According to some reports, over 40,000 hikers attempt the Mount Everest annually. From Kathmandu, which is Nepal’s bustling capital thousands of hikers and mountaineers take a short flight to Lukla and then trek for months towards the Mount Everest.

The amusing fact that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world attracts extensive number of hikers and adventurers. Each year several hikers attempt this trek and accomplish the 8,848 meters peak. Nevertheless, some hikers who like to do it differently!

Here are the top five interesting hiker on Mount Everest –

The Fastest Hikers

fastest hiker Hans_Kammerlander

An Italian man named Hans Kammerlander completed the fastest ever ascent of Mount Everest from the northern side, making the climb from base camp to the summit in 16 hours 45 minutes.

The Wedding Hikers

A couple has already been married on the Mount Everest, the bride and groom both Nepalese citizens kept it a secret from the rest of their crew until they reached the peak where they finally wed after a 60-day climb.

Babu Chiri Sherpa

everest hiker  Babu Chiri Sherpa

The highest recorded wind speed on the mount is 200 miles per hour. The speed of this magnitude makes it impossible for any human being to stand, walk or even live through because of the freezing cold winds. However, an interesting hiker by the name Babu Chiri Sherpa in 1999 spent about 21 hours in these conditions and holds a record for the same.

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Bear Grylls

There are various ways to descent from the mountain, but in 2007 Bear Grylls the youngest British hiker who is also a well-known TV personality from Discovery Channel paraglide on the summit with a parachute over the peak and descent in style. Some climbers chose to Ski and snowboarding as well. The Descent is equally challenging and dangerous as the climb because of the steep slopes and extreme weather conditions of the Everest.

Bear Grylls

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Young & Old

A 13-year-old Jordan Romero of the United states is the youngest person to have climbed the Mount Everest. In 2010 he broke the record of 15-year-old Ming Kiba from Nepal. Most people who climb the Everest are young or middle aged but oldest person to reach the summit was 80-year-old Miura Yiuchiro of Japan.

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