Trekking in Nepal
Tourism Licence No: 1948/072

Manaslu Trekking - 19 Days

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Trip Highlights

  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Pristine Budhi Gandaki River valley
  • Fantastic views of Mt. Manasalu, Mt. Himchuli, Mt. Ganesh and others
  • Cross Larkya la pass (5153m)
  • Tibetan culture of Nuri people
  • Diversified unspoiled eco systems
  • Walking through tropical green hills covered with pine and oak forests
  • Unique cultural blend of Tibetan and Neplease people
Here you can get Complete and free information about the Manaslu Trekking in Nepal. Manaslu circuit trek is a great, inexpensive tea-house trek, the best all-round trek, Nepal. Manaslu Trekking became one of the most popular tea house trekking in Nepal since 2 years and connecting to the Annapurna circuit trek. The highest point of the Trekking is Larkya pass which represents the exceptionally little Tibet in Nepal. Lho village, Samagaon, Samdo village, Larkya pass represented the best viewpoint of the Manaslu region are wide with walls of Mani which inscribed the traditional mantra and mystery. Mt. Manaslu is located at 40 miles east from the Annapurna.
Manaslu Circuit Trek is nearest trek areas after the Langtang valley. Manaslu at 8163 meters is the eighth tallest mountain in the world, situated close to Nepal’s border with Tibet about 100km northwest of Kathmandu. The Manaslu area is relatively virgin with less beaten paths in comparison to other more popular regions of the Annapurna and Everest.
While entering the Manaslu region, we have a feeling of entering the secret Buddhist world of monasteries, many walls and prayer flags. Manaslu trek offers a variety of landscape like staring from lowland to touching almost to Tibet border. In Manaslu trekking, we found to see geographical variation the ethnic composition of the people living in the area also varies. And we will find more Bhrahmins and Magars in the lower parts and Gurungs and Tibetan origin people in the highland.
Core trek itinerary for Manaslu Trekking has been designed in consultation with professional mountaineers and guides ensuring adequate time for nice acclimatization.
It takes up to 17 days for the Manaslu circuit, a challenging route east of the Annapurna area that ventures into the extremely remote Manaslu conservation area over a Larke pass. It provides the flexibility to down Bhimtang to Dharapani. After crossing Larkya La, Bhimtang is very stunning place for the rest.
In the first half trek to Manaslu circuit route only we can enjoy the greenery view and stunning waterfall. Manaslu region offers different attractive peak of mountain views. Trek to Manaslu provides the beautiful views including Mt. Manaslu at 8,163 meters high. In Manaslu region people have their own lifestyle. Manaslu trek offers us an experience to endangered animals like blue sheep, snow leopard and much more. Manaslu region is covered with mass of natural varieties which attract the tourist.
Best seasons for Manaslu trekking are March to May and September to mid December. This trek is affordable and cheap so you can make your trekking days according to the schedule of your holiday.
Manaslu Trekking is the perfect composition of adventure, travel, sightseeing and exploring the cultural values of the local ethnic communities. The region is blessed with the magnificent views of the Himalayas that will for sure make you remember for rest of your life. Every year thousands of trekkers explore this naturally blessed land which is too far from the modernization and offers you the glorious sensation of nature itself. You will be mesmerized as the entire package takes you from the Capital city i.e. Kathmandu to the preserved land of Manaslu region which is naturally and culturally rich and sound. The circuit is best known for the 8th highest peak in the world, Manaslu. Manaslu is also named as “the killer mountain” as it is one of the dangerous peaks to climb for the Mountaineers. Mount Manaslu (8163 m) is the 4th dangerous mountain to attempt among the peaks above 8000 meters.
Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. has designed the Manaslu Circuit Trek of 19 days in order to meet the trekker’s expectation to get a 100% authentic trek where they can grab the optimum benefit by enjoying and exploring the natural and cultural aspect, in one of the best trekking destinations of the country- Manaslu. Manaslu Circuit is an up growing trekking destination which is gifted by the scenic beauty and magnificent landscapes that are enough to make someone trapped in heavenly illusion.
Being close to the Annapurna region, the trek compensates you if you have missed the Annapurna Circuit Trek. The white giant snow-capped mountains and beautiful Himalayas range is something special worth to see there. Also, the trekking trails present you to explore the endangered flora and fauna under the shadow of Himalayas. The trek proves to be the perfect destination as it is comprised of both natural beauty and cultural aspects which are highly influenced by Tibetan culture. This adventurous trekking destination is mostly located in the Gorkha district which is known for the bravery all around the world as the ancestor from this region shows their bravery during the two world wars fighting for Great Britain.
The 19 days Manaslu Trekking is designed and customized in such a way that you will experience each and every moment that the trekkers want to achieve for making it more memorable. People around here are friendly and are known for their kind heart. You can also visit the monasteries and gumbas during the trek which represents the Buddhist culture, traditions, norms and values. Don’t get panic about the food & accommodation and other services during the trek as we Core Trek will manage you and would be offering you the best service in the region. We have co-partnered with the local bodies, tea houses, guesthouses and hotels who will look after your comfort and best hospitality. Also, we are here to arrange all sorts of documents, paper works, permits so that you can make your journey being free from stress and fear.
Choose Core Trek as your trekking partner and make the best and unforgettable journey of your life in the land of Mount Manaslu. During the trek, we will also offer you sightseeing at the UNESCO’s heritage sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupati Nath Temple, Bouddhanath Stupa and much more before preparing for the trek. Our best men will be there to assist you during the entire journey. Our representatives are friendly, experienced, fluent in English and the most important, local to the trekking regions. We can manage the porters too who could carry your stuff and materials. Also, Core Trek will look after the arrangement of other essentials during the trek which also includes emergency rescue and contact with the local officials.
Here we will provide you the information about Manaslu trek in detail which will definitely help you in making your valuable decisions. As you go through the article, you will able to know the best season to visit there, permit issue, adventurous level, route and maps, cost of guides and porters, physical fitness level and the equipment/gears required to accomplish the adventurous Manaslu Trek. You can freely contact us if you want to customize the trek as per your desire and availability for your full convenience.

