The Himalayas start from the valleys of Pakistan stretching over the regions of India, Bhutan and Nepal until the bordering areas of China. Nepal is most closely associated with the Himalayas as it accommodates – the Mount Everest followed by seven of the world’s 10 highest peaks. Apart from being the tallest peak, the Himalayan regions offer magnificent highlands, deep-rooted basins and is nothing less than a nature’s grandeur with dense forests and snow-capped glaciers.

When you plan your trek to the Himalayas – thinking about the mode transport and only being aware isn’t enough! You must have a guided tour and understand in detail on how to travel the Himalayas.

We have listed the most significant factors you must consider while planning your trek to the Himalayas.

Check the best time to visit Himalayas

The Himalayas can be dramatic with sensational geographical characteristics; hence you must plan your itinerary keep in mind the best time visit Himalayas. Some of the popular trek routes in the Himalayas of Nepal are seasonal and are categorized for different levels of trekker – mainly those who want to push themselves and be adventurous.

Pause yourself and do not rush

As much as you would want to reach to the peak of the Himalayas, do not forget to take pauses and explore as the beauty is not only in the destination but throughout the journey. Also, taking pauses will help you adjust with the fluctuating weather conditions and rejuvenate yourself for the hikes ahead.

Be tactful with your luggage

Pack your luggage depending on the season you are traveling. While, summers can be freezing in the Himalayas, winters would require additional thermal wear. Also, make sure your luggage is lightweight as you will have to carry your luggage while trekking in the Himalayas.

Have enough cash in hand

On the trek certain villages do not have ATM machines, hence have enough cash in hand. Eateries and food joints as well as lodgings accept cash transactions only. However, also make sure that you only have a substantial amount to sustain for the trip.

Book a trekking agency in Nepal

A trip to Himalayas alone might sound adventurous, but you need to have a tour guide with you is a must! Plan your trek in the Himalayas with a trekking agency in Nepal which can be immensely helpful and facilitate you with –

  • A guided tour and a structure itinerary
  • Get permits for restricted routes
  • Get local authority permits for Foreign travelers
  • Connect you with a local guide for unexplored routes
  • Offer cost effective Himalayan trekking packages
  • Ensure you are safeguarded with travel insurance
  • Provides multiple options for budget treks in the Himalayas

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