Month: March 2020

visit Nepal

Ever wondered if there is a place that would suffice your hunger for travel? A place where you’ll find “all in one travel destination”, where you can explore the diverse wonder of nature along with a … Read More

five basic things

Nepal is renowned for being a home to the highest mountains in the world – the Mount Everest. However, apart from this it the country is also known for its traditions, culture, bustling cities, beautiful landscapes, … Read More

Best Treks in Nepal

The country is famous for exploration and several hikers love trekking in Nepal. The topography of the Nepalese Himalayan Mountains offers various stunning trekking routes. It would be unfair to list the best treks in Nepal, … Read More

visit Mount Everest

If I must sum up what is it like to visit Mount Everest in just one word – then the word is ‘Surreal’. Every voyage to the Mount Everest begins with a dream and as an … Read More

holi in nepal

Holi is an ancient festival popular among the Hindus. It is the festival of colors which associate with happiness and joy. Holi brings out the nostalgia of togetherness and playfulness as well as signifies the arrival … Read More

interesting hikers on Mount Everest

According to some reports, over 40,000 hikers attempt the Mount Everest annually. From Kathmandu, which is Nepal’s bustling capital thousands of hikers and mountaineers take a short flight to Lukla and then trek for months towards … Read More

How many days is the Manaslu trek?

One of the classic treks in Nepal is the Manaslu Circuit Trek that consists of the iconic sceneries, amazing cultural visits, tribal villages and certainly the Himalayan mountains. If you are wondering how many days is … Read More