Mountain Biking in Nepal

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Mountain Biking in Nepal

Create Your Tailor-Made Trip To Mountain Biking in Nepal

Mountain Biking in Nepal is yet another opportunity for the extremes. Hurtling down the dirt trials of the mountains is no wonder the biggest thrill for mountain bikers. It is a daring way to explore local settlements which require moderate to high level of fitness.

Starting from the valley, Kathmandu, there are endless possibilities for bikers to head out. The city has a high traffic and it only gets better as you proceed outside. Most of the trials are congested and are basically old walkways which are pretty hard to find on maps. To avoid getting lost, you will require a guide.

The up and down trials will allow you to ride through green rice fields, river banks, around religious temples and through different local settlements. Some major biking destinations inside the valley are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkhantha, Nagarkot, Dakshinkali and Godavari.

If you wish you can switch to hardcore mode and ride through the Himalayas up to the northern border with Tibet. Biking in mountains comes with extreme challenges where the terrain is rough and the air get thinner.

CoreTreks offers you with expertly crafted packages for mountain biking in Nepal that you can choose according to your needs. You can also customize the packages in order to fit in your extra needs.

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