Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

Days 26
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Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal Overview

  • Trip Code: CT-10050
  • Package: Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal
  • Duration: 26 Day(s)
  • Trip Level:
    Requires prior training and some experience in trekking and mountaineering
  • Group Size: Min. 2- Max. 12
  • Start At: Kathmandu
  • Ends At: Kathmandu
  • Transportation: Public Bus | Private Vehicle | Domestic Vehicle
  • Accommodation: Tea House | Hotel

Trip Highlights

  • Scenic flight from Biratnagar to Taplejung
  • Amazing views of the Himalayan ranges
  • Crossing the Mirgin La Pass
  • Yalung Ri Base Camp
  • Kanchenjunga Base Camp
  • Rich flora and fauna of the region
  • Kanchenjunga National Park
  • Isolated Himalayan settlements

The Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek lets travelers to reach the base camp of the third highest peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga Mountain. Travelers will be able to reach the Kanchenjunga Base Camp elevation at 5,143 meters. The Kanchenjunga peak stands 8,585 meters above the sea level. This mountain in Nepal is located at the eastern region of Nepal close to the India and Tibet-Nepal border. The word "Kanchenjunga" is derived from an old Tibetan word which means five treasures of snow as the five individual peak of the Kanchenjunga range of Nepal is considered to be gold, silver, precious stone, grain, and Holy Scriptures respectively. The Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal provides a great chance to experience the remoteness, diverse flora and fauna, spectacular mountain ranges of Nepal, local culture and people of the Himalayas.

The hidden trek in Nepal in the Kanchenjunga National Park is made of unspoiled wilderness filled with adventure in Nepal. This trekking in Nepal is demanding as the remote terrain goes through the off the beat rugged trails that is perfectly aligned for the adventure seekers. The trek to Kanchenjunga offers spectacular viewpoints along the route to view the magnificent Himalayan ranges of Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Chamlang, and Jannu Mountain. The amazing high mountain passes of Nepal and the panoramic views of the Himalayan range of Nepal from the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is an amazing experience to be a part of. Travelers will get to enjoy the lush landscapes, tropical jungles up to the high altitude alpine forests as you one will be passing through varieties of vegetations along the way. As a result of heavy summer rainfall, the Kanchenjunga region is home to some wildlife such as snow leopard in Nepal, red panda in Nepal, Himalayan black bear, and the Assamese macaque.

The Kanchenjunga trek starts with a flight to Biratnagar to Taplejung and passes through the Rai and Limbu villages of Nepal. The Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek is a restricted area in Nepal and travelers need special permit for Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal. The Kanchenjunga trekking permit can be received after sending a request to the Government. The travel agencies in Nepal handle all the permits and travel arrangements that are required in order to travel Kanchenjunga circuit. The Kanchenjunga travel is one of the long trekking routes in Nepal but also one of the best long treks in Nepal taking travelers into the wilderness of the Himalayas. The cost of Kanchenjunga trekking is also one of the best value-for-money long treks in the world. This trek in Nepal however is hard and technical as it contains high passes and alpine moraines. But you don't have to worry much as our expert trekking guides will be by your side all along to help you with every part of the travel. So if you're a fan of outdoors and have the endurance capacity and fitness required for the Kanchenjunga trek then this is the best long trek in Nepal that will leave travelers in awe. If you want to spend your vacation in Nepal with trekking to Himalayas and immersing yourself into the wilderness, Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek is a very good option. The best time for Kanchenjunga trek is during the Spring and Fall season.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Altitude
Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 02 Briefing and Sightseeing on Kathmandu
Day 03 Kathmandu to Taplejung flight to Mitlung
Day 04 Mitlung to Chirwa
Day 05 Chirwa to Sukathum
Day 06 Sukathum to Amjilosa
Day 07 Amjilosa to Gyabla
Day 08 Gyabla to Ghunsa
Day 09 Acclimatization at Ghunsa
Day 10 Ghunsa to Kambachen
Day 11 Acclimatization at Kambachen
Day 12 Kambachen to Lhonak
Day 13 Lhonak to Kanchenjunga Base Camp
Day 14 Trek back to Kambachen
Day 15 Kambachen to Ghunsa
Day 16 Ghunsa to Sele Le
Day 17 Sele Le to Cheram
Day 18 Cheram - Ramche - Cheram
Day 19 Cheram to Tortong
Day 20 Tortong to Yamphudin
Day 21 Yamphudin to Mamanke
Day 22 Mamanke to Lalikharka
Day 23 Lalikharka to Suketar
Day 24 Flight to Kathmandu
Day 25 Leisure Day at Kathmandu
Day 26 Departure

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal Itinerary

Day 01

Arrival in Kathmandu

A company representative from Core Treks will come to pick you up at the airport. After that we'll be taking you to your hotel. After taking some rest we'll meet you at our office or at your hotel and have a short briefing session regarding our travel. Feel free to ask any question you might have regarding the trek. If you want to explore the city we might as well walk around the street of Thamel and it's even possible to do some last minute shopping. There're no further activities for the day so you might as well check into the hotel.

