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Tourism Licence No: 1948/072

About us

Among various trekking agencies in Nepal, CORE TREK Pvt. Ltd. is focue on organizing trekking tours, sightseeing tours in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. In our company we have a group of experts, professionals and enthusiasts in the field of tourism and trekking. Thanks to that, our tours are always well suited to the possibilities and expectations of our customers to ensure their holiday in the Himalayas are perfect. 

We organize:
1. Light trekkings: Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal and Langntang in various variants and configurations depending on client expectations.
2. Trekking for demanding: Everest Base Camp
3. Treks to the summits: Mera Meak (6461m), Pisang Peak (6091m), Island Peak (6187m), Yala Peak (5520) and others that do not require climbing skills.
4. Cultural study tours: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwain Safari Park.
5. Trips to Bhutan and Tibet, where only organized forms are approved by authorities.
6. Trips to India.

Our goal is to organize a trip that takes into account your budget and number of days best suits your needs. Unfortunately, we also have our limitations. Due to the company policy of sustainable development, we do not organize trips of more than 15 people due to the unique nature of the Himalayas.

We are registered in the Nepal Tourism Board and the Ministry of Tourism. Our license includes permission to organize active tourism, qualified tourism, hiking, trekking and hill climbing in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet.

Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. with its dedicated staffs and representatives has been able to be established as one of the renowned trekking agencies of Nepal. We assure for meeting our client’s expectation by utilizing our full effort and resources. By maintaining a good relationship with our stakeholders, we have been able to recognize ourselves as one of the leading agency of the country. We are here for tour and trekking in Nepal with the best resources, channels and well-experienced staff members.

Top trekking Agency in Nepal - Core Trek
Although there are hundreds of travel and trekking agencies in Nepal, very few of them have been able to establish themselves on the list of the top trekking agency in Nepal and Core Trek Pvt. Ltd is one of them.
What factors determine the ranking of trekking agency? Well, there are several factors that consider the ranking of the agency such as the past experiences, number and verities of tour and travel packages offered, client’s feedback and reviews, channel set-up with stakeholders and access to local bodies and government. Similarly, the number of clients that the agency is handling is another factor that determines the ranking of the travel agency. We Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. is ranked as the top agency not by our own effort but by the several surveys which also includes the reviews and opinions of past experienced trekkers.
We have been committedly offering several tour and travel packages throughout the country. Our representatives are helping to explore the hidden heavenly trekking destinations which have got the boundless scope for tourism development. We are not only looking for the benefit of our own enterprise but also have been carrying responsibilities towards the nation. Also, the agency is successful in creating several employment opportunities to the talented and capable ones which also includes the local people from the remote areas. Besides that, our next target is to uplift the living standard of local people by making them connected with the outside world and enhancing their economic status through the development of trekking and tourism.
All those factors make Core Trek be the eligible candidate for being recognized as the top trekking agency in Nepal.

Trekking Agency in Kathmandu - Core Trek
Looking for the trekking agency in Kathmandu who is reliable and trustworthy? Yes, we Core Trek are here for you who can be connected through every country of the world by means of the internet. You can visit us personally at our Head Office in Kathmandu. Most of the major trekking agencies are centered in Kathmandu as it is the capital city of the country.
The only way to enter Nepal through international flight is the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) that lies within the Kathmandu city. Hence, numerous of trekking agency has been established in the city for the reliability and comfort of the visitors. Moving in depth, almost all the renowned trekking agency of Kathmandu including Core Trek are located in Thamel area of Kathmandu. The area is considered as the tourist area where you can buy all sorts of essential trekking gears/equipment for the trek. The place is best for shopping too from where you can take gifts for your dear ones who are waiting for you in your home country.
Most of our trekking campaign begins from sightseeing the ancient heritages listed in UNESCO located in Kathmandu city. That is why the city is named as ‘City of Temples’ after all there are more than 1200 temples in the city. Joining us will never be a regret as our representatives will be there for you since your arrival at the International Airport in Kathmandu.

