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Top 10 trekking destinations in Nepal (2020)

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Nepal is famous for its adventure tourism and, trekking happens to be one of the best and most popular around Nepal. Every year thousands of tourists come to visit the Himalayas for trekking and many of them do it more than once because of Nepal’s serene beauty and wide options for trekking. Some routes stretch from short 3 days to as long as a month for trekking. We have selected the 10 best trekking routes in Nepal according to their natural beauty, popularity, and difficulty. Keep in mind that, this is list serves as an introduction to trekking routes in Nepal, and is in no particular order.

Langtang Valley Trek in Nepal

Langtang is a valley situated in the region of the Himalayas north of Kathmandu which also borders with Tibet. This is a beautiful trekking route with amazing trails and beautiful scenery of the Himalayas. Langtang valley trek provides a unique experience of wandering through nature along with getting a taste of Tamang heritage culture. This moderate trek is most suitable for passionate walkers with an average walking duration for the day being 6 hours. The best time for Langtang valley trek would be during Spring (March-May) and Fall (September-November) season and trekking here during the winter isn’t too bad either compared to other trekking routes of Nepal.

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek in Nepal

Poonhill is a hilltop one kilometer away from Ghorepani. The trek starts from Pokhara going through villages of Annapurna Region. It is quite a short trek that can be finished within 7-9 days. There are different trekking routes that you can choose while going towards and coming back from Ghorepani each with their unique flair. The sunrise you can view from Poonhill is something to behold from. Mostly travelers at Ghorepani wake up at the dawn and make their way towards the Poonhill hilltop which will take about an hour to climb.

The short hiking in itself is amazing, gazing through the starry skies you’ll reach to Poonhill and from there you’ll be able to view the amazing scenery of Himalayan Ranges such as Annapurna I, II & III, Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri, Manaslu and Annapurna South which will take anyone’s breath away. Spring is the best time to make this trip as you’ll be passing through lush green dense Rhododendron forest. The scenery is astonishing and you’ll regret if you forget your camera alongside.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal

Walking alongside the eighth highest peak in the world, Mount Manaslu, and witnessing rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, the Manaslu Circuit Trek is an excellent choice if you are into adventure trail. The highest point in this trek also known as the ‘Larkya La Pass’ which is widely believed to be one of the most dramatic passes crossing the Himalayas. The difficulty is moderate and we recommend you get involved in physical exercises/activities before making the trip. Some parts of the trek might be difficult and harsh conditions might get in the way but overcoming those challenges and the feeling after the completion of the trek is worth it. The best time to travel for Manaslu Circuit Trek is during Spring and Fall season.

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Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek in Nepal

Reaching close to the third highest peak in the world while walking through the remote mountain trails would take anyone closer to nature in its solitude. This trekking route is one of the longest and slightly harder trekking routes in Nepal compared to others. The whole duration for the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek takes around 3 weeks so it is highly recommended for you to be involved in physical activity before considering this trek. If you want to spend your vacation trekking and immersing yourself into the wilderness, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is a very good option. The best time for this trek is during the Spring and Fall season.

Mardi Himal Base Camp in Nepal

Mardi Base Camp trek is another short trekking route in Nepal that you can finish within a week and it is worth it. Getting up close with the famous Fishtail Mountain is what Mardi Base Camp has to offer but that’s not all. The trail is beautiful and bound to take your breath away. You’ll feel like walking over the clouds and the view of the Fishtail Peak you’ll behold during the sunrise might confuse you whether you’re in heaven. Mardi Base Camp is the literal definition of short and sweet when it comes to trekking. The best time for traveling to Mardi Base Camp is during the Spring and Fall.

Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal

One of the most popular and classic trek throughout Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp trek is certainly a pleasant trail to wander through. The beautiful scenery of the Himalayan Ranges such as Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Fishtail Mountains are always by your side throughout the journey. There are amazing villages you’ll get encountered with where you can experience a unique culture, hospitality, and traditional Nepali villages.

