Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal

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Overview for Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal

  • Trip Code: CT-10043
  • Package: Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal
  • Duration: 16 Day(s)
  • Max Alt.: 5,160m./ 16,924 Ft.
  • Trip Level:
    Requires some level of experience in trekking with basic physical ability.
  • Start At: Kathmandu
  • Ends At: Kathmandu
  • Transportation: Public Bus | Private Vehicle
  • Accommodation: Guest House | Hotel
  • Best Season: March- April- June- July- Aug- Sep- Oct- Nov.
  • Trip Route: Soti Khola- Macha Khola- Jaget- Namrung- Lho- Sama Gaun- Manaslu Base Camp – Samdo- Larkya La Pass- Bimthang- Dharapani- Kathmandu

Trip Highlights

  • Beautiful dramatic landscapes of rolling hills and snow peaks
  • Manaslu Conservation Area enriched with exotic flora / fauna.
  • The rich heritage diversity of Manaslu region immense cultures.
  • Crossing Larke-La Pass, the highest point trekking facing amazing views.
  • Spectacular panorama of Himalayan Ranges with world 8th high Mt. Manaslu.
  • The country of rare endangered wildlife, home of Snow Leopards and Thar. 


Manaslu Circuit Trek, leads to one of the best off the beaten paths around Nepal Himalayas. Slowly gaining popularity among adventurers, trekkers in search of new fresh destinations, where one can find on Manaslu Circuit trek.

The Upper Manaslu Valley, been closed and forbidden for outside visitors, but opened for travelers since 1991. Where trekkers can enjoy and immerse within the beauty of the unspoiled wilderness and its pristine surroundings. Mt. Manaslu rises high as world’s eighth highest peaks at 8,163 meters, stands between Annapurna and Ganesh Himal.

The Manaslu Circuit trek is an amazing and exotic trek in Nepal, takes you through the wonderful places. Crossing high Larke La pass, then reaching lovely Dharapani village around Manang district, where famous, popular Annapurna Circuit route joins.

The solitude and wilderness where trekkers can immerse themselves is one of the highlight of the Manaslu trek. The off the beaten trails and the lack of infrastructural facilities for the Manaslu expedition has actually preserved. The originality and cultural aspects of the Manaslu region and its pristine environment which make the trek more exciting.

Manaslu circuit also provides an opportunity to experience the spectacular views of the Himalayas of Manaslu range with surrounding peaks. Includes views of Cheo Peak, Kang Koru, Sringi and Himlung with some peaks of the Annapurna Mountain range.

The Manaslu Circuit trail leads to the highest point of the adventure on top Larke La Pass.
Which is at 5,106 m / 16, 752 feet, forms the boundary of Gorkha district, Manaslu between Manang districts.

The Manaslu Circuit Trekking takes you around to witness the country’s rich bio-diversity. The Manaslu Conservation Area, which covers all of Manaslu trekking trail all the way to high Larke-La Pass. Then Annapurna Conservation begins, the conservation is perfect home to mountain wildlife with various exotic flora. One of the rarest animals is the Snow Leopard, which dwells around the Manaslu Conservation area.

The Manaslu Circuit trek passes through verdant forests of rhododendron, pine, birch, cedar, and junipers trees. The trail to Manaslu is well defined and scenic to experience, filled with natural beauty, will be more fascinating. During the spring when wildflowers are in seasonal bloom, as well in autumn times. The trees and vegetation around mid-hills changes its color and makes the walk more interesting and enchanting.

The other specialty is the cultural diversity of Nepal and experiencing its uniqueness during the whole journey. Where one can witness diverse ethnic groups and villages scattered all over the region. Such as Gurung, Magar, Tamang and Bhotia community of Upper Manaslu and Manang areas. The lower areas with mixed tribes of Hindu Brahmin, Chettries and Newar also with few Tibetan refugee migrated recently.

Trekkers will have time to explore around the traditional villages enriched with age-old heritage cultures and custom. For the native the country and Mt. Manaslu is known as Kutang of Tibetan origin language, means a promising land. For harvesting high altitude crops and raising livestock, the word Manaslu comes from ancient Sanskrit. Which means the mind or soul of a god similar to holy Lake Manasarover in Tibet near
Mt. Kailash. 

Manaslu circuit trek not only for scenic views, as well to explore Tibetan style village and witness the local lifestyle. Where the native are from Tibetan descendants migrated some 400 years ago, as they are known as Bhot people. Where the old Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route runs close to the border of Nepal and Tibet.

Enjoy visiting old Buddhist monasteries on route Namrung, Lo and Sama-Gaon villages on this exciting Manaslu circuit trekking.