Best Trekking Agent in Nepal - Core Trek
If you want to make your journey in Nepal unforgettable and memorable for rest of your life, then choosing the best trekking agent in Nepal is the most. The best agent will help from planning, budgeting and through the entire process during the journey. They will be looking after the best arrangement of resources, legal process and documentation, guides and porters, health and insurance and miscellaneous activities that are essential for the trek. Also, the arrangement of the permit at several reserved trekking destinations and contact with the local hotel, guesthouse and lodges are compulsory to be the best trekking agent of Nepal.
Based on the feedback and reviews of past experienced trekkers, Core Trek is the best trekking agent in Nepal. All the credit goes to our stakeholders which include our valuable clients, staff and representative members, board members and local bodies. The best agent would look after all the arrangement of essential formalities and arrangements so that the trekker would have a trouble-free journey in Nepal.

Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN)
Trekking Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) is a legal association established with the motive of developing a friendly environment for the growth of trekking agency in Nepal. The association is an umbrella association of the entire trekking agencies in the country which was established in 1979.
The association was established by the group of responsible trekking agencies after they realized that an agency is required to create a sound business principle. Trekking Agency Association of Nepal is regulating this business sector which has got a wide scope in the upcoming future. It is also concerned with developing tourism industry throughout every corner of the country. Also, it has been coordinating with government bodies to facilitate the sound business environment.
Nepal is a mountainous country that has got high potentiality of tourism development. There are numerous trekking destinations at every corner of the country which is to be realized. Then only, the country can be economically sound by generating foreign currencies through tourism development. TAAN is oriented in developing a favorable environment for the growth and sustaining of the trekking agencies in Nepal. Concerned bodies must realize the essence of trekking agencies as they play a vital role in creating several employment opportunities and exploring the hidden heavenly lands within the country.

Adventure Trekking Company in Nepal - Core Trek
Very few trekking agencies in Nepal have been able to recognize themselves as a renowned adventure trekking company in Nepal and Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. Organizing adventurous trek is not as easy as running trek in cities or normal areas. For this, the company requires various strengths and has to overcome every single weakness.
For the adventurous trek, the trekking company needs to arrange special permits, insurance policies, resources management and be equipped with all sorts of safety measures along with experienced and licensed trekking guide. All these qualities are meet by Core Trek that makes it one of the preferred and first choice while selecting adventure trekking company in Nepal.
We are conducting several adventure trekking campaigns at several adventurous destinations throughout the country. Trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC), Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), Upper Mustang, etc. are some of the best adventurous trekking destinations also hosted by Core Trek.

Travel Agency Jobs in Nepal
With the rise of political stability in the country, the development of tourism industry is moving at the same proportion. Hence, numbers of new trekking agencies have been established so as to meet the demand of trekkers and tourists. This increasing number of trekking agencies has led to the rise of travel agency jobs in Nepal as the human resources are the key factors for running the agencies.
At present, several jobs are available at trekking agencies at several posts including ticket manager, marketing person, accountant, computer operator, customer relation officer and other field representatives like local guides and porters. Most of the candidates are recruited through personal interview and referral. Also, several job finder sites like, and regularly update several vacancies offered by trekking agencies. If you are interested in trekking agency job in Nepal, we suggest you drop your CV at agencies and be regularly updated about the vacancies offered by the companies.
Responsible department of the country including government must initiate several training campaigns and promote tourism education in the country to prepare competent manpower in the future. Special provision in law must be introduced so as to promote tourism sectors that would definitely bring economic benefit for the country. Creating employment opportunities within the country would surely reduce the ratio of manpower migration outside the country.

International Travel and Trekking Agency in Nepal
Most of the trekking agencies in Nepal are focused on offering travel and trekking campaign within the territory of the country. But Core Trek has gone too far overtaking them crossing the political boundary of the country. We are one among the few international travel and trekking agency in Nepal who have been offering Trek campaign in India, Bhutan and Tibet as well.
Being an international travel and trekking agency in Nepal, we are proudly able to offer wide verities of trekking tours and destination with best services. We organize several tour and trek programs from barren lands to the snowcapped mountainous region. Our best men will be there to meet your entire trekking expectations.

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