So, you have decided to climb Mount Everest. Congratulations on completing your first step to an adventure of a lifetime. But, picking a place to is not enough. You will need to plan the budget, time, and most importantly a trust-able travel agency.

To some, the cost to climb Mount Everest might seem a bit high. However, it is an absolute must to have a proper understanding of the cost breakdown.

At the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of how to budget your trip to Nepal. If any of your queries remain unanswered, do not hesitate to contact us.

A slight glimpse…

At 29,031 feet – Mount Everest is the tallest peak on the earth and a remarkable conquest for even the most experienced climber. Generally, during the spring season, several mountaineers visit Nepal to participate in their lifetime voyage. It is crucial to be healthy, plan, and be committed for at least two-month to successfully complete the trek.

Everest – Getting to the Top

Nevertheless, it is also important to understand and analyze the cost to climb Mount Everest as it can be an expensive affair. All-in-all the cost to climb Mount Everest could range from $33,500 or above.

Most obvious cost to climb Mount Everest

It may sound expensive but here is a cost breakdown to help you pre-plan your trip to Mount Everest. Here

Air Tickets:

This cost may fluctuate depending on where you are traveling from i.e. your designated country to Kathmandu in Nepal. Going ahead you will again have to take a flight from Kathmandu to Lukla – from where you will start the trek to Mount Everest.

lukla airport Nepal
Image: Lukla Airport

Guide Service:

A guide service provides support to climbers throughout the expedition to Mount Everest. It is essential to have a professional operator guide you through the journey. These guides also provide food, accommodations, campaign facilities, and other supplies that are needed for the two months spent on the trek.


Before you set foot on Mount Everest – you will have to first obtain a climbing permit from the government of Nepal. It is also advisable to know about the required peak climbing permits and their fees as they may vary for nationalities.

Here is a cost to climb Mount Everest

S/NItemsCost (USD)
1Sherpas (each)$3000.00
3Bottled Oxygen$3,700.00
4Additional Trekking Gear$15,000.00
5Permits & Royalty$1,100.00 + $2,750.00
Cost breakdown for Everest Expedition

Permits to climb Mount Everest in Nepal: $11,000

The government of Nepal provides permits to climbers depending on which route they are climbing. Most people climb the southern side of Mount Everest, so if you plan the same route the permit will cost $11,000 on average.

Table: Climbing Royalty for Foreigner Climbers above 8000 meters in USD

Name of The PeakSpringAutumnWinter/Summer
Mount Everest (8848 M) Normal route $11000 $5500 $2750
Mount Everest (8848 M) Other Route $11000 $5000 $2500
Climbing Royalty for Foreigner

Traveling to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal: $4,000

The Everest base camp trek takes around a week’s time. As a mountaineer, you will need porters along the way to guide you through the journey. Also, renting yaks to carry the gear and luggage can be an option. You may also need to accommodate yourself in tea houses along the way. In total, the journey to the Everest base camp could cost up to $4000.

Mount Everest 2020
Image: Everest Base Camp

Sherpas (each): $3,000

Sherpas are locals of the region – they are well-versed in the climbing routes and ensure the safety of the hikers. If you plan to climb Mount Everest with the help of a trekking agency – then a Sherpa is assigned to a group or exclusively to each climber depending on your package. Most treks assign one climbing Sherpa to each of their clients to ensure they stay safe on the mountain at a cost of $3,000 per person.

Food: $800

On average six weeks of food and drinking water on Mount Everest will cost you around $800. On Everest, food for high-altitude mountain climbers is cooked to perfection and is apt for the temperature conditions.

Bottled oxygen: $3,700

Most Everest climbers use additional oxygen bottles while trekking to the summit. Generally, each climber uses five bottles of oxygen to reach the peak. Per bottle approximately costs $550 which totals to $3700. Depending on how many oxygen bottles you may require, this cost may vary.

Additional Trekking Gear: $15,000

It is mandated you buy additional Everest Trekking gear which may include a down suit, sleeping bag, and boots. There are a range of other expenditures that add up to the cost of trekking to Mount Everest. These may include travel expenses, emergency-rescue insurance, visas, and immunizations (if required). Hence, having a spare amount of up to $10,000 to $15000 is advisable.

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Tease is the factors that affect the cost to climb Mount Everest.

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest?

The time it takes to climb Mount Everest varies depending on the climber’s experience, physical fitness, acclimatization schedule, weather conditions, and other factors. On average, it takes around two months to climb Mount Everest, with most climbers spending several weeks acclimatizing to the altitude before attempting to reach the summit.

The climbing season on Mount Everest is typically from late April to late May, and during this time, climbers will make several rotations up and down the mountain to acclimatize to the altitude and improve their chances of summiting. The final push to the summit usually takes place in late May, and climbers will spend several days at high altitudes before attempting the final ascent.

However, it’s important to note that climbing Mount Everest is a dangerous and challenging undertaking, and not everyone who attempts to climb the mountain is successful. The altitude and harsh weather conditions can cause serious health problems, and climbers must be prepared for the physical and mental demands of the climb.

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