Manaslu Circuit Trek, is a moderate walks with some challenging steep climb due to high altitude and arid terrains. The upper Manaslu from the village Jagat onwards till Dharapani in Manang areas falls within restricted area in Nepal. All foreign travelers need special permit to enter as well obtaining Manaslu Conservation Area entrance ticket.

The Manaslu trek in Nepal permit can be received after sending a request to the Government at concern department. The travel agencies in Nepal like Coretreks, provides all the permits and travel arrangements, required for Manaslu Circuit trek.

Travelers also need another special permit for Annapurna Circuit trek which is also a part of the Manaslu Circuit trek. As it ends around Manang areas at Dharapani village after crossing high Larke-La Pass.

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal Itinerary

Day 01
Arrival in Kathmandu

Our staff from Core Treks will receives you at the airport on arrival for short transfer to your hotel. The hotel accommodation of three-star standard or above based on the preference of the clients. We will have a short briefing session at our office or in the hotel lobby and meeting rooms, regarding the trip and travel details. Please feel free to ask questions during the briefing session. After a bit of walking around the streets of Thamel, we will wrap up for the day.


Maximum Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 ft (Kathmandu)
Day 02
Briefing and Sightseeing on Kathmandu

Our guide will brief regarding the trip on this day. Requires original passport to obtain needful permit for the trek. After completing the paper work, then depart for sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu valley. The tour leads around two world heritage sites located at Kathmandu, namely Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple (also known as Monkey Temple). In the evening free at leisure for trek preparations.

Maximum Altitude: Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 ft (Kathmandu)
Meal Included: Breakfast,
Day 03
Kathmandu to Soti Khola

Early morning depart for wonderful adventure Manaslu Circuit Short Trek, taking a private car, comfortable tourist standard bus, or coach. As per the size of a group, a long drive takes you beyond Kathmandu valley towards the Gorkha district. 

Located Nepal Mid-West around Gandaki Zone, a country of low and mid-hills, heavily cultivated farm areas. The drive follows Nepal’s main busy highway for some hours and then diverts heading north to Arughat town.

Arughat town is situated on low farm areas close to the raging Buri Gandaki River, from here another few hours of drive on the dirt country road to Soti-Khola for an overnight halt. Soti-Khola a small farming area slowly growing into a town, as the motorable road has been connected.

Maximum Altitude: 700 m/ 2,296 ft. (Soti Khola)
Drive Approx.: 7
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 04
Soti Khola to Machha Khola

Start the first-day trek of the adventure, heading due north following the Buri Gandaki upstream. The morning walk leads to a short climb for a few hours past smaller farm villages then end the day at Machha Khola. A moderate size farm village with a number of simple and basic lodges for an overnight stop. The name Machha Khola means a Fishing stream.  


Maximum Altitude: 9,30 m/ 3.050 ft. (Machha Khola)
Walk Approx.: 6
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 05
Machhe Khola to Jagat

On this day we'll begin our journey passing through the hot springs at Tatopani. Our trail follows through winding trail by the bank of Budi Gandaki River, then later enters a foretasted trail filled might see some monkeys of languor species. As walk leads towards Yaru and then crossing a long bridge to Jagat. The village with mixed hill tribes of Gurung, Newar, Manaslu Bhotia with Hindu Bharamins and Chettries. At Jagat with a checkpoint allowing travelers to enter with special permits for higher Manaslu as well for Manaslu Conservation Area.

Maximum Altitude: 1,340m/ 4,395 ft. (Jagat)
Walk Approx.: 6
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 06
Jagat to Pewa

Morning walk leads to Salleri from where the trail descends to Sirdibas. The Sirdibas village is a village of Buddhist community which consists of few Gompas. From here walk towards Philim as climb starts on steep trail uphill after crossing a long suspension bridge. Then walk leads alongside facing beautiful waterfalls on the both sides of the valley. Later cross the Siyar River and reach to a junction where the trail separates to Tsum valley on our right. As our route heads towards Pewa our overnight destination.

Maximum Altitude: 1,625m/5,330 ft. (Pewa)
Walk Approx.: 6
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 07
Pewa to Namrung

Having breakfast, we make our way towards Deng as we trail ascend across bamboo forest.
Then crossing over a suspension bridge to climb towards Bihi Phedi. Walking through some villages lined with Mani Stones carved into wayside rocks. After couple of hours, reaching Namrung for overnight halt.


Maximum Altitude: 2,630m./ 8,626 ft. (Namrung)
Walk Approx.: 6
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 08
Namrung to Lho

Today we'll be trekking through some Tibetan influenced villages will be a great experience.