Day 02

Briefing and Sightseeing on Kathmandu

We'll be talking more regarding our trip on this day. We'll need your original passport as travelers need a permit in order to make this travel in Nepal. After finishing that we'll be doing a bit of a sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu valley. We'll be visiting two world heritage sites located at Kathmandu, namely Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple (also known as Monkey Temple). In the evening we'll be doing final preparation for our trek.

Day 03

Kathmandu to Taplejung flight to Mitlung

After having breakfast, we take a morning flight to Taplejung from Tribhuvan Intl' Airport from Kathamndu. Our flight will be 35 minutes long. Upon reaching Taplejung, we do a short trek towards the village of Mitlung which will be about 3 hours long. We spend overnight at a guesthouse at Mitlung and prepare for our trekking journey from next day onwards.

Day 04

Mitlung to Chirwa

Our trail today goes uphill and downhill and we make our way towards Sinwa village. From Sinwa, we trek downhill until reaching Tawa from where we ascend and cross a suspension bridge at Thiwa. We'll be passing through the beautiful Limbu villages and finally reaching upon Chirwa, we rest for the day.

Day 05

Chirwa to Sukathum

On this day, our trek passes through some various landscapes of dense forests and some cardamom fields. We'll be trekking up and down hill as the previous day and then continue trekking along the Tamor River. We later reach to the Ghunsa River from where we'll reach to Sukathum. We'll be spending overnight here.

Day 06

Sukathum to Amjilosa

Trekking today might occur bit challenging that previous days. We trek through a dense forest and ascend a steep trail after which we descend down towards a river and cross it. Then we'll be climbing a gorge and pass by the Solima village. The trails could be tricky and technical especially during the walk through the gorge. We then reach to Amjilosa village where we'll be spending the night.

Day 07

Amjilosa to Gyabla

We continue our trek from the river bank further towards the dense bamboo and rhododendron forest. After that we go uphill as we also cross some few small bridges along the way. We'll also be walking alongside stunning waterfalls that originates from the Himalayan mountains. After some uphill walk, we then reach to the Tibetan like settlement of Gyabla.

Day 08

Gyabla to Ghunsa

Today we descend down the river and after some time we reach a Tibetan refugee settlement of Phale. There are also some few markets which are quite unique and some really cool souvenirs can be bought as well. From there we trek through the pine forest and head towards the village of Ghunsa. We'll be spending our night at Ghunsa.

Day 09

Acclimatization at Ghunsa

Today we stop and rest at the Ghunsa village in order to acclimatize our body at these high altitude region. We will be exploring the village and the surrounding and might even do some small hikes as its equally important to stay active during the whole journey. There is an old monastery called the Laspan La monastery.

Day 10

Ghunsa to Kambachen

We continue our trekking journey heading towards the north alongside the river bank. The path is scenic with beautiful Himalayan scenery. As we travel through beautiful rhododendron and pine forests, we later cross a bridge at Rampuk and continue past the waterfall and cross the landslide which might be a little tricky. After going pass these hurdles we'll arrive at the Kambachen village and rest for the day.

Day 11

Acclimatization at Kambachen

This will be another day of acclimatization as we do this to avoid the risk of having altitude sickness. We'll be relaxing and exploring the valley a bit. We'll be resting and prepare ourselves to resume our trek next day onwards.

Day 12

Kambachen to Lhonak

We start early in the morning as there is one challenging walk waiting ahead of us. We start our trekking through the rocky fields and large rocks. We pass through a waterfall and cross a bridge to Ramtang monastery. We again come across a landslide terrain which we'll be passing with a steady pace before descending to the river and finally arriving at the Lhonak valley. We'll spend overnight at the Lhonak village.

