Rara Lake Trekking In Nepal

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Overview for Rara Lake Trekking In Nepal

  • Trip Code: CT-10055
  • Package: Rara Lake Trekking In Nepal
  • Duration: 16 Day(s)
  • Trip Level:
    Requires prior training and some experience in trekking and mountaineering
  • Group Size: Min 1 - Max 12
  • Start At: Kathmandu
  • Ends At: Kathmandu
  • Transportation: Private Vehicle | Domestic Flight
  • Accommodation: Hotel | Tent Camping

Trip Highlights

  • Himalayan ranges of Nepal
  • Beautiful trails with alpine coniferous vegetation
  • Rich flora and fauna
  • Rara Lake and the Rara National Park
  • Traditional villages of Jumla region

Rara Lake in Nepal is the biggest lake of Nepal which lies at an altitude of 2,990 meters and goes as deep as 167 meters. This place lies at the far western region of Nepal and the Rara Lake trekking consists of trail filled with beautiful scenery, beaten tracks, and the beauty of the serene lake along with the wilderness of the Himalayas. The trek to Rara takes travelers through the Rara National Park of Nepal which was established in 1976 AD. The Rara National Park is surrounded by alpine coniferous vegetation as the backdrop of the beautiful Himalayas of Nepal wraps this place in its arms. This trek to Nepal gives truly an amazing experience of the Himalayan trek in the wilderness which is filled with serene beauty.

The Rara National Park in Nepal is also rich in vegetation as it consists of wide range of flora and faunas in its ecosystem. The National Park of Rara is home to more than 500 types of flowers, 20 different species of mammals, and 214 species of birds. Mammals such as musk deer, Himalayan black bear, leopard, jackal, Himalayan tahr, wild boar, common langur, rhesus macaque, and endangered species of red panda in Nepal are found in Rara National park. During the winter season, birds like coots, great crested and black necked grebe, mallard, common teal, and gulls are abound in the park. Also the migrant gallinaceous birds and water fowls can be seen during some specific seasons. The region also consists of varieties of herbal plants which are used as medicinal herbs. If you're a fan of wildlife then this might be one of the best trekking experience in Nepal you might get. This place is also famous to do bird watching in Nepal.

The easy means of travel to Rara is taking flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu and then begin our trekking to Rara Lake from Nepalgunj. Our journey towards the Jumla region and the serene Rara Lake is one of the most rewarding and best treks in Himalayas of Nepal. The reasonable cost of Rara Lake trekking is also one of many reasons why this Himalayan trek is an appealing travel packages in Nepal. The best time for Rara Lake trek is during the autumn, spring and summer seasons.

Rara Lake Trekking In Nepal Itinerary

Day 01
Arrival in Kathmandu

A company representative from Core Treks will come to pick you up at the airport. After that we'll be taking you to your hotel. After taking some rest we'll meet you at our office or at your hotel and have a short briefing session regarding our travel. Feel free to ask any question you might have regarding the trek. If you want to explore the city we might as well walk around the street of Thamel and it's even possible to do some last minute shopping. There're no further activities for the day so you might as well check into the hotel.

Day 02
Briefing and Sightseeing on Kathmandu

We'll be talking more regarding our trip on this day. We'll need your original passport as travelers need a permit in order to make this travel in Nepal. After finishing that we'll be doing a bit of a sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu valley. We'll be visiting two world heritage sites located at Kathmandu, namely Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple (also known as Monkey Temple). In the evening we'll be doing final preparation for our trek.

Day 03
Kathmandu to Nepalgunj

We take an hour long early flight to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu. Nepalgunj is a town in the plains of Nepal which lies near Nepal-India border. After arriving at Nepalgunj, we head towards our hotel and then explore the town for a bit.

Day 04
Nepalgunj to Jumla to Chala Chaur

We take flight from Nepalgunj as we head towards Jumla. The thirty minute long flight truly is scenic as Himalayas can be seen from aerial perspective. After reaching Jumla, we start our trekking journey as we walk northwards. We'll be passing some villages and encounter some Buddhist stupas, some of which dates back to late 15th century. The trail goes further north through rock-strewn path and our trek comes to an end upon reaching Chala Chaur village.