Manaslu Expedition 2017 update

Mount Manaslu with its peak at 8163 meters is the eight highest summits of the world and mountaineers are often found collecting information about Manaslu Expedition updates. As you must know that Nepal has to bear a huge loss because of the devastating earthquake of April 2015 but still the good news is that Manaslu Trekking has survived the disaster and is safe to move on. The teahouses and local guest houses are safe but because of misunderstanding and lack of effective communication, the routes didn’t expect much visitors during that year. As of 2017, Manaslu Expedition is safe from the disasters and its consequences.
Today, Manaslu Expedition has become one of the popular trekking routes although it is said to be arduous mountaineering destination. Surveys proved it to be the 4th most dangerous 8000m peak after Annapurna of Nepal, Nanga Parbat of India and Mount K2 of Pakistan. This magnificent mountain can be reached from several tracks among them Mountaineers tries to attempt to climb through Samagaon near to the Budhigandaki valley. Originally the mountain was locally called as Kutang which means a flat place but today it is worldwide popular as “Manaslu” which is derived from the Sanskrit word “Manasa” which means the mountain of spirit.
Talking about the history of Manaslu Expedition, it was first climbed by mountaineers T. Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu in 1956. Because of its difficulty, nobody was successful to reach its summit until 1971 where a Japanese team made the second ascent. Charlie Mace was the first American to reach the summit of this dangerous mountain. Since then, numerous group and climbers have made their way and till date, there are more than half-dozen developed routes to approach the mountain. As of 2017, the southern route is considered as the toughest and riskier route for Manaslu expeditions.

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek Permit, Fee and Rules You Must Follow

Manaslu Trek Circuit is one of the preserved destination in Nepal and hence without permit and permission of authorities you are not allowed to carry the journey over here. The Department of Immigration located at Kalikasthan, Kathmandu is responsible to issue the permit in control areas of Nepal for the foreign tourists who seek to trek in such preserved areas. Permits are issued in a group and is compulsory to issue the trekking permit to trek in the controlled areas in Nepal.
Altogether, you need to issue the following permit:
• Manaslu Restricted Permit
• Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)
• Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)
• Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (Only if you want to travel Tsum Valley)
Here we have mentioned the fee charges payable for issuing permits in Manaslu Restricted Permit as of August 2017:
September to November- $70 per week per person and after first week $10 per day per person.
December to August- $50 per week per person and after first week $7 per day per person.
For Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP and Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP), you have to spend $20 per person per day. If you want to explore more during the journey and wish to go Tsum valley and you need to issue Tsum Valley Restricted Permit which costs $35 per person per week. There are certain rules and regulation to be followed during your trek.
Considering the permit cost, it seems to be higher than that of Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp but it is worthwhile to visit the region as the money can’t measure the glory and adventures of this preserved and controlled region. The permit cost is quite confusing, so we suggest you contact us freely as we happily welcome all your trekking and travel inquiries.
For having the permit issued in your name, you must submit a few documents so that you will be eligible to enter this controlled area. These required documents are mentioned below:
• Original Passport with visa and arrival stamp
• 4 Passport size photos (3 printed P.P size & 1 JPG photo , to upload special permit form) 
• Insurance that covers emergency flight up to 6000m.

