Trekking in Nepal
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Why book with us?

Travelers often get trapped in a dilemma of choosing the appropriate trekking agency in Nepal who can offer them the best trip with the best service for an enjoyable vacation. So as to meet your expectation’s we Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. are here in Nepal to deliver you the best vacation throughout the several regions of the country along with the best travel and trekking destinations of India, Bhutan and Tibet.
So, why book with us? We are one of the leading and experienced trekking and travel agencies of Nepal being known for our reliable service and dedicated staff members. The company is ever-ready to offer you the trekking and tour services at several tourist and trekking destination including Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Upper Mustang Trek, a Helicopter tour and so on. Our representatives and staff members are fully committed and dedicated to meet our customer’s expectation and need.
We assure you that booking with us will never be the wrong decision and we guarantee for all sorts of essential managements and securities. The company has been in this sector for many years and is retaining experienced sub-ordinates and representatives. We have a strong relationship with our stakeholders, i.e. Governmental bodies, team members, local agencies, hotels and guest houses, insurance companies and also with local guides and porters.
Book with us to grab the professional trekking and traveling experience at reasonable cost meeting your entire expectations. We can take you to any destination of the country as we have a strong channel with local and governmental bodies. Here we have pointed out some major reasons that would surely make you trust in booking and choosing us as your travel or trekking companion.

We are the local travel agency in Nepal
Core Trek Pvt. Ltd is one of the established travel agency in Nepal offering several tour and travel packages throughout the country. Despite being located in the Kathmandu, the capital city, we have created a trustable channel with local villages, hotels, guesthouses and administrative departments. Choosing us will never be a regret for you and we will help you explore the hidden beauty of this mountainous country.
Being a local agency, we can provide you services at local level helping you to explore the local traditions, culture, norms and values of the ethnic people over here. Also, local guides and porters are close to us and they can take your travel experience at the higher level. Not only that, the company has maintained a good relationship with local government authorities who regulate the travel and tourism matters like issuing entry permit, regulating rules and regulations and so on.

We take a critical look at each piece in your Trek
The next factor that would make you book with Core Trek Pvt. Ltd. is that we the leading trekking company of Nepal who looks after each and every piece in your trek and travel. Lacking some equipment, official processing, documents, channels and arrangements may spoil your vacation by introducing several obstacles.
Some of the preserved trekking destinations of the country need special permits like to visit Upper Mustang you also need to issue ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Permit) and so implies to other destinations. Further, you must have built up the channel with local guesthouses, lodges and hotels who offer the food and accommodation services. Besides it, for your convenience you must take care of safety measures and adopt insurance policies as well. You must go through several official paper-works so as to get entry and register for moving at several landscapes. Also, you must carry on some essential gears and equipment like emergency shelter, extra clothing, compass and navigations and so on. Some destinations are so adventurous that it makes you compulsory to hire a local guide or a porter. For the convenient vacation and trekking, you must make proper arrangements of all these mentioned components. We Core Trek are expert in handling all sorts of such issues and is the best for making the entire essential arrangements.
Our critical look at each piece in your trek makes you attain a lifetime unforgettable journey in Nepal. For sure, you will be able to explore the stunning views of landscapes, mountains and hidden beauty of Nepal in a convenient way only if you book with Core Trek Pvt. Ltd.

We can always choose the one that fits your requirements for your unique trip
Every visitor has their own desire and level of expectation as all of us are human beings. Our expectation may not intersect with each other and hence a special attention needs to be taken for choosing the best that fits your requirements for your unique trip. Various factors determine the need and expectation of the visitors and make their requirement unique. Such factors are physical abilities and stamina, risk-bearing capacities, need of adventurous level, favorable climatic and weather condition, budget and financial condition, the number of days available for the vacation and also depends upon which type of Trekker/traveler you are i.e. independent or group traveler.
You can see our another proficiency on this topic as we take special care in planning your holidays that best meet your requirements. We can personally talk and design the format, plan routes and detail itineraries. Some trekking destination may need strong will-power and physical stamina whereas some treks can be performed along with your entire family members including children. Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is the perfect example for this. For a convenient and stress-free vacation in Nepal, you must book with us.

Travelling with us can save your time and money as we guarantee the low price
Not only the best and effective but we Core Trek are one of the budget-friendly travel and trekking agency of the country. We are associated with the concerned local partners and has created a good impact on them. They trust us and so do we. Hence, choosing us and traveling with us can save your money as we guarantee the low price for such comfortable and convenient vacation.
So, you might be thinking how can we reduce your expenditure and save your money. A short example, we are associated with TAAN (Trekking Agency Association of Nepal) and we can offer you the half-discounted price for issuing a permit at Annapurna region. Further, we can take you to our partner’s hotel who are well-known for their expert and prompt service and charges us the bill at reasonable cost which is too much lower charge than normal customers. Also, our local guides and porters are experienced and help you in bargaining as they are well-known to the local places and people. Being one of the leading travel agency, various service providers tend to be close to us and offer us a reasonable price with no compromise on quality and prompt service. We assure you to book with Core Trek as we guarantee you the low price with best services which will definitely save your money.

We have your back (when things go wrong)
Although the world is beautiful and is blessed with several gifts and enjoyments, there is also a risk traveling with you as by your side. The risk is unpredictable and inevitable and hence also during your journey, you may face several risk and challenges obstructing your enjoyable vacation. Things can go wrong at anytime at any place and hence you must be well-prepared for it. Being with Core Trek, we assure you that we will always be seriously looking after your safety and making proper arrangement for it. That is, we are always at your back and take care of our clients in every critical and difficult moment. Core Trek is a prior choice for trekkers as we can make the proper availability of emergency backup like rescue teams, helicopters, etc. because we have maintained a good relationship with local communities, insurance companies and government officials.

We can offer customized experiences with low price guaranteed
One of the essential features of a top traveling agency is making their travel and trek packages customized as per the need and desire of their clients/customers. Our clients may have limited number of days or they may wish to spend more time by traveling for the better utilization of their holidays. For this purpose, we need to make proper customization of the tour, trek and travel packages so as to fit the travelers need and requirements. Don’t get panic for price and budget for making customized travel and trekking experience, as we guarantee the low price with the optimum level of satisfaction. Our expert representatives and staff members will surely make your customized/personalized journey memorable and worthwhile.
Before booking any travel and trekking agency, we suggest you consider several factors that meet your expectation and always keeps you on a safe side. Book with Core Trek as we are a top travel advocate in Nepal and not your parents' travel agents. The company wants you to grab an experience, not just a visit. Hope you will have a memorable and unforgettable journey and would have something new experience to share with your friends and family. 
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