One of the nicest ways to explore Nepal is by tasting Nepalese food ! Nepal is not just known for its Himalayan mountains and beautiful surroundings, but the country is also famous for their delicacies. Each year many culinary enthusiasts plan to visit Nepal, simply to flavour these scrumptious treats. 

So, if you are one of those gourmet travellers who love traditional cuisines, local ingredients and fresh produce – then a trip to Nepal could be your perfect adventure!

Here is the top 10 must try foods during your trip to Nepal –

Dal Bhaat

A staple in every Nepalese household, Dal Bhaat is a combination of rice and spiced lentils. It is usually eaten with accompaniments such as leafy vegetables or pickles.

Sel Roti

Majorly famous as a roadside snack, Sel Roti is a mildly sweetened batter deep fried and eaten with tea. Sel Roti is also made during festivities and is a must try cuisine on your tip to Nepal.


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Influenced by the Tibetan culture, momos are rice paper wrapped dumpling stuffed with vegetables, chicken or buffalo meat. You can eat them steamed as well as fried along with chutneys and pickles.


Bara / Wo

Bara also referred as Wo is the star of the Newari cuisine (Newaris are an exclusive ethnic group in Nepal and their cuisine is a major part of Nepalese food). Bara or Wo is a rice flour pancake stuffed with mined meat. It is renowned snack among locals as well as tourists in Nepal.

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Gundruk or Gundruk ko jhol is a fermented leafy green vegetable made from mustard leaves, radish and soybean. You may find different variants of Gundruk, however fermentation makes it distinct and a must try food on your trip to Nepal.

Nepalese food - Gundruk Achar
Gundruk Achar


Chatamari is a delicious, spicy and crispy stuffed Nepalese pizza. Apart from being a beloved street snack, it is yet again a popular traditional specialty from the Newars households.

Nepalese food - Chatamari


Yomari is traditionally made during Yomari Punhi which is the harvest festival celebrated by the Newaris. Yomari is a steamed dumpling that has an external rice flour covering and stuffed with chaku (a sweetening substance).

Nepalese food - Yamari


Sandeko is severed as an appetiser usually made with chicken and a range of vegetables. There are vegetarian versions of the Sandeko that can be flavoured with potatoes and soyabean. This is yet again a simple but traditional food that you must try on your trip to Nepal.

Samay Baji

Samay baji is a whole meal popular in the Newari community and prepared to represent celebration. It consists a variety of traditional dishes severed on a large platter symbolizing good luck, fortune, and prosperity.


Thukpa is a Himalayan noodle soup ideal to be eaten in the freezing weather. It is popular mainly in the northern parts of the Himalayan region. Thukpa is served in a huge bowl that has noodles, vegetables and meat. Whether the climate is cold and not, you must try the Thukpa noodle soup on your trip to Nepal

Nepalese food- Thuppa

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