50 Nepali phrases/words translated in English: Learn the Nepali Language

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Nepal is a multilingual country. Although Nepali is the national language, several languages are spoken around here. The Newars of the Kathmandu Valley speak Newari. Similarly, other languages include Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, Gurung, Rais, and more. 

Most Nepalese are quite familiar with the English language as it is a compulsory topic from early schooling. So, extracting information should not be that hard. English is widely understood and accepted throughout the country. All the touchpoints of an average traveler such as restaurants, hotels, or travel agencies have at least one communication officer.

Furthermore, you need not learn the Nepali language to travel to Nepal. But being able to speak a few Nepali phrases can help you connect with the locals to a deeper level. Unsurprisingly, a simple Namaste is where everyone starts. Its literal meaning is ‘I salute the God in you’, but it’s used as an everyday greeting that encompasses everything from ‘Hello’ to ‘How are you doing?’. Let’s look at some more translations: 

1How are you? Tapai lai kasto chha
2Excuse meHajur
3Thank you Dhanyabad
4I have Cha
5I don’t haveChhaina
6OKTheek cha
7Wait a minute Ek chhin parkha nos
9I don’t need itMa lai chahidaina
10I don’t have it Ma sanga chhaina
11I’m a vegetarianMa sahakari hu
12I don’t eat spicy foodMa piro khandina
16Chicken Kukhura
18Potato Aalu
20It’s an emergency!Apat paryo
21Where is a… ?… kaha cha
22Can I get a place to stay here?Yaha basna pauncha?
23Can I look at the room? Kotha herna sakchhu?
24Clean Safa
26Fan Pankha
27Hot waterTato pani
28Room Kotha
29Where can I find a good doctor? Ramro daktar kaha paincha?
30Where is the nearest hospital? Yaha aspatal kaha chha
31I don’t feel wellMalai sancho chhaina
34Post officePost afis
35What time does it open/close?Kati baje kholcha?
36What time is it? Kati bajyo
39Day Din
42I’m having trouble breathingSas pherna sakdina
43I have altitude sicknessLekh lagyo
44I have feverJoro ayo
45I have diarrhoeaDisha lagyo
47Pharmacy Ausadhi pasal
48What day is it today? Aja ke bar ho
49Where? Kaha?

There you have it, 50 words/phrases translated to Nepali. Quite frankly, these can just be used for fun and to connect with the locals to a deeper level as mentioned earlier. Most people in the tourism industry in Nepal have a pretty good understanding of the English language. You can communicate just fine. So, don’t get too worried about the language. sexomobi

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