Upper Mustang Overland Tour In Nepal
Upper Mustang Overland Tour In Nepal
Upper Mustang Overland Tour In Nepal

Upper Mustang Overland Tour In Nepal

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Overwhelming overland tour of Mustang

From: United States | On: 22 Sep, 2019

Honestly, I was overwhelmed with everything that we were experiencing in Nepal. I did not mean this in a negative way whatsoever. There is so much to explore in Nepal. We chose Mustang for our touring purposes because we wanted to experience the Tiji festival which is widely famous among the Sherpa culture.


The tour was filled with scenery of isolated villages and people of the Himalayas. The country is diverse in terms of culture and landscape. It’s really inspiring to see all the people from different castes making a living together. We also had an opportunity to see the Sky caves, which is fantastic. The fact that, it was built by humans is just so much to process. The mountains of Nepal reflects that the country is secured by nature.


The trip would not have been possible without our travelling partner CoreTreks. They are a team of professionals who guided us throughout the trip and informed us about different unknown facts about Nepal. They are really patient with travelers and that is why I suggest you to check them out if you plan on trekking or touring in Nepal.

Exploring Mustang

From: Australia | On: 13 Sep, 2018

Mustang is a really amazing place to travel in Nepal. The place is filled with ancient structures and rich in culture. We went around Mustang exploring a lot things that are not talked outside the local area. The local settlements in Mustang and the people there are really inspiring and hardworking.


During our trip to Mustang we visited Pokhara city, old monasteries, old caves, and also observed the Tiji festival. It was a blessing for us to be able to explore such a beautiful place where positive believes rule over the people in Himalayas.


I cannot recommend CoreTreks more for your trip to Nepal. They are a highly professionals with a ton of experience of touring different regions of Nepal and are trustworthy. If you plan on booking a trip to Nepal, I definitely recommend CoreTreks as they are the best touring and trekking agency in Nepal.

Awesome gateway

From: United Kingdom | On: 03 Nov, 2018

Nepal is a really amazing gateway for people looking to spend their holiday travelling the world. I have to say, whether it’s for scenery or for the cultural background of the country. It is the ideal destination for travelers, especially for trekkers.


During our trip to Mustang region of Nepal, we got to observe different ancient monuments which are still protected and preserved. The hardworking Sherpas of the local settlements has a set of believes that they will not give up to anytime soon. I was really inspired by the fact that they are still so happy with so little.


If you want to experience the tour as well, I would recommend you to go through CoreTreks and their packages for travelers and trekkers. They are a team of highly dedicated professionals who are expert in touring and travelling in Nepal.

Exciting tour of Nepal

From: United States | On: 19 Mar, 2016

Our trip to Nepal was really exciting and filled with exhilarating activities. We chose the overload tour of Upper Mustang which was really fun. During the whole tour we discovered different cultural and geographical aspects of Nepal.


The untapped scenery of Nepal is really admirable. We were lucky enough to be there during Tiji festival. The festival is representation of how the devil loses against the deity. It is really interesting and inspiring. The people in Nepal are really hardworking and full of positivity.


I would like to thank CoreTreks for making this trip possible. They offer really affordable packages for different touring and travelling in Nepal. If you plan on touring Nepal as well, I recommend you to go through the offers of CoreTreks as they are best at what they do.



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