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When to Hike Annapurna Circuit?

Saturday, August 5th, 2017 at 12:00am
If you are looking for hiking in Annapurna Circuit, you must be thinking about when to hike Annapurna Circuit for achieving the best level of adventure. As per the reviews of travelers, local people and guides, we can assure you that the best time to hike this region is from October to November and mid-March to mid-April. The reason behind this is very less chance of rain, rock fall, landslide and one can also be safe from extreme cold during this time.
The Annapurna Circuit is a trek in the Annapurna mountain range of central Nepal that rises to an altitude of 5,416m on the Thorung La pass, touching the edge of the Tibetan plateau which is ranked as one of the greatest treks in the world. This trek circuit is known for its variety of scenery and climatic changes. That is why one must think earlier about the proper climate and know when to move for the hike. This circuit that lies in the northern area of Annapurna region receives less amount of rainfall which makes it appropriate for the hike to be pursued all year-round, even during the monsoon period.
Basically, the climatic factors act as a major decision factor of a traveler to trek in this region. The drier season gets enough number of visitors whereas wetter season gets less number of visitors. To make the decision when to hike Annapurna circuit we have categorized the weather into 4 distinct seasons as below:
April - May
This is the time where one gets a crystal clear view of this region. A strange haze appears over the mountains during this season by the end of May in the lower altitude. However, there is no problem in this beautiful scenic view at higher altitude.
June - September
Although monsoon begins in the Annapurna region after mid-June, this circuit area gets less rainfall in comparison to the southern area which is near to Pokhara. This season gets less crowd because of chances of rain and one need to be ready for facing landslide and rockfall problem which are often occurred in this entire circuit. Only extreme adventure lovers can get benefit from this season as there may be various obstacles during the journey.
October - November
The most popular and weather friendly season for the hike in the Annapurna Circuit is in between October to November where the environment seems refreshed and cleared which is washed away by the monsoon. Considered as the busiest period, this season is warm and seems much easy to hike. But one must be ready for night-time where the temperature may go below zero.
December - March
This is the coldest period in the Annapurna region where the temperature often remains cool. The natural view is generally blocked and there is always the chance of track getting covered by snow. You'll need to make sure that you wear layers as the chances of avalanches are most common. You must take plenty of water to stay healthy, fresh and active.
Our suggestion is that the best time when you need to get ready for the hike in Annapurna circuit is either October to November or mid-March to mid - April. This is because you will get a favorable temperature and be able to get the beautiful scenic view of mountains.


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