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Tibet is an ethnically and historically rich country. Once a Tibetan Kingdom was significantly huge than the current autonomous regions and borders. However, today Tibet is full of beautiful plateaus, landscapes, mountains and well-preserved dynasty. Tibet is situated in the center of Asia, with an area of 2.5 million square kilometers. Surrounded by some of the highest mountains and parched plateaus with an average altitude of 14,000 feet above sea level. Tibetan plateaus have the most exceptional and extraordinary ecosystems.

Another reason why people prefer to visit Tibet is because of its culture. The traditional Tibetan culture is a strong and central part of understanding and exploring Tibet. In the recent times, Tibet has experienced economic development and migration of other Indian and Chinese ethnic groups to Lhasa has brought in transformations and changes. However, Tibetan culture still has survived in the purest manner.


A visit to the Mount Kailash in Tibet is spiritually fulfilling. Because of which, Tibet is sacred to Buddhists, Hindus and Jains as they consider Mount Kailash as the world's holiest mountain. Also, pilgrims from around the Asian and European continent pay homage and walk around the sacred mountain. Apart from spiritual tourism, Tibet is also perfect for trekking. Tibet is one of the world's great overland trips and offers spectacular high-altitude landscape in the remote Western Tibet regions.

Are you a thinking of visiting Tibet? Then the best way to explore this tranquil region is with CoreTreks. CoreTreks is the best tourism company in Nepal, ideal for Himalayan trekking, Tibet tourism, Bhutan tourism and various other places of India.  At CoreTreks our team of travel and tourism experts deliver you Tibet travel advice and guidance.

Our Tibet travel specialists also help you with Tibet travel permit and guide you with itineraries on Tibet tourism from India, Nepal and various other parts of the world.

We create customized Tibet packages. With CoreTreks explore Gyantse Kumbum at Gyantse; learn about the Tibetan dynasty and kingdom by visiting the Potala Palace or feel the divinity at the Jokhang Temple Lhasa. There are also several monasteries in Tibet you must visit! Those are Ütse and Samye Monastery at Samye; Tashilhunpo Monastery at Shigatse and Sakya Monastery at Sakya. Ask Tibet tourism and Tibetan packages to our travel experts right away!

Climbing Everest from Tibet?

If you are a mountaineer or trekker – we have you sorted. Everest Tibet route is one of the most adventurous and pristine pathways among the trekkers and hikers. CoreTreks also offers exclusive options for trek to the Everest Base Camp from Tibet. Explore the Himalayan region and visit the Everest base camp with CoreTreks.

To know the best places to eat or stay in Tibet speak to our travel and tour guides from Tibet.  To know more about Kailash Mansarovar tour package, packages for Kailash Tibet tour, Tibet group tours, Tibet trekking tours send us an enquiry now!

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