Since the time immemorial, Nepal has been known as a ‘Punyabhumi’, a holy land which is recognized for the abode of the Gods and the sacred statues. The ancient Holy Scriptures present Nepal as the preferred destination for sages, ascetics, and yogis on their quest to nirvana (spiritual enlightenment).

The isolated foothills tucked between the snowy Himalayas made a perfect place for meditation and self-realization. As spiritual tourism gaining its rise, it’s worthwhile to find out why thousands of people begin their spiritual journey in Nepal.

The prominent pilgrimage sites that lie in Nepal holds the spiritual significance to this day. Barah Kshetra, Mukti Kshetra, Baidyanath Kshetra, and Pashupat Kshetra are some of the major pilgrimage sites profoundly worshipped by the devotees from all over the globe. Scattered all over the country, these sites hold the credence to the fact that Nepal remains blessed as a spiritual land of opportunity for those who seek enlightenment. 

Below are some of the spiritual activities that one can engage in while in Nepal. You will get the answers to “What to do?” and “Where to go?” to help you embark on your spiritual journey in Nepal. 

Spiritual Activities in Nepal: 


person meditating in nepal

For a person to be in harmony with oneself and one’s environment, their body, mind, and spirit need to be balanced. Meditation is one of the few forms of spiritual practices to achieve them. It is an effective way to set yourself free from the stress and tension in life which comes as a result of daily strainful activities in today’s hectic life.

Meditation is a state of consciousness that cultivates a calm and positive state of mind and awareness

According to the Yogis, regular meditation liberates the mind cultivating a calm and positive state of mind and awareness, which can only be experienced and can not be described. There are numerous camps in Kathmandu where meditation is taught and practiced. Some of them include Yoga camps, Osho Tapoban, Vipassana Center, Kapan Monastery, and Art of Living Foundation. 



Yoga is a spiritual quest through which one can attain balanced health, happiness, mental peace, and knowledge by integrating the body and mind. The word ‘Yoga’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yug’ which means union or to join. It is the symphony of human life. 

Through various asanas (postures), the physical strength, endurance, and resistance to diseases are enhanced. Yoga strengthens concentration and resilience raising the consciousness to a level where one can perceive the spiritual dimension.

In Nepal, there are several places where one can practice Asana(postures), Pranayam (control of breathing), and Dhyan (meditation). Yoga is thoroughly practiced in different places in Nepal even outside Kathmandu. 

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Vaastu Shastra

Manduka Mandala Hindu
Manduka Mandala – Hindu

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science originated in the Vedic age. During the time, sages read the effects of sunlight, gravitational, and magnetic forces flowing from different geographical directions and sub-directions.

The Vedic Vaastu Shastra includes stabilization of 5 major elements, also known as Pancha Tatwa or Paanchabhoota, namely Akash (sky or ether), Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire) and Vayu (wind). Upon the proper combination of these 5 elements, the life-force energy is believed to yield positive bio-electromagnetic energy which molds the natural environment.

Vaastu Shastra deals with various aspects of designing and building residential structures and temples that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. The Shaastra played a significant role in the establishment of settlements in Nepal including Kathmandu. The ancient towns in Kathmandu were built with certain shapes with Gods & Goddesses being established at certain locations in such a way that the people dwelling in the center remained protected by them. 

Astrology and the Occult 

Being Hindus, the people in Nepal inclines highly towards believing in rebirth and Karma. They believe that the constellations of planets (graha – nakshyatra) at the precise time of a person’s birth influence his/her destiny in one way or the other. In general, Nepalese have a fair amount of trust in the horoscope, astrology, palmistry, and such other occult sciences when it comes to a matter of taking important decisions. 

Astrology and the Occult

There is a good amount of astrologists in Nepal who make horoscopes of persons during the time of birth, which is essential for anyone who is born in Nepal to this day. The astrologists are capable of making horoscopes if provided with your precise time and place of birth.

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Places to start your Spiritual Journey in Nepal:

Osho TapobanRaniban, Nagarjun Hills, BalajuMeditation Camps
Kopan Monastery(Near) Bouddhanath StupaStudy and meditation
VipassanaDharmashringa, Mohan Pokhari, BudhanilkanthaVipassana meditation
ISKCON TempleBudhanilkanthaSatsang, Bhajans (chanting of prayers) and Aarti (offering of lighted lamps).
Lumbini GardenLimbiniSpiritual Discourses
Natural Health Care, Arogya AshramTangal, KathmanduYogic exercise & therapies (herbal, massage, and steam)

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