Is Manaslu Trek dangerous?

Earlier the Manaslu trek was considered to be one of the dangerous and riskier trekking routes of the country. But as of now, with the development of trekking routes and trails, its difficulty level has decreased to strenuous grade. The success rate is higher nowadays by analyzing the past records of trekking success. You may face difficulty while crossing the pass like Larke La Pass. During the trek, you may have to reach above 5000 meters elevation.
There are rumors about the 2015 earthquake consequences making the region more dangerous to travel, which is totally false. There is no serious damage on the trekking routes and you can safely accomplish your journey in an easier way. There is the arrangement of rescue teams and another backup in case of emergency. Overall, we can suggest the normal trekkers move Manaslu Trekking which difficulty level is Strenuous Grade. Looking at the feedback and response of past trekkers, the region has got a positive review and most of the trekkers are found recommending their friends and close ones.

Manaslu Trekking Route and Map

The popular trekking package of Nepal i.e Manaslu Trekking is hosted and conducted by Core Trek Pvt. Ltd mainly designed to be accomplished within 19 days which can be customized as per our client’s need.
The trek begins from Kathmandu, the city of temples where we will go for sightseeing and prepare for the trek. We will drive you to Arughat (600m) from Kathmandu which needs 5-6 hours to reach there in the west. You will be taken to Soti Khola (730m) from Arughat. You will get the real experience of trekking as you pass through the trekking trails to Machha Khola (930m). Your next destination would be towards north to Jagat (1,410m) followed by Deng (1,800m), Ghap (2,160m), Lho (4,295m) and Samagaon (3,530m). After exploring the stunning magnificent views from Samagaon, we will move ahead to Samdo (3,690m) and Larkya Rest House (4,470m). Passing through Larkya La Pass you will make your way to Bimtang (3,720m) followed by Dharapani (1,860m), Bahundanda (1,310m) and Besisahar (760m). After reaching down at Besisahar, you will return back to the Kathmandu.

Manaslu Trek Cost

Various costs incurred during Manaslu Trek which may be in total between $1300 to $  1400 per person for the period of 18/20 days. We have categorized the cost headings that can make you easier to allocate your budget as follows:
Transportation Cost:
Manaslu Trekking begins from Arughat and hence you need to reach there by hiring a private vehicle or through a local bus which is often packed with the passenger. Your transport expense will reduce to $12 per person if carried the journey through the local bus. Or you can get a private vehicle by sharing with a group (7 people in one jeep) which may cost $ 30- 35 per person. While returning to Kathmandu, you have to travel from Besisahar which cost the same price as reaching to Arughat from Kathmandu.
Trekking Permits Cost:
You need to issue Manaslu Restricted Permit, MCAP, ACAP and optionally sum Valley Restricted Permit (If you wish to travel the Tsum valley). We have already discussed above in depth about the permits cost and issuer details.
Hiring a Guide or Porter:
You are not allowed to travel individually on this route as the rules and regulations are strict in this area because of its specialty. As per the rule, you must carry at least one authorized person from  Trekking Agences Association of Nepal (TAAN). Hence, it is like compulsory to hire an authorized  guide which may cost $20 to 25 which includes his fees, insurance, food and accommodation services. It is suggested to hire a professional and experienced guide who can help you in overcoming the problems that arise in your ways.
Food and Accommodation Cost:
Normally, you need to pay $6-10 for one twin sharing room per night for your accommodation. The region is lacking proper transportation facilities; hence the cost of food is high as it is difficult to transport the food items. It is normal in hilly areas that the more altitude more will be the cost. In an overall, you need to spend $ 5-7 per meal and that makes you pay $20-25 per day. Talking about the drinks cost, it is quite similar to other trekking destinations. In this region, a cup of tea, coffee and a bottle of water/drinks cost around $1-3, $2-4 and $0.4-3 respectively.
Other Miscellaneous Expenses
You must allocate some extra dollars as you may have to incur several miscellaneous expenses. Such expenses may be charging of electronic gadgets like camera, cell phones, taking hot showers, visiting monasteries, gumbas or stupas, giving a donation or offering some extra tips to the local guides or porters.

