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Welcome to CoreTreks, a trekking agency in Nepal, where we specialize in creating unforgettable experiences for travelers seeking adventure and cultural immersion. Our tours and treks take you to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking destinations in Nepal, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the lush green valleys and remote villages.

We offer a wide range of tours and treks to suit all interests and fitness levels, from short hikes to multi-day treks and peak climbing expeditions. Our experienced and knowledgeable guides are passionate about sharing the beauty and culture of Nepal with our guests, and we strive to provide safe, ethical, and responsible travel experiences.

When you choose to travel with us, you can expect personalized service and attention to detail, from the moment you arrive in Nepal until the end of your trip. We take care of all the logistics, including transportation, accommodations, meals, and permits, so that you can focus on enjoying your journey.

Whether you're seeking a challenging adventure or a more leisurely cultural experience, we have something for everyone. Join us for an unforgettable tour or trekking adventure in Nepal, and discover the beauty and hospitality of this amazing country.

Here are our Special features:


We have over 15 years of experience in the field of travel and tourism in Nepal. Being one of the best trekking company in Nepal, we know the region at its best! Be it a limited budget, the trail you want to explore or to choose the right month for your trip in Nepal – with are experience we can guide you through.

Established & Managed Locally

At CoreTreks, we strongly believe that local expertise can make your travel successful. Hence, CoreTreks travel agency in Nepal is established and managed by local experts. Our Nepali travel guides possess the knowledge and understanding of the locality. We also have a strong professional relationship with our stakeholders, governmental bodies, local agencies, hotels and guest houses, insurance companies as well as local guides and porters.

We Speak Your Language

Our team and travel experts at CoreTreks have been through the world and speak various languages. Our team is multi-linguistic to ensure that you comprehend with us at every step of your tour in Nepal. As well as, we understand and deliver you everything you require. Nevertheless, we primarily speak English followed by Hindi and Nepalese.

Rules and Regulations

CoreTreks exercise and abide by the Tourism Law in Nepal. We have been organising all types of tours, treks, expeditions, and other adventurer activities in Nepal as well as in other countries. All our commercial activities are in accordance to the Tourism Law in Nepal.

Policy of Sustainable Development

CoreTreks follows a policy of sustainable development. Hence, we maintain a limit 15 people or lesser at a time while trekking in Himalayas or other neighbouring regions. Our aim is to act responsible, preserve the natural habitat and work towards the well-being of the Himalayas.

Most Recommended

CoreTreks is recommended on TripAdvisor, which is one of the largest and most popular travel portals in the world. We are also recommended by Expedia, Lufthansa, ABTA and various other national and local mediums. You can read opinions and reviews by our valuable clients. So that you can plan your travel in Nepal without any doubt!.

Reliability and Security

Traveling in Nepal is a dream for mountaineers, travellers, and nature lovers. Travellers often have a dilemma and do not understand which travel company in Nepal is the best for them. But with CoreTreks you can be rest assured as we guarantee reliable tourism services in Nepal and give 100% attention to safety measures.

Lifetime Deposit

In case you cancel your trip, CoreTreks do not have a refundable system at the moment. However, we have a lifetime deposit scheme which allows you to utilise your deposit even after the cancellation of the trip. We guarantee you that you will not lose a single penny. Later, either you or your family members / friends can use this scheme for the same trip or any another.

5% Charity

CoreTreks believes that it’s our responsibility to develop our nation and help people in need. We contribute 5% of the profit generated from the company to the improvement and development of Himalayan people via the Helping Hands for Himalayan People-Nepal (HHHP-Nepal) organization. This non-profit organization works in the field of health, education, women right, social construction, culture, and modern agriculture system of Himalayan people. Follow this page HHHP for more.

100% Customizable

At CoreTreks, all our trekking and tour packages in Nepal are customizable as per your need and interest. CoreTreks value your time, money, and interest. Our tour and trekking packages in Nepal can be completely customised according to your travel plan and budget. Feel free to share your plans with us.


