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Zip Flying In Nepal

Create Your Tailor-Made Trip To Zip Flying In Nepal

The world’s longest, steepest, and fastest zip flying service lies here in Nepal. A pulley suspended on a cable 5000ft above the sea level and mounted on an incline will certainly bring chills down your spine.

The famous adventurous zip flying is situated at the bustling city of Pokhara. The zip participants are zipped down roughly at a speed of 138 per hour on a 1.8km long cable. It is taken as one of the thrilling and fun adventure by many outsiders as well as the local residents.

One can expect a superb view of the famous city, Pokhara. The city itself has a large number of attraction for tourists from all around the globe. The impressive view of Annapurna, Fishtail, Dhaulagiri and other mountain regions

Another newly built zip flying is located in Dhulikhel approximately about 32 km from Kathmandu. The 1100m zip line takes you to the bottom station of Paach Khal from the top station at Thakle. Dhulikhel zip line is another option for you to choose if you seek a nearer location from Kathmandu.

As far as the safety concern goes, the zip flying is arranged and run by trained helpers and supervisors who will help you build up your confidence for the ride even if you are new to thrilling experiences.

Our experienced team at CoreTreks will guide you through all the preparations that you need for a safe zip flying. Here at CoreTreks we offer our clients with a wide range of packages for zip flying in Nepal at a reasonable cost. You can also customize packages as per your needs. Our team will handle all the management while you get ready for the spine chilling experience.

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