Manaslu Trekking Altitude

Trekking in Nepal often takes you at the higher altitude and so does Manaslu Trekking. You start the trek from Kathmandu which is the attitude of 1300m. During the trek, you have to reach at the maximum elevation of 5213m at elevation Larkya La Pass. As per the review, passing the Larkya La Pass is the difficulty mode of the journey. People having the problem with higher altitude are not suggested to carry the journey to Manaslu region.

Food and Accommodation During Manaslu Trek

Your trekking experience turns worst when you lack the proper facilities of food and accommodation. Often, trekkers get tired after a long walk and if there is not the availability of proper food and accommodation services, you experience will make you feel extremely bad. There are several tea houses, guesthouses and hotels offering verities of services with ranges at price. The cost of accommodation is similar to other trekking destinations of the country whereas the cost of food is slightly higher due to lack of good transportation facilities. Please refer the above headings where we have mentioned the cost of food, drinks and accommodation services in the Manaslu region. During the Manaslu Trekking, we Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. will look after the best arrangements of your food, accommodation and other hospitality services.

Manaslu Trekking Local Guide Cost

Because of being a controlled and preserved area, no trekkers are allowed to go for trekking individually in this region. Hence it is like compulsory to hire a  license guide  who is authorized by Trekking Agencies  Association of Nepal (TAAN). If you hire a professional guide you need to spend $20 to $25 per day which includes the cost of his fees, food and accommodation and insurance charges as well. If you want to hire a porter only then you may reduce some few dollars but the cost of food and accommodation remains the same. We suggest you be careful in choosing and hiring a guide or porter because your trekking expectations depend upon his experiences and abilities.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Without Local Guide

Are you thinking of having Manaslu Circuit Trek without a local guide? It is somehow possible if you hire an authorized porter from Nepal Trekking Agency because you are not allowed to trek individually in this controlled area because of the rule. This provision is made because of safety reasons and also from the economic aspect of the region. By hiring a porter or a guide, you are not only making your trek easy, but you will be aiding in the economic development of the local region by promoting employment opportunities.

Best Time and Season to Visit Manaslu

As per the reviews and opinions of an experienced trekker, guides and local people, the best time to visit Manaslu region are from March to May and September to Mid-December. During these seasons, the weather is favorable and bearable and the skies are mostly clear. The region is not suggested during the monsoon and winter season during which the weather is unbearable and unfavorable. During winter the temperature is too cold whereas during monsoon there is high risk of landslide. The month of October receives a huge number of trekkers and the trekking trails are often the crowd. After October, March and November are the prior choices of trekkers.

Physical Fitness Required for Manaslu Trekking

Yes, you must be physically fit to accomplish the Manaslu trekking as its difficulty level is strenuous grade. It is suggested to be well prepared for a few weeks earlier and being in a regular workout. Beginner trekker can go for Ghorepani Poonhill Trek as an alternative to Manaslu Circuit Trek. But if you are habited in trekking and is physically sound, you can go for Manaslu. Looking at the difficulty grade, it is too difficult for children and old people as the trek goes continues nearly 20 days.

Equipment Required for Manaslu Trek

A soldier would definitely suffer without carrying his safety measures and weapons while moving to the war zone and the same case is applied in case of trekking where trekkers have to suffer in case they lack necessary equipment or gears. Some of the equipment is compulsory whereas some are optional depending upon your comfort level and desires.
You can buy the essential trekking equipment in Thamel area of Kathmandu where there are numerous sellers and brands offering you the verities of gears. For your convenience, we have mentioned few trekking equipment that is required for Manaslu Trek below:
• Navigation Tools (Compass and Maps)
• Sleeping Bags
• Emergency shelters
• Extra clothing (windproof trouser, cheater, boots, shoes, thin socks, ear covering cap, gloves, towels, rain jackets, Long and short hiking pants, walking poles, etc.)
• Extra Food Items (Water bottle, water purifier, chocolates, etc.)
• Body protector (Lip guard, Sun block cream, Glacier glasses, etc.)
• Cleanliness (Toiletry kits: hand wipes, soap, liquid hand sanitizers, tooth brush and toothpaste, bandage, Dettol, etc.)
• Medicines (Headache, diarrhea and Fever tablets, ibuprofen, Burnt cream
• First Aid Kit Box
• Miscellaneous (Durable wallet, camera, cell phones, charger, binoculars, pocket knife, etc.)

