tibet or Nepal moving across the border.
The infrastructures are still in the process of upgrading and are close to getting accomplished. Both the countries aimed to acquire an international status of the point increasing trade and tourism flow effectively and efficiently. Further, it aims supporting China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) implementation.
The Kerung Border, an international crossing point to Tibet from Nepal has been a great hope for flourishing tourism industry among the countries and citizens from the third country can get benefits from it too. Now, the tourists in Nepal are allowed to reach Shigatse and Lhasa passing through the point. This can attract international tourist as they can be offered with something more taste of the natural beauty of Tibet and Nepal. Shigatse, the second largest Tibetan city is only 540km away from the Kerung border and Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is just 110 km away from there.
Both the countries will mutually get benefited from the point as it is expected to boost their relationship along with the rise in trade and tourism. This will definitely increase people to people contact and promote investment and economic activities.
In nutshell, Kerung border which is upgraded as an international crossing point to Tibet from Nepal is good news for all those people concerned to trade and tourism. International tourist can get more benefit from it as they can explore the hidden beauty of Tibet and Himalayas. The regions offer a diversified topography from desert looks to green hills and white snow-capped giant Himalayas. Hope, your next trip will make you move across the new international crossing point.


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