The Mount Everest is the tallest mountain on planet earth located in the Mahalangur Himalaya ranges. The Everest lies on the border stretching from the Nepal region to its south and China to its north.  Apart from being the world’s tallest mountain at 29,035 ft, it is also said that you can see the curving of the earth from the peak. But this is not the only interesting fact about Mount Everest. The Mount Everest is a maze of marvels with amusing geology, stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, mesmerizing lakes and so much more. And, if you are planning to take the ultimate trek to the Himalayas – then you must know some of the interesting facts about the Mount Everest.

Here are the top 5 interesting facts about the Mount Everest

World’s Tallest Peak

Until early in the 19th century no one knew that Mount Everest was the tallest mountain in the world. In 1802 the British launched a trigonometrical survey to map India when it was proved that the Mount Everest is the tallest mount in the world. By 1856 the British estimated that the height of the Mount Everest could be 29,002 feet above sea-level(approx.). A survey conducted in 1999 using state of the art GPS equipment found them to be off by a mere 33 feet. Most recently after the Earthquake in 2015, the Nepal Government along with the Chinese State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping re-evaluated the crest and announced 8,844.43 meters as the Everest rock-height.

mount everest facts
Mount Everest from Base Camp

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The Mount Grows

Did you know that the Mount Everest grows? An interesting fact about the Mount Everest is that it grows every year. Some geologists believe that the Mount Everest elevates about 4mm (1 feet) each year due to the geological conditions in the region. Another major reason for this elevation is due to the movement of the Indian and the South Asian Tectonic plates.

Oxygen Level

On the peak of Everest at the elevation of 29,029 feet, each breath contains only one-third of the oxygen found at sea level. When trekking on Everest, body needs to acclimatize to the ever-decreasing levels of oxygen. Nevertheless, the amazing fact is that on 20th August 1980 Italian mountaineer Reinhold Messner with Peter Habler, became the first climbers to reach the top without any supplementary oxygen.

Mount Everest oxygen level
Source: Wikipedia

Mount Has Cellphone Signals

Much to anyone’s surprise there is a weak 4G signal at the summit of the Mount Everest and a hiker named Kenton Cool became the first person to tweet from the top. Mount Everest has 4G coverage at 5,200 meters above sea level. Companies such as Huawei, LTE TDD and others have constructed a base station from which mountaineers climb to the summit. This has made it possible for hikers to use 4G wireless data.

Death’s at the Everest.

Since 1969 at least 1 person has died on Mount Everest each year except for 1997. The main causes of death include death, suffocation, fatigue and starvation. The trail leading to the summit is lined with dead bodies and there are about more than 200 dead bodies lying on the trail of Mount Everest. Most bodies are lying because of cold weather and severe conditions that do not make the trail accessible for removal of these bodies. Till date Mount Everest has claimed 10% of the lives of the people who have attempted to climb and descend the world tallest Mount standing 8,850m high. About 306 people have died on the Everest between 1924 and 2020.
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