Outline Itinerary

Day 01 :Arrive at Tribhuvan international airport (1300m.) Overnight at Hotel.

Day 02: City tour and trek preparation day (1300m) Overnight at Hotel.

Day 03: Kathmandu to Arughat  (600m)  5-6 hours by drive. Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 04: Arughat  to Soti Khola (730m) 5-6 hours, Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 05: Soti Khola to Machha Khola (930m) 6 -7 hours, Overnight at Guesthouse.

Day 06: Machha Khola to Jagat (1,410m) 6-7 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 07: Jagat  to Deng (1,800m) 5 – 6 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 08: Deng  to Ghap (2,160m) 5- 6 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 09: Ghap to Lho (4,295m) 5- 6 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 10: Lho  to Samagaon (3,530m) 4- 5 hours Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 11: Acclimatize day exploration Samagaon. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 12: Samagaou  to Samdo (3,690m) 3-4 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 13: Samdo to Larkya rest house (4,470m) 3 – 4 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 14: Samdo to Bimtang (3,720m) via Larkya La pass (5213m). 8-9 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 15: Bimtang  to Dharapani (1,860m) 6 – 7 hours. Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 16: Dharapani to Bahundanda (1,310m) 6-7 hours  Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 17: Bahundanda  to Besisahar (760m) Overnight at Guesthouse.
Day 18: Besisahar  to Kathmandu (1,300m) by 7 hours drive. Overnight at Hotel.

Day19: Departure 

Cost Includes

  • Arrival and Departure all transportation (airport to Hotel to airport)
  • 3 starts Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu, breakfast included. (03 nights)
  • Kathmandu – Arughat by Bus.
  • Besisahar to Kathmandu by Bus.
  • Guest house accommodation while trekking.
  • Government license holder experienced local English speaking guide.
  • Potter service.
  • Staffs cost including their salary, accommodation, insurance & Food.
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu and Trekking meals 3 times a day.
  • All applicable trekking permits  and TIMS
  • Down Jacket, sleeping bag & duffel bag. (To be return after trek finished)
  • Guided City tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle.
  • 1 Core Trek T. shirt.
  • Trip Certificate
  • Local and government taxes.
  • Medical Kid box (Carried by your team leader)
  • Welcome & Farewell dinner


Day 1

​Arrive at Tribhuvan international airport (1300m.)

Upon your arrival at international airport in Himalayan country Kathmandu, we will be warmly greeted by a representative member of core trek we will bring you to the hotel. At the evening upon your reception, core trek will organize a welcome dinner at an excellent Nepalese restaurant with traditional Nepalese food. Overnight at Hotel. (Meal Included: Dinner) 

Day 2

​Kathmandu valley sightseeing and trek preparation (1,300m)

After taking mouth watering breakfast, we depart for a sightseeing of Kathmandu valley, which is known as the “city of temples”. At first we will visit Durbar Square with the Kasthamandap temple, Kumari Ghar( home of living goodness), Kal Bhairav, Hanuman Dhoka and Taleju Temple. Then we will visit the scared Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath. At last we move to visit Buddhists shrine Buddhanath which is the one of the largest stupa in the world. After finishing short sightseeing we return back to the hotel and at evening there will be a pre trip discussion with our trek leader. Overnight at Hotel. (Meal Included: Breakfast) 

Day 3

​Kathmandu to Arughat (600m) 5-6 hours by drive.

At morning we will take a bus to lead ahead to Arughat. We drive through countryside of Nepal enjoying the beautiful mountains view over green hills, drive continues on the main highway to Maleku town from there our route diverts over the Trishuli River to Dhading. From Kathmandu to Dhading bensi is about three and half hours comfortable drive after there is a four hours dirt road to the first overnight at Arughat village. Arughat village is excessive village with markets situated by the Budhi  Gandaki River. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) 

Day 4

​Arughat to Soti Khola (730m) 5-6 hours.

