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Upper Mustang Trek cost

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 at 12:00am

The cost for trek in upper mustang may incurred around USD 1800 to USD 2100 during the period of two weeks. You can also economize your cost by contacting local travel company. We hope that this article will help you in planning the budget for upper mustang trek. We assure you that this beautiful miracle place of nature which will not let your single penny go worthless.

In comparison to other trek areas of Nepal, it seems slight costly but it can be considered as it is one of the most beautiful and preserved area in the world untouched by modernization.

Here is the detail of the cost incurred during upper mustang trek.

Cost Evaluation in Detail

  1. Transportation cost

The special permit for mustang restricted areas is issued in Kathmandu and therefore your journey for upper mustang trek starts from Kathmandu. Then you must travel to another beautiful city of Nepal i.e. Pokhara and then to Jomsom. From Jomsom you must travel by Jeep to Kagbeni. The transportation cost for upper mustang trek may vary as per service provider and climate as well. A rough detail of the transportation cost during upper mustang trek are listed below:

• Kathmandu to Pokhara- USD 124 (by flight) & USD 9 to USD 30 (by bus)

• Pokhara to Jomsom- USD 114 (by flight)

• Jomsom to Kagbeni- USD 30 to USD 40

  1. Special Permit

One need to think earlier for the cost of trek in upper mustang. A special permit i.e. mustang restricted permit need to be required which cost USD 500 per person for first 09 days. After that USD 50 is charged for each extra day he/she spent over there. This cost is relevantly costlier than other regions of Nepal.

  1. Annapurna Conservation Area Project [ACAP] permit

Visitors are required to get ACAP permit which cost USD 20 as they must go through Annapurna area to reach upper mustang for trek. This permit is applicable for single time entry and exit with number of day constraints.

  1. Cost of Porter and Guide

One can freely travel alone without having any guide for adventure. But if you are willing to hire a porter and guide, you may have to spent USD 20 to 30 per porter/guide per day which also includes food, accommodation and insurance charge as well.

  1. Food Cost

In an average, it cost USD 25 to USD 30 per day for food in this region. Normally, a cup of tea cost USD 1.5 to USD 4.

  1. Accommodation cost

The cost for accommodation may vary but in an average, it cost USD 10 to 15 per person.

  1. Other Miscellaneous cost

During your trek to upper mustang, you may have to bear other various cost like taking hot shower, charging mobile and cameras, visiting fees for monasteries and gumbas, etc.

Upper mustang which is also known as ‘Hidden Kingdom’ is located north of Annapurna at an average altitude of 4000m. The beautiful red mountains and desert scenery will make worth for every cent you spent over there. No cost can realize the actual value of adventure during the upper mustang trek. It is one of the most remote areas of Nepal and hence less touched by the travelers in comparison to other treks.

In this region, foreigners could trek since 1990’s. It is frequently regulated and visitors required a special permit to trek. Hence, very less number of visitors have been able to grab this adventure. Not only the natural aspect, one can enjoy knowing the cultural and traditional aspect of the local people.



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