Nepal is a true treasure for shoppers, especially for those who love quintessential street shopping and quirky products. For the rational buyers, markets in Nepal offer quality products and the most organic ingredients. You can shop a wide variety of local produce as well as authentic silk, woolen clothes and ethnic artifacts. Also, as Nepal has been an intersection for international trading routes for several years these markets are filled with old architecture. The traditional street markets are majestic and truly a delight to walk through, even if you do not plan on buying anything.

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Here are the top nine listed and must visited markets of Nepal:

Asan Market

crowd at indrachowk asan market
Picture: Indrachowk Asan Market

Situated in the capital city of Kathmandu, Asan also referred as Ason is a lively market with adjacent to temples and stupas. Asan has been a bustling marketplace for many centuries. The market is built under a Newari construction and has a beautiful old-fashioned vibe to it. Asan also has a distinguished history and belonged to the Indian-Tibetan trade route. Vendors sell conventional Nepali stuff in the Asan market and you may also find some amazing hidden treasures.

New Road on Kings Way

The New Road on Kings Way in the eastern side of Durbar Square is an amazing market to visit in Nepal. This shopping road is called Kings Way because it leads to the Royal Palace Museum – which earlier was the residence of the royal kings of Nepal. The market is filled with imported luxury goods as well as small shops. However, the traditional souvenir sold here is the khukri – a traditional knife which you must consider buying if you love collecting traditional things. The street specially called the New Road is also dedicated to traditional Nepalese musical instruments.

The Kalimati Market

man standing in front of a vegetable shop
Picture: Kalimati Vegetable Market

The Kalimati Market is although not touristy but offers a great view of the local lifestyle in Nepal. Visit Kalimati Market in Nepal to experience community and everyday lives of the Nepali people. Also, for shopper there is a wide wholesale market that sells everything from household products, eateries to authentic items. Checkout the fresh produce, raw ingredients, spices, local restaurants and more!

1905 Farmer’s Market

The 1905 restaurant and boutique hotel holds an organic farmer’s market on every Saturday mornings and is also called as the weekend market. The 1905 Farmer’s Market is also a trendy weekend hangout for foreigners residing Kathmandu. This market also has a range of ready-to-eat products, home cooked items, pastries and cakes shops. You may find the 1905 Farmer’s Market expensive than any other local markets. This is because the market is mostly visited by foreigners and the quality of products are also really of a high quality.

Freak Street

night life at asan
Picture: Freak Street

The Durbar Square has a lot of shopping streets and one such market located at the southern end is called the Freak Street. You can shop Tibetan goods and clothes at the Freak Street along with quality materials and textiles. You will also find a load of souvenirs such as Nepal’s famous kit bags, clothes, goodies, knickknacks, etc. So, visit the Freak Street to get your shopping dose but do not forget to bargain.

Taragaon Market

Taragaon Market in Nepal is yet another famous agricultural market well known for organic products and the only one certified by the District Agriculture Development Office. This weekend market is located near the Hyatt Regency Hotel on the grounds of the red brick adjacent to the Taragaon Museum. The Taragaon Market can be visited if you plan to stay around the Boudha area of Kathmandu as it is in the same proximity.

The Art Market

The Art Market, held once a month on a Saturday at The Yellow House in Sanepa, concentrates on the modern arts and handmade crafts promoting the local Nepali artists. You can purchase amazing paintings, printed t-shirts, contemporary art, handcrafted jewels, etc. The Art market also hosts live music and is a popular choice for brunch among the tourists. The market spirited in the winters from November to February.

NexUs Night Market

handcraft market during night in nepal
Picture: Handicraft Market

Amazingly Kathmandu also offer nightlife! The NexUs Night Market started recently in 2018 and is held every month end on a Friday night. The market is located at the NexUs garden which is well known for the community of arts and activism.The market has live music, food stalls, handcrafted items, Tibetan products, Nepalese traditional items and so much more.

So, when are you planning to indulge in a shopping spree and browse through the markets of Nepal?