After an early morning breakfast we follow the Budhi Gandaki River towards its point to origin. We will start our journey with drive through the beautiful river view and Nepalese countryside to reach at Soti Khola. We begin our trek by following trail that leads us past an ever changing plant of rice fields and Gurung villages. Our trail is easy, gentle and affords us our first views of Shringi Gimal from Shanti Bazaar from where we can see clear glacial run off of the Budhi Gandaki provides a constant back drop to our trail up into the Himalayans . after crossing a suspension bridge then our trail goes down to Soti Khola and into the land of the famed “Honey Hunters”. Trek continues on the riverbank passing Arkhet Bazaar then climbing to a small settlement at Soti khola. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 5

​Soti Khola to Machha Khola (930m) 6 -7 hours.

From Soti khola village our trail leads to descend along the river bank. On the way we pass several teahouse and coming across mule caravan on the way to machha Khola. Then our trail leads to a suspension bridge over Nauli khola and to Khanigaon, then we reach to the bridge over Machha Khola after the bridge on the uphill trail reaching at Machha Khola. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 6

​Machha Khola to Jagat (1,410m) 6-7 hours.

Today our journey continues to a small khorla Beshi village and towards Tatopani with natural hot spring. From here our trek pass through Dovan and yaruphant village, then walking along the Budhi Gandaki River and crossing the bridge we get into the large village of Jagat. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 7

Jagat to Deng (1,800m) 5 – 6 hours.

From Jagat heading towards the coolest mountains area called Deng village. Our morning walk follows river, passing several small scattered farm village called Sidibas Bazaar. We need to climb uphill and crossing a small suspension bridge at Nagjet and we reach to Philim village with a small primary school which is supported by Japanese people. From there our trek pass through terrace field of wheat, barley then with an uphill on a rocky ridge as walk passes a bamboo forests and climb to reach Deng village. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 8

​Deng to Ghap (2,160m) 5- 6 hours.

Today after leaving Deng we move towards to Ghap. Our trail goes descend along the river bank reaching at Bihi bazaar from this village onwards which is near to the Tibetan border, as one can observe a Tibetan influence traditions and culture on this area. On the way we will see mani stones carved into wayside rocks, a sign that we are now in a Buddhist area. After walking down once more to the river there is a short climb to Ghap. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 9

​Ghap to Lho (4,295m) 5- 6 hours.

Today morning our trail cross Budhi Gandaki River and passing by few small settlements with terraced fields then reaching at Numrang village. The trail climbs out of Lho and follows the valley with great views of peak 29 ahead. As we pass through majestic mountains surround us, Himal chuli and peak 29 to the left, then Manaslu and large glaciers straight ahead then walking through several small villages like Banjham, Sho,then walking on the winding up hill for few hours through rocky step and then towards to Lho. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 10

​Lho to Samagaon (3,530m) 4- 5 hours.

Our trail progress reaching slowly towards higher Manaslu at Samagaon and then to Larkya Phedi, in the morning trail begins with a stunning sunrise views over the Mt. Manaslu with sufficient time to capture this stunning scenery, then heading towards to Samagaon passing along rhododendron forest and our walk leads to higher landscapes and sparse vegetation. Walking for few hours we reach to Samagaon. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 11

​Acclimatize day exploration Samagaon.

Today we take rest at Samagaon. A complete free day on this high area for acclimatization, we will go short walk around to visit village. Here we can visit Tibetan Buddhist religions and their culture with old traditions. Meet the village women in samogaon who wear a nice silver spoon as jewelry.  On a little hill near Samagaon there is an old Gompa. It is worthwhile to take a side trip to Pungyen Gompa a monastery with great views of the glacier. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 12

​Samagaou to Samdo (3,690m) 3-4 hours.

After acclimatization day our trail crosses grazing areas and climbs gradually up the valley. Here we can see fantastic views of the mountains with Manaslu looking particularly impressive then after walking few hours we reach to Samdo valley. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 13

​Samdo to Larkya rest house (4,470m) 3 – 4 hours.

Our trail moves from Samdo to Larkya we need to walk down the edge, cross the wooden bridge over Budhi Gandaki and begin walking upward go around the valley of the Salka Khola and climb up again and come to we reach the ablation valley on the North side of the Larkya glaciers. We can see the views of Cho Danda and Larkya peak and climbing up for few and come to the rest house. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 14

​Samdo to Bimtang (3,720m) via Larkya La pass (5213m). 8-9 hours.