Day 13

Lhonak to Kanchenjunga Base Camp

We trek along the Kanchenjunga Glacier and head towards the Kanchenjunga base camp on the northern side. The trails are challenging so you need to be careful around the rockier parts which are prone to landslides. After short while we'll be reaching a flat grassy land which is the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. From there we'll be enjoying the beautiful and splendid views of the Kanchenjunga, Jannu, and Chang mountain ranges.

Day 14

Trek back to Kambachen

From base camp, we retrace our path to Lhonak and go down towards the valley. We can witness the Kanchenjunga, Mera Peak, and some other ranges from different angle during this trek. We'll be descending down for the most part and the trail is comparatively easier. So we'll be reaching to Kambachen village where we'll spend overnight.

Day 15

Kambachen to Ghunsa

We'll be descending from Kambachen to Ghunsa while we trek enjoying the beaufitul forest trails. After about 4 hours of trek we reach to the Ghunsa village and we'll be spending our night here.

Day 16

Ghunsa to Sele Le

After having our breakfast, we climb steep upwards from Ghunsa. We climb through a dense forest filled with rhododendron and juniper trees. After long walk of about 7 hours we reach to the Sele Le village. We'll be done for the day upon reach to Sele Le.

Day 17

Sele Le to Cheram

Our trek goes uphill today as well as we'll be walking alongside the Jannu mountain and the Makalu Mountain which is also the 6th highest mountain peak in the world. We'll be passing through some few passes this day. We'll be crossing the Sinion La, Mirgin La Pass and the Sinelapche Bhanjyang. From the pass however, we'll be descending downhill towards the Cheram village and upon reaching we'll be resting for the day.

Day 18

Cheram - Ramche - Cheram

We have an interesting day ahead. We'll be ascending past the Yalung Glacier and pass through the Lapsang village as we reach to Ramche. We walk further up the valley and follow the stream before climbing on the moraine top. We walk further ahead and if we have time, we might even travel to the Oktang Monastery. Then we head back to Cheram and rest for the night.

Day 19

Cheram to Tortong

Upon having our breakfast, we descend towards Tortong. We will be come at a point where we'll encounter two trails. One's which we took while descending down from Sele Le and the other goes down alongside the Simbuwa River. We take the latter route and descend through the verdant rhododendron forest. Later we arrive at Tortong and spend overnight.


Day 20

Tortong to Yamphudin

Today we walk through the trees and landslide areas. We'll pass through the Lasiya Bhanjyang and our trek will take around 6-7 hours. We walk further down and reach the Yamphudin village. Yamphudin is one of the most remote villages of the reigon and the village is inhabited by the Sherpa, Rai and Limbu community so the blend of culture and its uniqueness can be witnessed as well. We'll spend overnight at the Yamphudin.

Day 21

Yamphudin to Mamanke

We'll be walking through the river valley today. After few hours of walking we'll be crossing the ridge and go uphill and downhill. We then descend through the terraced hillside at the edge of the Kabeli River and then gradually we'll be reaching to Mamanke where we'll spend overnight.

Day 22

Mamanke to Lalikharka

Today, we trek towards the Khasawa River after having our breakfast. We'll be traveling through some few villages and then descend downhill towards steep hillside trail. Views of Kanchenjunga and Yanglung Kang can be seen in the far distance. We then head down to the Kunjuri village and cross a suspension bridge over Phawa River. Later we reach to Lalikharka village and we'll be done for the day.

Day 23

Lalikharka to Suketar

Today is our last day of trekking. The trail is pretty wide and easy . We make our way towards Suketar at Taplejung. We will reach Suketar town after about 4 hours of walking. The town is where we first landed from where we began our trekking journey. So, we'll also be ending our journey from where we started. We rest for the rest of the day after arriving at Suketar.

Day 24

Flight to Kathmandu

After having breakfast, we'll be taking the first flight to Kathmandu from the Suketar Airport. The flight will be around 35 minutes long and upon reaching Kathmandu, we will take you back to your hotel. In the evening, we'll be organizing a dinner party for our fellow guests where you'll be taken to a traditional Nepalese cuisine restaurant.

Day 25

Leisure Day at Kathmandu

This day has been set aside for you to rest from the long journey and explore the Kathmandu city on your own. You can stroll around the markets of Thamel and buy some amazing souvenirs. If you have something in mind, a place you want to visit in Kathmandu, let us know and we can arrange that for you as well however extra charge for this service will be applied.

Day 26


Our travel journey has now come to an end as we say our goodbyes and take you to the Tribhuvan International Airport 2 hours prior to your flight time. We'll come to pick you at your hotel and a representative will drive alongside you up till the departure gate at the airport.

