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Nepal-Bhutan Tour is a collection of combined tours including destinations from both Nepal and Bhutan. Now, the travelers who want to experience both the countries need not to spend long hours planning for their trip. CoreTreks has made it convenient and easier, all while saving you time and energy. While there are endless ways to explore Nepal and Bhutan, we have boiled the list down to some of the highly demanded and interesting sites that we believe you will enjoy.

As you have already heard before, Nepal is known for the Himalayas, and its diverse culture. The country not only contains mountains but also some of the enchanting natural vegetation, cultures, history and heritages with warmly welcoming people. The foothills of the mountains are ideal for trekking and the highest base camp in the world, well that’s for the extremes. It’s not really necessary to hike hours to scope out the mountains, you can choose the easy way, the airway. A short scenic flight which takes you around the Himalayas in less than an hour will certainly leave you in awe.

Bhutan on the other hand has rich heritage and is known widely for its strong sense of ethnicity. The predominantly Buddhist nation is carved by exotic valleys, lush jungles and high mountains. With an area of only 38,394 square kilometers, the country is relatively small. The two major cities, Thimpu and Paro are widely known for their beautiful Buddhist shrines that reflects peace and prosperity among the residents. Paro is Bhutan’s capital with the only international airport which carries many sacred sites. Bhutan is rich in culture, art, handicraft, architectural styles which somewhat resembles to Nepal.

Both the countries consisting a large number of people Buddhist followers have a level of similarities in-between them. You can expect peaceful and harmonious community in both the countries. Even the mountains and landscapes. To book Nepal-Bhutan tour, feel free to explore our packages below. Contact us for any further inquiries. CoreTreks is always searching for feedbacks to provide the best services in traveling and touring.

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