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Bhutan is a tiny but significant country, tucked between China and India. The landscapes are carved by profound ravines and densed thick woods. The entire country spread to an area of only 38,394 square kilometers. However, over 70% of Bhutan is mainly covered in beautiful and mysterious forest and breathtaking glaciers.

Apart from the spectacular natural and geographical wonders, Bhutan has a rich heritage and a strong sense of ethnicity. The culture and traditions in the region create a lasting image that Bhutan frames for most of the tourist and visitors. Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist nation and practices reflective Buddhist teachings. The traditions are preserved and have a strong impact in all aspects of Bhutanese people.


Due to its untouched environment and harmonious traditions, Bhutan has been called "The Last Shangrila." So, if you plan to visit Bhutan, book your Bhutan trip with CoreTreks. At CoreTreks we offer you the most affordable and cheapest Bhutan tours. Irrespective of whether you are on a tour or a trek, CoreTreks ensures that you have everything you require and provide the perfect Bhutan travel advice.

With CoreTreks you are free to customise your holiday in Bhutan the way you like it! Our Bhutan itinerary can be used as a starting point and then modified depending on your interests and budget. To help, here's your guide to arranging a Bhutan itinerary. It’s always worth throwing in a couple of lesser-visited temples and day hikes to get you off the tourist circuit. Try also to arrange your itinerary around one of Bhutan’s fabulous festivals.

Wondering can you visit Bhutan without a guide? Then the answer is no. The terrain is difficult and having a guided tour at least for the first few times is a must! Also, exploring Bhutan can be done best with a guide as you can only concentrate on exploring Bhutan and the guide ensures the permits and safety measures. Hence, the best way of exploring Bhutan is with a guide from CoreTreks.

Climbing the Himalayan Peak from Bhutan?

With CoreTreks climb the highest Himalayan peak in the region and a popular trekker’s haven – Gangkhar Puensum. The peak soars to almost 25,000 feet or 7,570 meters above sea level. The terrain is coated with dense forests and gigantic glaciers. Being a great Himalayan kingdom, the country also has an exclusive status and applicable permits.

CoreTreks helps you get Bhutan visa (if required) and all the mandatory permits to climb the Himalayan peak from Bhutan. We also create a Bhutan travel budget and trekking options as per your preference.

Whether you are an explorer, adventurer or just want a clam vacation, we help you plan the best Bhutan tour itinerary. Come and visit Bhutan to experience an overwhelming journey of a lifetime. Find out the best time to travel to Bhutan with CoreTreks. Send us an enquiry right away!

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Classic Tour in Bhutan

Classic Tour in Bhutan

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