The government of Nepal has been taking a ‘dollar fare’ for foreigners till date. After two years of adjustment, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation has removed the dollar fare. Instead of the fare, maximum charges are to be paid by everyone, Nepalese and the foreigners.

dollar fare

The CAAN officals suggested that the dollar fee to be eliminated. However, more fare charges are to be added in spite of the fee. Mr. Yogesh Bhattarai, the tourism minister, has been on the same page to abolish the dollar fare.

Minister Bhattarai has been in constant pressure from the ambassadors who have been complaining regarding to the high cost airfares charges to foreigners in Nepal. Mr. Bhattarai urged the ariline operators to remove the dollar fare and take the same fare to the foreigners as the Nepalese.

On the other hand, some airline operators had already warned to close the business if the dollar fare is reduced. Their concerns relate to more business options to cover up the fare. If not most airlines are in trouble. Therefore, it is fair to say that private sector has not been on the same page as the committee of CAAN and the ministry.

According to National Aviation Policy, 2020 AD, the dollar fare should be adjusted every 2 years. The airfare is respective to the fuel tariff which needs to be adjusted accordingly. The current airfare for a mountain flight to Nepalis is NPR. 10,090 and the farthest destination from Kathmandu is NPR. 11,345.

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