Buddha also referred as Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage visited by a million of followers each year. The Maya Devi Temple – where Queen Maya Devi gave birth to Lord Buddha is a major attraction among the places to visit in Lumbini.

Maya Devi Temple top
Close up view of the top of Mayadevi Temple – wiki

There are several primeval stupas, meditation grounds, prayer flags and monumental places that makes your travel experience to Lumbini worthwhile. But that’s not all! The origins of Buddhism rooted in the Terai plains of Lumbini has so much more to offer, which makes it among the top places to visit in Nepal.

Listed are some of the reasons why you must visit Lumbini in Nepal.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

While in Nepal visiting all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites must be on your bucket list, nevertheless, visiting Lumbini is a priority! Lumbini was granted the status of World Heritage site in 1997 and offers a unique experience. Situated in Rupandehi district of Nepal, it signifies peace, serenity, spirituality, culture and religiousness.

The Lumbini Garden

Built by the Indian Emperor Ashoka the Lumbini Gardern is yet another attraction in Lumbini. The Lumbini Garden has a stone labeled representing the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Visit the picturesque Garden that incorporates three zones, each encompassing one square mile connected with sidewalks, beautiful pavements and a canal.

The Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini

TheEternal Peace Flame in Lumbini is something that will truly fulfils your travel experience to Lumbini. Located at the southern end of the Lumbini garden adjacent to the canal – the Eternal Flame was created in 1986 and has being burning ever since. The Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini denotes undying effort to create peace and harmony in the world.

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The Eternal Peace Flame in Lumbini – TripAdvisor

Archaeological Activities in Lumbini

You must visit Lumbini in Nepal to amaze at the archeological wonders. You are bound to be amazed at the enthralling beauty of the remarkable monasteries showcasing their unique architecture. Apart from the temples, stupas, viharas and wells – there are two most important archaeological sites in Lumbini. The first one is around the Mayadevi temple, which can be named as LMB-1 and the other one is towards south-east of the temple named as LMB-2. Also, the area around the Mayadevi temple has numerous archaeological monuments, those are worth visiting!

The Pillars of Ashoka

Lumbini ashok pillar
Ashok Pillar – Lumbini

The Ashoka Pillar in Nepal situated in Lumbini is another marvel. Built in the 3rd Century these stone pillars were erected by Emperor Ashoka. After the Emperor Ashoka visited the birthplace of Lord Buddha accepted Buddhism, he built these structures as a mark of respect. The Pillars of Ashoka is among the places you must visit in Lumbini.

The Bodhi Tree

The Bodhi Trees also referred as the Bodhi Fig Tree or the Tree of Awakening is yet another sacred spot you must visit in Lumbini. The Tree in Lumbini is in the premises of the Maya Devi Temple complex, next to the shrine on the banks of the serene Maya Devi Temple. Holy men mediate in front of this religious monument, which is also considered a tree shrine in Lumbini.

The Holiest Place in the World

If you are still questioning yourself, “is Lumbini worth visiting”, then think no more! The tranquility, aura and peace that you would experience in Lumbini makes it among the most holy places to visit in the world. Lumbini means Love in Sanskrit and the place ensures that your feel the spiritual love. Also read more about Beautiful temples in Nepal.

There are several other places to visit in Lumbini, nevertheless, each destination narrates a beautiful story that you must witness yourself. To book a tour in Lumbini or to know more about this destination speak to a travel expert from CoreTreks. Call us on +977 1 4258024 or  WhatsApp us +977-9851179975 or just send us an enquiry and we will reach out to you.

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