Today we need to start our trek early in the morning. Our trail will be little tough and extended day. After a long gradual climb alongside a moraine, we make a short descent to a glacial lake and reach the head of the moraine which we cross to climb to the ridge top. Larkya La pass (5213m). The reward for these difficult trek conditions is brilliant westerly view of Himlung Himal, Kangurru and Annapurna II as well as the loom omnipresence of Manaslu. Our trail then levels off onto yak pastures before reaching to Bimtang. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 15

​Bimtang to Dharapani (1,860m) 6 – 7 hours.

Our trail moves continue through the fields, over a clear steam, passing through the houses and fields interspersed with rhododendron and oak forests. Climb over a small ridge to the stone-paved village and wind among the closely spaced houses of this large village. After leaving the village, we need to cross the Dudh khola and our trail along the river embankment. Crossing at Dudh koshi River through wooden bridge climb up through a chorten- shaped area and past a mani wall to Thonje. At the village of Thonje, we go through a police checkpost and continue walk towards to Dharapani. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 16

​Dharapani to Bahundanda (1,310m) 6-7 hours.

Today our trail ascending gently for 30 minutes down to Sanjee village, then our trail goes up for 20 minutes to Gharmuu phant. From Gharmuu phant walking about 2 hours easy walk and 30 minutes uphill take us to the village of Bahundanda. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included : Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 17

Bahundanda to Besisahar (760m).

Today, our last day trek, and a hot five hour walk through gentle downstream of the river passing the village of Naadi. From here our trail takes us to the bank of marshyngdi River and town of Bhulbhule, Khudi, then continue walk to Besi sahar. Overnight at Guesthouse. (Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Day 18

​Besisahar to Kathmandu (1,300m) by 7 hours drive.

Today, we drive back to Kathmandu from Besisahar. Within 6 hours we reach to Kathmandu, After arriving in Kathmandu take you to the hotel and take rest and you can utilize your time for last minute shopping  at night you will have a welfare dinner in Traditional Nepalese restaurant Overnight at Hotel. (Meal Included: Breakfast, & Dinner)

Day 19

​Departure day.

The trip ends, after breakfast. Our staff will drop you to the international airport for your final flight departure from Nepal.

Cost Includes

  • Arrival and Departure all transportation (airport to Hotel to airport)
  • 3 starts Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu, breakfast included. (03 nights)
  • Kathmandu – Arughat by Bus.
  • Besisahar to Kathmandu by Bus.
  • Guest house accommodation while trekking.
  • Government license holder experienced local English speaking guide.
  • Potter service.
  • Staffs cost including their salary, accommodation, insurance & Food.
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu and Trekking meals 3 times a day.
  • All applicable trekking permits  and TIMS
  • Down Jacket, sleeping bag & duffel bag. (To be return after trek finished)
  • Guided City tour in Kathmandu by private vehicle.
  • 1 Core Trek T. shirt.
  • Trip Certificate
  • Local and government taxes.
  • Medical Kid box (Carried by your team leader)
  • Welcome & Farewell dinner

Cost Excludes

  • All kind of beverage including mineral water, Phone calls, laundry, hot shower during Trek
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance
  • Tipping to crew 
  • Lunch & Dinner in kathmandu
  • Personal mountaineering gears
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extended 
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Visa fee, you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu
  • Do not mention the services apart from the services mentioned in "Cost Included services"
For visas please click here.
A pair of light hiking boots
A pair of sandals
2 pairs of woolen socks and 2 pair of hiking socks
1 medium poly pro shirt
1 pile jacket
1 down jacket
1 woolen hat
A pair of sunglasses
A pair of glove shells with liner or ski gloves (opt.)
A pair of woolen gloves
One Trekking pack 3000 cubic inches capacity
One Sunscreen lotion
Two Reading books (Optional)
One Walkman (Opt) and Music tapes (Opt)
A one liter water bottle
A pair of Trekking poles.
One flash light with 4 sets of batteries
One -10 to -20 sleeping bag  ( Which is provide by company during the trek)
Two T-shirts and one long sleeve T/city shirt
One Thermocot
One Trekking baggy pant

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Trip Facts

Duration: 19 Days
Accomodation: Hotel / Guest House
Seasons : March , April , May , Aug, Sep, Oct & Nov.
Type: Moderate
Activities : High altitude trek / Sightseeing
No. of Pax : 1-12 pax.
Starts From : Kathmandu
Ends at : Kathmandu

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