The trail then takes us through a forest filled with rhododendron, oak and fir trees.
From here on witness the unique Tibetan Buddhist culture and custom, walk across some rocky routes on a hillside and make our way to Lo-Gaon, village. The Lo-Gaon presents us with some amazing views of Mt. Manaslu along with other range of snow peaks.

The altitude gradually increases so we'll also keep it in mind taking slow but with continuous progress on walks to Lo-Gaon village for overnight halt.

Maximum Altitude: 2,957m./ 9,698 ft. (Lho)
Walk Approx.: 4
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 09
Lho to Sama Gaun

The trek today will be relatively short, where one can take it slowly on a gradual uphill trail as altitude gains every hour and then. Walk across the mighty North Face of Mt. Manaslu, on arid dry landscapes prevalent than of previous day. Slowly walk reach Shyapla for a short refreshing rest. From here, walk further for an hour or so to reach Sama Gaon the main village of Upper Manaslu valley. Check into a nice simple lodge for two overnight stops.
The lovely village of Sama Gaon is a prime location for Nubri the native of high Manaslu region, the place consists of significant numbers of monasteries or Gompas, shops, with a helipad.

Maximum Altitude: 3,530m./ 34,233 ft. (Sama Gaun)
Walk Approx.: 4
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 10
Acclimatization at Sama Gaun

This day has been set apart as part for acclimatization to avoid the altitude sickness on climb on high Larke La Pass. Enjoy hike to Pungyen Gompa, located on the eastern side of Nubri valley. Reaching the hilltop near at Pungyen Gompa, bestowed with breathtaking views of Manaslu Himalaya range of peaks. A great way to support acclimatization hiking around on rest day.

Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 11
Sama Gaun to Samdo

Today’s walk leads towards a dry windswept valley, heading further north-west past some pasture fields. As walk leads to ascend towards a valley but comparatively shorter taking time, due to high altitude. The trail heads through few short tree line and then climb to a ridge before reaching Kani. This tiny village offers wonderful scenery of the Himalayan ranges.
From here walk to Samdo village our overnight destination. Samdo village is close on route Tibetan border, which is also one of the Tibetan refugee settlement and a nice villages of the region.

Maximum Altitude: 3,865 m./ 12,677 ft. (Samdo)
Walk Approx.: 3
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 12
Samdo to Dharmasala

Today we'll ascend further from Samdo village onwards to Dharmasala or Larke Phedi, after having breakfast. The trek is shorter, however takes time due to high altitude be cautious not to walk fast, taking slowly. After few hours of good walk reaching an old areas of Larke Bazaar, a trading village to Tibet during early days before China annexed Tibet in the mid 1950’s.
From here, a steady climb to Dharmasala a small settlement with few guest houses and lodges. Dharmasala or Larke Phedi can get crowded with trekkers in high peak seasons of trekking.

Maximum Altitude: 4,460m./ 14,628 ft. (Dharmasala)
Walk Approx.: 4
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 13
Dharmasala to Bimthang via Larkya La pass

Our final day of the tough trekking reaching the highest point of the adventure.
It will be quite challenging in snow condition, start the morning climb following the expert guide. Staying close with other members of the group and staff if help and support is needed on this tiring strenuous climb. Finally after much effort reaching on top Larke-La Pass, marked with stone cairns and prayer flags. The top offers breathtaking panorama of surrounding peaks with Himlung, Kang Guru, and Manaslu range with peaks of Annapurna’s. After spending some time on the highest spot then descend for long hours until Bhimthang is reached. A nice settlement with number of lodges and guest houses amidst beautiful forest surroundings.

Maximum Altitude: 5,160m./ 16,924 ft.(Larky la) 3,700m/ 12,201 ft.(Bimthang)
Walk Approx.: 8
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 14
Bimthang to Dharapani


Another long day walk to Dharapani but quite easier on downhill, to complete our final walk of the adventure. Start the last day trek on downhill through lush, verdant rhododendron and pine forested path. The trek today takes near about 7 hours and though it is long. But with a difference losing altitude every hours on walks downhill. The walk leads past Goha a small settlement and then reaching a lovely village of Tilje. From here a short climb and cross a bridge over Masrsyangdi River to reach Dharapani village. Our last overnight halt around the mountain village, Dharapani located within Manang district, where famous Annapurna Circuit route joins. Enjoy the final day of Manaslu Circuit before heading back to Kathmandu the next early morning with long exciting drive.

