Goasinkunda Trekking in Nepal
Gosainkunda Trekking in Nepal
Gosainkunda Trekking In Nepal

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Book a private trek to the Himalayas or a Nepal tour with CoreTreks and we will ensure that you have the most amazing vacation. Feel free to contact our travel and tour experts in Nepal to get a customised trip itinerary.

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Thank you Nepal

From: Poland | On: 25 Sep, 2019

We had a short trek but it was an amazing experience. The Langtang region is really rich in culture. The people carry on a certain belief in them which acts as a fuel for their hard work. I feel really blessed to be able to experience such a nice place among such nice peoples.

I want to thank CoreTreks for making this trip possible. Also for guiding us along the trials leading to Gosainkunda. Nepal is truly a blessing. I look forward to visit again.

Short trek to Gosainkunda

From: United States | On: 03 Nov, 2019

The trek was short, we spent about 9 days trekking and hiking. But it was an amazing experience. We learned so many things about Nepal, cultural and geographical. It is so inspiring to see the religious beliefs of people living in those areas.

Overall the experience was worth the effort and wait. We plan on returning for a visit again later this year. We fell in love with the welcoming people all over the country. The lakes were so refreshing as well.

Thanks to CoreTreks for helping us throughout our trip to Gosainkunda. The professional guides helped us along the trials of Nepal and led us to the Gosainkunda lakes. I definitely recommend CoreTreks if you are looking forward to a journey in Nepal.

A fun and memorable trip to Gosainkunda

From: Norway | On: 04 Nov, 2018

I really enjoyed my time in Nepal. Experiencing different cultures in Nepal is really amazing. I never thought places like existed until I visited Nepal. I have to say that I have respect for all the hardworking people around the mountains.

The holy lakes of Gosainkunda were pristine and refreshing to watch. There is so much more in Nepal than just mountains. I encourage anyone who are thinking of travelling to Nepal to take the leap.

The team from CoreTreks were our guiding partners and they did a really good job of explaining us about all the cultural values of people living in that region. I recommend that you book your trip with CoreTreks as they are amazing and dedicated towards their priority.

Beautiful lakes of Nepal

From: India | On: 14 Apr, 2018

It was a fun trip to Nepal. We got a chance to experience the beautiful lakes and the mountains of Nepal. My friends and I were thinking of visiting other country for our vacation. We are glad we chose Nepal.

We went through the Langtang national park where we encountered some rare animals of Nepal. I wish we had time for jungle safari that looked fun. In our next visit we will for sure go for the jungle safari.

Thanks to CoreTreks for making this trip possible. We booked last minute but the team took care of everything and suggested us with a package that perfectly fit our group. I would recommend CoreTreks to anyone who is looking to travel to Nepal.




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