The cost to hire a trekking guide in Nepal depends on various factors such as the level of experience, certifications and the travel agency you choose to book the guide. The cost you pay to hire a guide in Nepal can differ a lot. While some trekking guides in Nepal are extremely expensive, there are few that are shockingly cheap!

trekking guide in nepal

So, what is the cost to hire a trekking guide in Nepal? And why is there such a huge difference in the costs? Well here is why:

On an average, a good trekking guide in Nepal will cost you around $40 to $60 a day approximately. However, the cost to hire a trekking guide in Nepal ranges from $10 a day to even $100 a day. This vast difference in cost is because each trekking region is different. Depending on the region you trek, your trekking guide may require added skills and experience for the selected region, which may be costlier.

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The other contributing factors that may vary the cost of hiring a guide in Nepal are as follow:

  1. If you choose to trek with an international travel agency in Nepal, your trekking guide will be expensive. A large amount is claimed by the agency and the trekking guide gets paid an average sum. It is best to go for a local travel agency who can hire a registered and qualified trekking guide for you.
  2. The cost to hire a trekking guide in Nepal may also vary if you have selective or exclusive preferences. For example, if you need a guide who speaks an exclusive language such as Italian or Chinese.
  3. Solo tours with personal guides may cost more compared to a guide allocated to a group. As per your liking, you may buy a package tour with an appointed guide or just hire one guide for yourself and customize your own tour.
  4. Tourists at times also hire porter-cum-guide that is way cheaper than a professional guide. They carry your luggage and have the basic understanding of the locality, but they lack customer relation skills, may not speak English and or not fully qualified to be a trekking guide.

Your travel agency arranges necessities such as permits, transportation, accommodations, foods,etc. However, trekking guides in Nepal with their experience and efficiency lead the trails and safeguard your every step. They are the ones who are there with you throughout your trek in Nepal, hence while hiring a guide in Nepal, do not just consider the cost.

Things to consider:

Here are some of the things that your must consider while hiring a guide in Nepal. Take a look below:

  1. Ensure your trekking guide is aware about the weather condition
  2. Always pick a trekking guide that prioritizes your safety.
  3. See that your trekking guide is knowledgeable in terms of the Himalayas, the geography, the local culture, wildlife, flora & fauna, and more.
  4. Your trekking guide must be there for you 24 hours a day, till the end of your trekking trail.

How to proceed?

It is highly recommended to cooperate with trekking agencies when it comes to guides. Most of them have their regular guides, if not then you can simply consult with them regarding the availability and price.

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