Langtang valley Trek with yala Peak expedition in Nepal
Langtang Valley Trek with Yala Peak expedition Nepal

Langtang Valley Trek with Yala Peak expedition Nepal

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It was an honor to visit Nepal

From: Poland | On: 11 Sep, 2019

First of all, if you are considering to climb the Yala Peak then I would recommend you to acknowledge that the climb is difficult. But not impossible. We did accomplish the summit with the help of our professional guides from CoreTreks.

The hospitality was amazing. The country and its people left me inspired. I would love to visit again with my whole family. The people are really hardworking and humble. It makes me realize how blessed we are as humans.

Nevertheless, it was an honor to visit Nepal and climb one of the highest peaks. All thanks to CoreTreks and the professional team of guides and porters. Looking to book with you guys again in near future.

Blessed by the Himalayas

From: Germany | On: 23 Apr, 2018

Nepal is really blessed with all the beautiful scenery that you can ever imagine. Besides the mountains, we discovered some of the local settlements and the cultures they followed.

Our climb to Yala peak was difficult but we did accomplished the trek and it was an awesome feeling. Our guiding team were brilliant and so knowledgeable in their field. They took care of us well.

Our trip would not have been possible if CoreTreks did not come through. They helped us with every tiny details to make our trip comfortable and safe. Highly recommended for anyone who’s looking for an adventure in Nepal.

Very inspired by the trip to Nepal

From: Australia | On: 22 Oct, 2018

The climb to Yala peak was one hell of a trip. We felt so accomplished and inspired after reaching the summit. I will never forget the time we spent in Nepal. The food, the people, the landscape and the nature, everything in Nepal is such a beauty. The country is really gifted with some of the world famous mountain range and diverse culture.

I found the people in Nepal are really welcoming and hardworking. I would love to visit the country again. Although next time I’m not planning on climbing any mountains, I will only enjoy the scenery and spend some quality time.

I would like to thank CoreTreks for helping us through the process of climbing the peak. Also for every little things from booking the hotels to farewell dinner. I highly recommend CoreTreks if you are planning on visiting Nepal.

Accomplished a challenging trek

From: Poland | On: 15 Mar, 2016

The idea to climb to the summit of the Yala peak came in-between a joke with my friends. We were surfing through the internet about the Himalaya range in Nepal. Everybody on the internet were talking about the Everest but we decided to do something different and picked the Yala Peak.

After a couple of weeks, we flew to Nepal and the rest is history. It was a challenging climb to the peak through Langtang and many other local settlements but the effort was well worth it. We documented the whole journey and can’t wait to publish it after I’m done with the editing.

Thanks to CoreTreks for helping us through all the process and booking of the hotels and other services for us. The guiding team from CoreTreks were really amazing and professional. We recommend that you book your trip to Nepal through CoreTreks.




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