Day 05
Chala Chaur to Campsite

Today we ascend as we cross through pine forests and grassy passes. We can also enjoy the beautiful view of the Kanjiroba mountain on today's trek. We then descend into verdant forests and after some hours of trekking we stop at a suitable campsite nerby the shepherds' hut. We'll set up our camp and call it a day.

Day 06
Trek to Botan

After having breakfast, we resume our trekking alongside the Jaljala river through the pine forests and terraced fields. We then descend to the Sinja village which rests upon a small alluvial plain on the west bank of Sinja river. Sinja is a historic village which once was a capital of a Kingdom that ruled over Nepal called the Malla dynasty. We then reach to Botan which will be our destination for the night.

Day 07
Botan to Rara Park border

We trek through the route that winds us into the terraced farmland as we reach within the territory of Rara National Park. We'll be enjoying the rich ecosystem that is prevalent in this region as we walk towards our destination. Later we reach to Gorosingha where we'll spend the night.

Day 08
Trek to Rara Lake

We ascend towards the Ghurchi Mara ridge after we leave Gorosingha. The trail today is beautiful and we get to experience an excellent panoramic view on the north. As the trail gradually descends, the Lake slowly fades in to our eyes. We pass through some birch and bamboo forests and follow the Khatyar river upstream to the Rara Lake.

Day 09
Day at Rara

We spend the day at Rara exploring the old villages and the National park. We can do boating at the Lake and swimming is also allowed to do if that's your thing. We can also visit the headquarters of the National park.

Day 10
Rara to Jhyari

 We say our goodbyes to the Rara lake and continue our journey as we head towards the village of Jhyari. We follow the trail further to terraced farmlands. The view of the snow capped mountains and the nature around is quite spectacular. We will set up a camp site near the river bank and spend there overnight.

Day 11
Jhyari to Chautha via Ghurchi Langa Pass

After having breakfast, we trek through the farmlands and head towards the village of Pina. From Pina, we continue ascending until we reach to Ghurchi Langa Pass. After that, we follow the steep downhill trail that takes us to Chautha village. We'll be ending our trek upon reaching to the village.

Day 12
Chautha to Tharamara

Following the northern bank of the Sinja river, we head towards the village of Tharamara. During today's walk, we pass through the villages of Burma and Nyawre before climbing the pasture at Tharamara. Upon reaching Tharamara, we rest for the day.

Day 13
Tharamara to Jumla

Today is the last day of our trekking. We follow that gradual upward trail that goes to Jumla. Amazing views of the mountain peaks can be seen during the trek. Then a tricky trail comes along our way which is quite technical so we cautiously walk through it and head towards Jumla.

Day 14
Jumla to Nepalgunj

We take early flight to Nepalgunj after having breakfast at Jumla. We'll spending the rest of the day at Nepalgunj.

Day 15
Nepalgunj to Kathmandu

We take morning flight from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu. After we arrive at Kathmandu, we head back to our hotel and rest for the day. After resting for a bit, we'll be organizing a dinner party for our fellow guests where you'll be taken to a traditional Nepalese cuisine restaurant.

Day 16

Our travel journey has now come to an end as we say our goodbyes and take you to the Tribhuvan International Airport 2 hours prior to your flight time. We'll come to pick you at your hotel and a representative will drive alongside you up till the departure gate at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Rara Lake Trekking in Nepal is considered as an advanced level trek demanding a high level of physical health condition. It also requires past mountaineering experiences. Our mountaineering experts will provide trainings which will include information about equipment usage, and information about the location with safety measures.


Yes, it is completely safe to trek to Rara Lake in Nepal. However, safety measures and precautions should always be the first priority of a mountaineer. Be sure to attend the training session held by our travel experts for all the information about safety precautions during your trip to Rara. 


During your trek to Rara, you can expect Himalayan ranges of Nepal, beautiful trials with alpine coniferous vegetation with rich flora and fauna, Rara Lake & Rara National Park and the traditional villages of Jumla region.


The food is generally our traditional Nepali lunch which is Dal (Lentil Soup), Bhat (Boiled Rice), Tarkari (Veggies), and Achar (Pickle).

