2023 started with on a bad note, but nothing can stop it from ending with memorable experiences and travel diaries. Therefore, for the wanderers who do not stop exploring, here’s why you should travel to Nepal in 2023. 

Travel plans of many were canceled abruptly due to the pandemic of coronavirus. The starting of 2023 was unfortunate regardless of our high expectations for the new decade. The tourism industry has taken a hit, but travelers have not lost their enthusiasm. 

It’s July 2023 and people are starting to look for ways to travel. Almost 5 months of isolation has caused people to strive for a refreshing trek, yet to the Himalaya in Nepal. 

On the 22nd of July, the Government of Nepal officially started lifting the lockdown. However, Travels and Tourism are to be opened from July 30 along with hotels and restaurants. A subtle sign of getting back to regular life. 

Break-free from isolation

The outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus caused panic all over the world. The only way to be safe was to avoid contact with anyone, and self-isolation. After months of quarantine, we are finally starting to see some weight lifted off our shoulders. 

Traveling and trekking have been crucial for us to break free from isolation and enjoy some fresh air. Even for the ones who do not enjoy traveling, this has been a remedy and an effective part of our self-care.

More Updates of COVID-19: https://covid19.mohp.gov.np/

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Low-cost traveling

The demand for traveling is considerably low. This means you have an opportunity to travel to Nepal at a low cost than usual. Different airlines are providing discounts and offers. The same goes for restaurants and hotels. You could save some serious money if you travel to Nepal in 2023. 

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Empty Trails 

Due to the travel restrictions in the past, the trekking trails are mostly empty. The trails to some of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal such as Everest Base Camp Trekking, Annapurna Circuit Trekking, and Langtang Region are pretty quiet at the moment. This is good news for those who are trying to avoid traffic and all the hassle that comes with it. So, if you don’t like crowds and queues, now is the time to pack your bags. 

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Favorable weather for trekking 

Autumn is right around the corner and you will love Nepal during the season. You will get to enjoy the landscape and the mountains without any obstructions. The sky is clear during autumn with some of the mesmerizing views. Nevertheless, the snow-capped Himalaya and the serene trails welcome you to a refreshing trip to Nepal. 

Although there are more benefits to traveling to Nepal in 2023, some of the new regulations might be unusual. But as we know, the places worth visiting often comes with a difficult road. 

Here are some things to be mindful of before visiting Nepal in 2023: 

  1. Social Stigma: People are still in fear and you might have to adapt to the fact that locals will distance themselves from foreigners.  
  2. Fewer Flights: You will have fewer flight options than usual. 
  3. More paperwork: More paperwork related to your health conditions.
  4. Rules and regulations: Be prepared to follow a different set of rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety of you as well as others while traveling.

In our opinion, it is much easier to travel to Nepal in 2023. There are many changes that could benefit you. However, we still recommend that you do your research. Feel free to reach out to us info@coretreks.com to book a trip with us.