Our primary concern is making the group smaller. Firstly, your safety is our top priority. In small groups, it’s easy to keep a close eye on each client. Secondly, if you want to feel, live, and experience the beauty of nature around the Himalayas then crowding is not for you. You will enjoy the serenity, freedom, bonding, quietness, and privacy in small groups rather than large groups. Lastly, large groups create more noise, more waste, and more disturbance to wild animals, local people and nature as well. With smaller groups, waste management becomes much easier.

Instant Reply

Valuing our clients’ time, money, and effort, our customer care staff is oriented towards quick response to your emails or voicemails as soon as they receive it. Our staffs are patient with excellent customer service focus and concerned with a valuable relationship with our clients.

No Hidden Charge

No hidden charge means not an additional charge in the price that you see on our website. Each package includes no hidden or extra costs. We don’t leave you wondering about the final price once you book your seat. The price you are mentioned is the final price, you will pay for the trip. Regarding additional services, we will inform you about the cost earlier.

99.9% Client Satisfaction

Our primary concern is 100% client’s satisfaction. We offer our services on a personal level to fulfill the needs and request of our clients. Our customer care service department is highly oriented towards providing excellent service to our valuable customers. Hence, our goal is to provide you the best experience and meet or surpass your expectations.

High-Quality Accommodation

Our priority is your health and safety. To keep fit on the trek, we recommend you to eat healthily, drink adequate, and sleep well. We provide high-quality accommodation services to our clients where you will enjoy clean beds, toilets, hot shower, and many more. Tea houses, guest houses, and hotels are the available accommodations in the trekking areas of Nepal.


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A delightful trip of Everest base camp by Helicopter ride

I recently had the pleasure of taking a helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp with CoreTrek, and it was truly an unforgettable experience. From start to finish, the trip was well-organized, safe, and highly enjoyable. The helicopter ride itself was....

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My upper mustang trek with CoreTreks was an extraordinary adventure. The company's expertise made the entire journey seamless. The beauty of Upper Mustang is indescribable, with its mystical landscapes, traditional Tibetan villages, and the icon....

Robert Thompson,
United Kingdom | Sun Jul, 2023
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An Authentic Himalayan Adventure: CoreTrek's Upper Mustang Trek Review

I had an amazing time trekking through Upper Mustang with CoreTreks. The company provided excellent service from start to finish. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and always ready to lend a helping hand. The trek itself was awe-inspiring, wit....

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United Kingdom | Mon Jun, 2023
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Breathless Beauty: Reflecting on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Ride with Coretreks

Opting for an Everest Helicopter Flight to the Everest Base Camp proved to be an excellent decision, as all necessary precautions were diligently implemented. The number of passengers on board was limited, ensuring a safe distance between individuals....

Jacob Tremblay,
Canada | Fri Jun, 2023
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Experienced Guides and Breathtaking Views: Everest Base Camp Trek with CoreTreks

I can't speak highly enough about my experience trekking with Coretreks to Everest Base Camp. From the moment we started the booking process, everything was handled with professionalism and efficiency. Communication was timely, ensuring that all ....

Aiden Wilson,
United States | Fri Jun, 2023
Trip: Everest Base Camp Trek
An Epic Adventure: Everest Base Camp Trek with CoreTreks

My experience with Coretreks on the Everest Base Camp trek was nothing short of exceptional. The team at Coretreks displayed professionalism, expertise, and a genuine passion for what they do. From the moment I arrived in Nepal, I felt well taken car....

Germany | Mon May, 2023
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From Dreams to Reality: Experiencing the Magic of Everest Base Camp on the Coretreks Helicopter Ride

My friends and I embarked on an extraordinary short voyage that exceeded all our expectations. This incredible adventure granted us the closest views imaginable of the majestic Mt. Everest. While we were unable to touch down at Everest Base Camp due ....

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Australia | Wed May, 2023
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Unforgettable Views: My Experience on the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Ride with Coretreks

Experience the epitome of an exhilarating and delightful journey with the Everest Camp Helicopter Tour. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring vistas of the Himalayan peaks, creating an indelible mark on your memories. Whether you choose to forgo the ....

Germany | Fri May, 2023
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