Not satisfied with this itinerary? CoreTreks offers a customized itinerary option that allows you to personalize your trek according to your preferences and requirements.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal Cost Mentions

Trip Includes

  • Airport transfers by Private Vehicles.
  • Standard twin- sharing accommodation in a three starts hotel in Kathmandu, breakfast included. (4 Nights).
  • Twin sharing accommodation during trek. ( 21 Nights).
  •  Round trip flight Kathmandu - Suketar/ Suketar Kathmandu including departure taxes.
  • Three daily meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek.
  • TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System, Conservation permit & Kanchenjunga Special permit. 
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide. Porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary and equipment. Accident insurance for all staff.
  • Farewell dinner in a traditional Nepali restaurant with cultural performances.
  • Personal care & attention.
  • Local and government taxes.

Trip Excludes

  • All kind of beverage including mineral water, Phone calls, laundry, hot shower during Trek.
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance.
  • Hot Shower during trek. 
  • Tipping to crew.
  • Personal mountaineering gears
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extended 
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Visa fee, you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu
  • Do not mention the services apart from the services mentioned in "Cost Included services"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal is considered as an advanced level trek. It requires past mountaineering experience and trainings. The trek is demanding physically too. One needs to be prepared for the hiking mentally and physically which is examined by our travel experts before you actually head for the summit. 


Yes, it is completely safe to trek Kanchenjunga Base Camp when you meet the minimum requirements. However, there are still possible consequences which will be discussed during the training session by professional mountaineering experts. Be sure to attend the session as important topics such as safety precautions and information regarding to the place will be discussed during the training.


During the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal, you can expect a scenic flight from Biratnagar to Taplejung, amazing views of the Himalayan ranges, crossing the Mirgin La Pass, Yalung Ri Base Camp, Kanchenjunga Base Camp, and precious isolated Himalayan settlements.


The food is generally our traditional Nepali lunch which is Dal (Lentil Soup), Bhat (Boiled Rice), Tarkari (Veggies), and Achar (Pickle).

For the accommodation there are specially Hotels & Lodges, Tea houses, and Camping facilities. However due easy accessibility of hotels & lodges throughout the trial, camping is usually avoided (unless needed) during the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal.


To book the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal, CoreTreks offers you a number of booking options including:

  • Online booking,
  • Wire transfer OR,
  • Cash on arrival

We recommend you to go through our booking policy before you head to the payment. In case of further inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

Equipment And Gears

To prepare for your trek in Nepal, it's essential to consider both the specific route and the time of year. Here is a Nepal trekking packing list to help you pack wisely. Here’s our Nepal Trekking packing list.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking in Nepal Reviews

A long but worthy trip

From: Australia | On: 22 Mar, 2019

It was a long one. My team and I had to be patient and hike up around 5-7 hours a day in order to complete the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek in Nepal. However we had an amazing time in Nepal regardless the difficulty of the trek.


The trip allowed us to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Kanchenjunga region which was the highlight of our trip. We started by touring the Kathmandu valley. It was an amazing experience to tour the valley although it was very busy. After touring the city, we took a flight to Taplejung. Our trekking basically started from there. It took us around two and a half week to complete the trek. We went through the Kanchenjunga National Park which is one of the underrated places to visit in Nepal. The stunning scenery of the Himalayan settlements was something I will always remember about Nepal.


I would like to thank CoreTreks and the professional team for carrying out this trip and guiding us throughout the journey. It was nice to get informed about places before the actual visit. Highly recommended trekking and touring company if you are looking forward to visit Nepal.

Rough trials and tropical vibes

From: United States | On: 17 Sep, 2017

Our trek to Kanchenjunga base camp in Nepal went better than I expected. The trek is considered as a difficult one but we are glad that we accomplished. We spent like a month in Nepal in total. It was a wonderful month full of excitement and exploring.


During out trek to one of the highest base camp, we explored amazing views of the Himalayan range crossing the Mirgin La Pass. We trekked through Yalung Ri Base Camp and got to experience the rich flora and fauna of the region. It was really inspiring to observe the isolated Himalayan settlements which are not highlighted that much.


Thanks to CoreTreks for making this trek possible. The professional guides helped us along the trials and took care of our safety and accommodation. They made sure that we took enough rest to avoid altitude sickness. Nevertheless, thanks again to all the team that helped us book the flight and to provide necessary equipment for the trek.



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