Maximum Altitude: 1,800m./ 5,904 ft. (Dharapani)
Walk Approx.: 7
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 15
Dharapani to Kathmandu via BesiSahar

Depart from Dharapani lodge for Kathmandu, early morning having breakfast.
The drive takes nearly 8 to 9 hours to Kathmandu depending on the road traffic on the main highway of Nepal. From Dharapani drive heads down to Besisar a large town, from here change of transport after driving on a jeep. From Besisar on regular tourist standard bus to Kathmandu. On reaching Kathmandu, transfer to respective hotels, after a long and tedious journey.
Core treks will host a dinner where all trekking members will enjoy the traditional Nepali cuisine along with some cultural dance as entertainment.

Maximum Altitude: 1,350 m. / 4,428 ft. (Kathmandu)
Drive Approx.: 8
Meal Included: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Day 16

Last day in Kathmandu and Nepal, after an enjoyable adventure on Manaslu Circuit Trek. Our staff transfers you to the international airport terminal, and then bidding farewell guide and staff. As depart for smooth flight homeward bound.

Meal Included: Breakfast,

Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal Cost Mentions

Trip Includes

  • Airport transfers by Private Vehicles.
  • Standard twin- sharing accommodation in a three starts hotel in Kathmandu, breakfast included. (3 Nights).
  • Twin sharing accommodation during trek. (12 Nights).
  •  Kathmandu – Soti Khola & Dharapani– Kathmandu by lcoal transport.(If you want both ways private vehicle also available on additional cost).
  • Three daily meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek.
  • TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System & Manalsu Conservation area permit (Please bring 2 passport size photos).
  • Special permit for Manaslu region.
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide. Porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary and equipment. Accident insurance for all staff.
  • Farewell dinner in a traditional Nepali restaurant with cultural performances.
  • Personal care & attention.
  • Local and government taxes.

Trip Excludes

  • All kind of beverage including mineral water, Phone calls, laundry, hot shower during Trek
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance
  • Tipping to crew.
  • Personal mountaineering gears
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extended 
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Visa fee, you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu
  • Do not mention the services apart from the services mentioned in "Cost Included services"



Scheduled Trip is scheduled and can be booked for the mentioned dates.
Limited Only few slots are available on the given dates and booking is recommended at the earliest.
Sold Out Slots are sold out in group trekking / tour options, but you may book private trekking / tours.
Start Date End Date Offer Price Status Book
30 Sep, 2022 15 Oct, 2022 $1650 $1850 Limited
05 Oct, 2022 20 Oct, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
12 Oct, 2022 27 Oct, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
20 Oct, 2022 04 Nov, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
28 Oct, 2022 12 Nov, 2022 $1650 $1850 Limited
02 Nov, 2022 17 Nov, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
02 Nov, 2022 17 Nov, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
12 Nov, 2022 27 Nov, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
25 Nov, 2022 10 Dec, 2022 $1650 $1850 Guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal is considered as a moderate level trek that requires little to no prior mountaineering experience. Our travel experts will provide a brief training session on safety precautions and information about the location that we will be traveling to. 


Yes the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal is completely safe. However, there is always a chance of unforeseen circumstances hindering the journey. For that our mountaineering guides will provide information about emergency actions and your duties during the trekking. 


During the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal, expect to experience the beautiful natural landscapes of Manaslu region, the rich flora and fauna of the Manaslu Conservation Area, the rich cultural diversity of Manaslu region, Larky La Pass, the highest point of our trekking expedition and some rare wildlife such as Himalayan Marmots and Snow Leopards.


The food is generally our traditional Nepali lunch which is Dal (Lentil Soup), Bhat (Boiled Rice), Tarkari (Veggies), and Achar (Pickle).

For the accommodation there are specially Hotels & Lodges, Tea houses, and Camping facilities. However due easy accessibility of hotels & lodges throughout the trial, camping is usually avoided (unless needed) during the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal.


To book the Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal, CoreTreks offers you a number of booking options including:

  • Online booking,
  • Wire transfer OR,
  • Cash on arrival

We recommend you to go through our booking policy before you head to the payment. In case of further inquiries please feel free to contact us.

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Additional Information

Useful Links: 

Here are some links to useful information to help you plan your trip better:

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Trek Packing List 
  3. Responsible Tourism 
  4. Free Travel Guide (New)

CoreTreks is always striving for customer satisfaction and quality services. At the same time, we do not compromise on our responsibilities. We discourage any activities that harm the surroundings as well as the people. Nepal is a country of respect, hence we encourage travelers to greet people and show respect to the culture and traditions. 

Altitude Sickness: 

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness may start once you reach 1500-2000 meters and upwards. If you gain altitude rapidly without letting your body adapt to the thin oxygen at higher altitudes, you are most likely to suffer from Altitude Sickness. But if you plan for acclimatization days to your itinerary, you are good to go. 

