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Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Nepal

Marriage is legal and social union relationship between a bride and bridegroom as a wife and husband and also a traditional wedding ceremony in Nepal. Therefore it is a formal relation of a man and women. In Nepal there are people with different caste, culture, norms and values. They have their own marriage culture and practice different types of marriage system according to their caste.
In Nepal there are specially two types of marriage one is arranged marriage in which parents choose a partner for their son/daughter, and other one is love marriage .
weeding ceremony in nepal
In the context of Nepal mostly traditional marriage system that is arrange marriage is very common. In arrange marriage boy’s parents goes to the girl’s house and talk about all family back ground and if both sides are agree then they will fix for marriage. Then astrologers decide an auspicious date which falls in the special months of a year. Hindu marriage is performed in accordance with the Vedas. Vedas are thousands of years old holy scriptures of Hindu religious that is considered to own the essence of Hinduism. During the ceremony, marriage venue is decorated with colorful flowers and lights. Bridal color is red and she is beautifully makeup with much jewelry and decorated net covering her head.
Traditionally, the bride and groom are being carried to the wedding ceremony. In a village this may be in a basket or by horse; but at city wedding transportation is move likely to be by a parade of cars. Music is an essential part of marriages the tradition music in the form of Panche baja and folk songs and dance is still popular among people as on this sacred day they believe that playing traditional music strengthens the nuptial knot, pleases God and not least of its entire make all environment charming and pleasant.
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