For the accommodation there are specially Hotels & Lodges, Tea houses, and Camping facilities. However due easy accessibility of hotels & lodges throughout the trial, camping is usually avoided (unless needed) during Rara Lake Trekking in Nepal. 


To book the Rara Lake Trekking in Nepal, CoreTreks offers you a number of booking options including:

  • Online booking,
  • Wire transfer OR,
  • Cash on arrival

We recommend you to go through our booking policy before you head to the payment. In case of further inquiries please feel free to contact us.

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Additional Information

Useful Links: 

Here are some links to useful information to help you plan your trip better:

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Trek Packing List 
  3. Responsible Tourism 
  4. Free Travel Guide (New)

CoreTreks is always striving for customer satisfaction and quality services. At the same time, we do not compromise on our responsibilities. We discourage any activities that harm the surroundings as well as the people. Nepal is a country of respect, hence we encourage travelers to greet people and show respect to the culture and traditions. 

Altitude Sickness: 

Symptoms of Altitude Sickness may start once you reach 1500-2000 meters and upwards. If you gain altitude rapidly without letting your body adapt to the thin oxygen at higher altitudes, you are most likely to suffer from Altitude Sickness. But if you plan for acclimatization days to your itinerary, you are good to go. 

The itinerary includes acclimatization days to avoid Altitude Sickness. The sickness is common at high altitudes. Please note that sickness is a topic to be taken very seriously. Here are some few extra preventions: 

  • Avoid climbing rapidly, give your body some time to adjust 
  • Drink more water, not less than 5 liters a day 
  • Eat more, eat often, and eat healthily 
  • Listen to your body, do not ignore symptoms 
  • Do not skip acclimatization days 
  • Be prepared in case of an emergency 

Safety and Security 

A comprehensive Travel Insurance is mandatory while trekking with CoreTreks. However, there are a few measures that you can implement to ensure safety: 

  • Secure your belongings 
  • Do not flash cash or jewelry 
  • Have an emergency plan 
  • Do not trek alone 
  • Only choose authorized trekking agencies 

Trekking Equipment 

CoreTreks will provide you with the essentials such as a Down jacket, four seasonal sleeping bags, a duffle bag, a t-shirt, a trekking map, a self-sufficient medical first aid kit, and more. These are to be returned after completion of the trek. 

Personal mountaineering gears are not included but we will provide you with a list of equipment necessary for your trek. 

Walking Hours 

On average, walking time per day is 5-6 hours below 3,000m. For altitudes higher than 3,000m the average walking time is 3-5 hours per day. The walking hours may vary according to conditions but do not exceeds 6 hours mark per day. 

Hiring a Porter/Guide 

An experienced guide will be provided for a group of 1-5. A group consisting of 6-12 individuals will be provided with 2 professional guides. The package also includes a porter for every 2 individuals. 

All our guides are licensed and well-experienced. They have been guiding with CoreTreks for almost a decade. Guides come in handy whenever you need some quick information, and to enhance overall trekking experience. 


Such a rare experience

From: Australia | On: 04 Sep, 2019

My wife and I had been planning to visit Nepal since like a year ago. We are really happy and satisfied with our trek to Rara Lake in Nepal. The place is really chilling with beautiful scenery all around. Luckily the weather was fantastic and we got a clear view of the mountains and the lake.


We are really humbled to be able to experience such a rare privilege. Our guides informed us that the weather is often bad especially because of the altitude. The alpine vegetation surrounded by mountains was really special to observe. I would like to thank CoreTreks for helping us throughout our journey to Rara Lake.

Trekking to the pristine Rara lake

From: Germany | On: 19 Mar, 2018

Even though the trekking was a bit difficult for me, it was well worth it. It was a memorable trip. The beauty of Nepal left me speechless, the Himalayan ranges, alpine vegetation, and the traditional settlements are really amazing to experience.


When we finally reached Rara Lake, it was sort of an accomplishment for us. The lake it pristine surrounded by green lush forests. Our trip to Nepal went smooth and according to the plan. Thanks to CoreTreks for planning and executing our trip and guiding us through some the rough trials while trekking.


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