The itinerary includes acclimatization days to avoid Altitude Sickness. The sickness is common at high altitudes. Please note that sickness is a topic to be taken very seriously. Here are some few extra preventions: 

  • Avoid climbing rapidly, give your body some time to adjust 
  • Drink more water, not less than 5 liters a day 
  • Eat more, eat often, and eat healthily 
  • Listen to your body, do not ignore symptoms 
  • Do not skip acclimatization days 
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency 

Safety and Security 

A comprehensive Travel Insurance is mandatory while trekking with CoreTreks. However, there are a few measures that you can implement to ensure safety: 

  • Secure your belongings 
  • Do not flash cash or jewelry 
  • Have an emergency plan 
  • Do not trek alone 
  • Only choose authorized trekking agencies 

Trekking Equipment 

CoreTreks will provide you with the essentials such as a Down jacket, four seasonal sleeping bags, a duffle bag, a t-shirt, a trekking map, a self-sufficient medical first aid kit, and more. These are to be returned after completion of the trek. 

Personal mountaineering gears are not included but we will provide you with a list of equipment necessary for your trek. 

Walking Hours 

On average, walking time per day is 5-6 hours below 3,000m. For altitudes higher than 3,000m the average walking time is 3-5 hours per day. The walking hours may vary according to conditions but do not exceeds 6 hours mark per day. 

Hiring a Porter/Guide 

An experienced guide will be provided for a group of 1-5. A group consisting of 6-12 individuals will be provided with 2 professional guides. The package also includes a porter for every 2 individuals. 

All our guides are licensed and well-experienced. They have been guiding with CoreTreks for almost a decade. Guides come in handy whenever you need some quick information, and to enhance overall trekking experience. 


Peaceful and full of diversity

From: Norway | On: 15 Mar, 2019

Honestly, I never expected the country to contain this much diversity within this small area. The people in Nepal really are living in harmony. I can see why many monks respect this country. Especially because Nepal is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha.


As I said, the country is really peaceful and a great getaway from modern life hassles. Kathmandu is one crowded city full of traffic. But as we headed away from the city towards Manaslu region, it was chilling and peaceful. I’m glad on the accomplishment of our trip to one of the highest mountain in the world.


Huge thanks to the team members at CoreTreks for helping us through almost everything while our stay in Nepal. They are really professional with what they do and focused on customer service. If you are looking forward to visit in Nepal or even trekking, I recommend that you book your trip via CoreTreks. I’m glad I put my trust to them, you can too.

Must visit Nepal

From: Germany | On: 25 Oct, 2019

Nepal is a place that you should definitely visit once in your lifetime. I’m glad that we chose Nepal for trekking, especially Manaslu region. The spine chilling views of the Himalaya range is something that I will remember forever in my lifetime.

We got to explore the vegetation of Manaslu Conservation Area which was really exciting. I encourage people to definitely visit Nepal once in their lifetime. It will be worth your time and effort, trust me.

Anyway, thanks to CoreTreks for booking our trip and making sure that we were in comfort. They really do take your safety seriously. The professionals know what they are doing and are really great in it. I could not recommend CoreTreks enough for you trip to Nepal.


Fully satisfied with the service

From: United States | On: 22 Oct, 2018

After having a good trek of about 15 days, I have to say that I am fully satisfied with CoreTreks and the whole team. We went trekking to Manaslu region. It went great, as expected when there was a team of professionals dedicated for our safety and service.

I loved the difference in vegetation in Manaslu Conservation Area, it was something I admired the most about the whole trip. We then proceeded to trek up to the foothill of the eighth highest mountain peak in the world. We were really lucky to encounter Snow Leopards along our way. Really enjoyed the trip.

Again, thanks to the team at CoreTreks for planning and guiding us throughout the whole trip. They were really patient with us and focused on our needs in order to provide services that we craved for. Definitely recommended to anyone looking to visit Nepal.

Looking forward to visit again

From: Australia | On: 12 Apr, 2017

The country is really beautiful with a lot more to explore than what we usually see. It was a great opportunity for me and my team to explore the rich flora and fauna of the Manaslu Conservation Area. The country is really diverse in culture and the people are really welcoming.


We trekked up to the Larky La Pass, the highest point of our trekking expedition. I have to say that three weeks was really short time to explore everything Nepal had to offer. We are planning on returning with a lot more free time in order to enjoy and relax for the holiday.


I highly recommend CoreTreks if you plan on going for a vacation in Nepal. They are a team of professional, highly dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of their clients. They guided us throughout our trip and really were amazing companions.


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