Glad to see that you are planning your Manaslu Circuit Trek ahead of the time. Planning a trip to a place where you have never been before is quite a sweat breaking task. But don’t panic. Here I have broken down the major expenditures that will occur during your trip to Manaslu in Nepal. 

Keep in mind though, the cost mentioned can vary depending upon the time, and unpredictable circumstances. Other than that, you should have a pretty strong understanding of the Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost in Nepal. 

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Before we get into it, let’s talk a bit about the Manaslu region and how is it like to trek along the circuit… 

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the off the beaten paths in Nepal which are rapidly gaining popularity among adventure seekers from all over the world. It is an honor to explore the vastly unspoiled wilderness. 

Manaslu Peak is one of the highest mountains in the world with an elevation of 8,163m. The region is filled with rich bio-diversity and stunning viewpoints that offer you a breathtaking panorama of the Himalaya. Cheo Peak, Kang Koru, Shrini, and Himlung are some of the closest peaks to Manaslu. The trek to Manaslu is pretty challenging since most of the places are remote and at a high altitude. 

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So, how much does it cost to travel to Manaslu? 

A complete Manaslu Circuit Trek costs USD 1,500 on average per person at CoreTreks. The cost includes pretty much everything besides the VISA fee, International airfare, and personal expenses. Be prepared to spend around USD50 to USD100 per day on your trek to Manaslu.A Little Bit of Everything

Now, let’s breakdown the total cost to find out where and when you will be spending the most and the least. 

Travel Insurance Cost 

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Travel insurance is mandatory while trekking to the Manaslu Circuit. It acts as a protection shield for unforeseen circumstances that might occur during the climb. 

Acute sickness, sprains, or injuries might occur at the higher altitudes. Sometimes they can be treated on the spot, other times you might need to call in a rescue helicopter. So, make sure your Travel Insurance is comprehensive that it covers helicopter evacuation as well. 

A 30-day Travel Insurance cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is approximately USD150 to USD200. 

Trekking Permit Cost for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Below is the cost breakdown of different permits required for Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. 

Regular Manaslu Trek Permit Cost

  • September to November – USD110/person
  • December to August – USD90/person 

Manaslu and Tsum Valley Trek Permit

  • September to November – USD145/person
  • December to August – USD105/person 

Note: TIMS is not required for the Manaslu region treks. 

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Guides and Porters Fees  

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Trekking alone is neither recommended nor legal in Nepal. According to the government rules, you must be at least two trekkers. So, you will need a guide which sometimes acts as a porter as well.

The guide’s cost varies depending upon their experience, skill, and the languages they can speak. Expect to pay USD25 to USD40 per day for a licensed guide. This is a rough estimate which may differ depending upon the agency you choose. However, a guide will make your trek that much easier and stress-free. 

Porters, on the other hand, can lessen your luggage burden. They come in handy for camping trips and long-distance treks. Since it could be hard to carry all the equipment all by yourself, you share it with the porter. 

Transportation Cost 

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The Manaslu Trek starts from Soti Khola which is a small town near Arughat. The road connection from Kathmandu is limited to Soti Khola via Arughat. Since there is no flight availability, your options are limited to Local Buses (usually packed) or to hire a jeep which costs more than a bus ticket. You can either take a bus till Arughat and hire a jeep from there, or you can hire a jeep all the way to Soti Khola from Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu to Soti Khola via Arughat

By Bus: USD15/person (Upto Arughat)

By private Jeep: USD200 to USD250/person 

Note: You can hire Jeeps that can fill up to 9 people. So, the price differs accordingly. 

Dharapani to Kathmandu via Beshi Sahar 

Since there’s no local bus service from Dharapani to Beshi Sahar, you either catch a local jeep for cheap or hire one for a bit more. Some even choose to walk all the way down to Beshi Sahar (the starting point of Annapurna Circuit) but doing so is not recommended due to the traffic of trekkers heading towards Annapurna. 

Dharapani to Beshi Sahar

By local Jeep: USD20 to USD25/person 

By private Jeep: USD200 to USD250/person 

Beshi Sahar to Kathmandu 

By private Jeep: USD250/ person 

Food and Accommodation Expenses 

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Allocate USD25 to USD30 for your basic meals and accommodation per day. It is highly advised to carry extra money just in case. Please note that the higher you go, the expensive things will get. USD10 per day should be enough for any extra expenditures which might occur.

Tea House: USD8 to USD10 per person/per night (twin beds)

Food & Meals: USD15 to USD20 per person/per day 

Drinks: A bottle of juice costs USD5 and a bottle of beer costs USD4 on average 

Tea/Coffee: USD2 to USD5

Money-Saving Tips 

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Traveling is not necessarily a disaster for your bank account. However, it can be very helpful if we can save some money during our trip. As per our experience, we have curated a list of ideas and tips to help you limit your spendings. 

  • Rent, do not buy. Trekking equipment can be rented. 
  • Purchase a USD1 Ncell/NT SIM card for cheap internet instead of paying for a Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Trek during off-seasons. The traffic is less and so are the expenses. 
  • Always carry a power bank. Instead of paying for charging your electronics, simply buy a power bank that can be used even after the trip. 
  • Lastly, pick a Travel Agency to help you plan the trip.

So, there you have it. The cost breakdown of Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal. It can get costly at times but the cost of trekking in Nepal is nowhere near the Alps. If you travel with CoreTreks, the Manaslu Trek price is incredibly reasonable. Since we have a connection from small tea houses to 5-star hotels, you are sure to get the best deal possible.

 If you still have any queries regarding the cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek, please feel free to contact us here or email at Happy Traveling!