The popular ones are places called Ghandruk and Ghorepani. You’ll also be going for a short hike to Phoonhill from Ghorepani from where you’ll get to see an amazing view of the Himalayan range and sunrise from behind the mountains. The trail is filled with beautiful landscapes, lush green Rhododendron, and Alpine forests, waterfalls, and there’s even a hot spring along the way. The Base Camp is situated at an altitude of 4130m. The trail is moderate and again, some physical activities before the trek to prepare your body are recommended. The best time for doing this trek is during Spring and Fall season.

Upper Dolpo Trek in Nepal

Trekking through one of the most remote regions of the Himalayas of far-west Nepal, Upper Dolpo Trek is famous for its isolated settlements, unique culture, rare wildlife, and a true sense of “into the wilderness” feeling. The entire region was closed to trekkers until 1989 and until today you are only able to travel through organized tours. The expedition can be challenging as there are a very few tourism infrastructures and hotels and teahouses are also rare so camping is the way to go here. However, the journey in itself is worth it for all the challenges.

The deep valleys, the exquisite beauty of Shey Phoksundo Lake, the 800-year-old Shey Monastery, and rare wildlife including one of the rarest animals, the snow leopard, are the gifts this region has to give for its travelers. Permits for Upper Dolpo are strictly enforced and you’ll need to pay a tax per day of around $50. Only 250 foreigners are permitted to enter Upper Dolpo each year and it is something of an accomplishment if you’re able to travel to Upper Dolpo.

Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal

This can also be called the classic trekking experience in all of Nepal which can never go wrong. Also being one of the most popular trekking choices for tourists in Nepal, this trek is sometimes called Annapurna Thorang La pass which is the heart of the Annapurna Region. In this two weeks long trip, you will be walking beside the mighty peaks of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung, Manaslu, Machhapucchre (also known as Fishtail Peak), Tukuche and many other mountains.

The landscapes and scenery are mesmerizing; especially during Spring where the lush green and colorful Rhododendron forest will keep you warm from within. Crossing long and flexible sky bridges, passing through rivers and streams, and beautiful waterfalls along the way will make you want to stay there forever. Trust me, once is not enough in Nepal!

Upper Mustang Expedition in Nepal

Also known as the valley beyond the mountains, Upper Mustang is situated between the Himalayas and Tibet. As it is said, trek to Upper Mustang is a rare privilege. This place has a very unique culture and the settlement here has not been in touch with the rest of the country for many years and this region even had its king until recent times.

Except for during winter, this place is suitable for travel during all the other times of the year. Settlements are scattered and this region has desert albeit mountainous areas. The trek to Mustang isn’t very difficult however getting there might be. You’ll need a special trekking permit to be able to visit so it is necessary for you to consult with a travel company.

Upper Mustang Expedition requires a minimum of 2 weeks up to 3 weeks depending upon your means of transportation. Bike tour to mustang and mountain biking to mustang is also available as travel packages and the upper mustang is probably one of the best places in the world for mountain biking.

Everest Base Camp Trek in Nepal

The top of the world, also known as Mount Everest is one of the widely recognized places all over the world. Situated at an altitude of 5,300 meters, the journey to the Everest Base Camp could be one of the journeys of your lifetime. This is the trail Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay Sherpa walked through when they conquered the peak for the first time. The journey starts from Kathmandu airport and the flight will take you to Lukla airport, one of the most thrilling and beautiful airports in the world. From Lukla the trek starts.

Traveling through the foothills of Mighty Himalayas, you’ll be seeing a lot of beautiful landscapes along with glaciers and valleys. There are three mountain peaks above 8,000 meters that lie in the Everest Base Camp circuit trail. You can experience the unique culture and settlements of the Sherpa people. Everest Base Camp, also known as EBC is very famous for trekking, peak expedition, and mountain climbing and many people travel to Everest Base Camp for photography or cinematography alone. The trail is moderate and constant physical activities before the trip is highly recommended. The travel duration is 14 days and the best time to visit here would be the Spring and the Fall season.

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