Trekking Difficulty Level

CoreTreks has classified difficulty levels of trips in order to provide travelers with an idea of what to expect during their journey. We refer them as Trip Level on our packages. Trip level gives you an overall idea of how difficult the hike is going to be and helps you to be prepared for the trip upfront. You can choose trips according to your physical ability because let’s be honest, strong desires are just not enough sometimes. However categorized trip level not only considering the physical requirements but also other aspects such as:

  • Altitude
  • Weather and Temperature
  • Accessibility
  • Reachability
  • Location

Trip Levels:

Beginner Level Trekking:

Excellent option for those with little to no experience of trekking whatsoever. Usually, a person with average physical condition is eligible for Beginner Level trekking in Nepal. You do not need to fear of weather and temperature as the maximum altitude of the trip is always below 3000m. This makes the trekking a perfect fit for family tours that include children and seniors. During the trip one can expect luxurious accommodation and it is easy to facilitate travelers with all sorts of services.

Our beginner level trips include:

Moderate Level Trekking:

A little step up from the beginner level trekking, Moderate Level Trekking in Nepal starts from 3000m up to 6000m. It could be a bit difficult for kids and people above 65 years but is still possible. CoreTreks do not recommend kids and elderly people to trek above 4000m as there exists a possibility of altitude sickness. It’s not common but still possible. The trekking distance is somewhat longer and the weather gets colder as you continue to hike up the trials. While the trek is a bit difficult, it comes with a sweeter reward too. You will encounter some the stunning views of the mighty Himalayan range in Nepal as the altitude rises.

Our moderate level trips include:

Advanced/Difficult Level Trekking:

This is the real deal, Advanced Level Trekking is not for everyone. The highly demanding trekking requires one to be physically and mentally prepared for the journey. You need to have a decent physique and a lot of will power in order to get through this trip. Any trips that goes above 6000m of altitude is considered an Advanced or Difficult Level Trekking. The weather is extremely challenging above 6000m and it requires more acclimatization days for a safe trek to the summit. These trips are not for kids or elderly people as the accommodation and food services are very limited.

Our advanced level trips include: 

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