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Namaste and warmly welcome to our CORE TREK PVT. LTD. a group or team of experienced and professionals in the field of travel and trekking with most effective and motivated group since for a year.
Nepal is a country with full of natural beauty and rich in its culture and religious. Nepal is a country with high snow capped Mountains and adventure activities and connecting borders in North with china and to the East, West and South with India.
Trek in Nepal is the best that can take you to the closest to the mountains with exclusive with high altitude experiences.  Trek in Nepal has always been a fascinating land to individuals who enjoy extreme sports and hobbies such as trekking in Nepal.
Nepal trekking becomes effective for mountaineers who have desire to reach the summit of Everest. Trekking in Nepal is not only for those who are interested for mountain climbing. There are many tourists who want to study the unique flora and fauna of our country.
Trek in Nepal with varieties geographical features, Nepal has many offer to everyone and one can go through the inner core of the nature through the means of different exciting activities like hiking, peak climbing as well as trekking in Nepal which is the most adventurous as well as full of enjoyment activity popular so far among many other different activities.
Trekking in Nepal is all about exploring the beauty nature and the flora and fauna residing on it with high and low of the trekking traits. The magnificent giant mountains and the snow peaked Himalayas are the main attractive which attract tourists in Nepal for trekking.  Mountains and adventures are the similar for each other as trekkers gets to experience all the essence during the journey.
trekking in nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the best that can take you to the closest to the mountains with exclusive with high altitude experiences. Nepal is a...

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Peak Climbing in Nepal

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vacation in nepal

Vacation in Nepal - Tour in Nepal

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