Upper Mustang Trek -Tiji Festival
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Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival

Days 18
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Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival Overview

  • Trip Code: CT-10065
  • Package: Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival
  • Duration: 18 Day(s)
  • Max Alt.: 3,840m/ 12,595 Ft
  • Trip Level:
    Requires some level of experience in trekking with basic physical ability.
  • Start At: Kathmadnu
  • Ends At: Kathmandu
  • Accommodation: Hotel | Guest House

Trip Highlights

  • Beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara
  • Scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom
  • Kagbeni village
  • Capital of Upper Mustang, the Lo Manthang
  • Celebration of the Tiji festival
  • Old monasteries and ancient artifacts
  • Sky caves Muktinath Temple

Upper Mustang trek in Nepal is one of the most beautiful treks in Nepal that is bound set amazing memories to anyone traveling to Upper Mustang. The Upper Mustang lies in the Nepalese Himalayan region that shares the border with Tibet in the North. The trek to Upper Mustang is a rare privilege that has a very unique culture and the settlement here had not been in touch with the rest of the country for many years. This Upper Mustang trek travel package offers travelers with unique perk of witnessing and enjoying the Tiji festival in Nepal that happens once every. Tiji is a festival celebrated among the tribes of Upper Mustang who follows Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal. It is a tradition that has been preserved since ancient times in its originality. This festival in Nepal is celebrated with a belief to chase the demons away.

During the Upper Mustang festival, the people depict themselves in different characters as they gather together. There are two elements; the demons and the deity which are created using colorful dresses and hideous masks. A drama is performed where the deity wins over the demons and it is chase away from the presence of deity. During this, people of Upper Mustang are singing and performing their cultural dances as well.

The valleys in Upper Mustang region are dry and barren as it receives a very little amount of rainfall which is somewhat like the land structure of Tibetan plateau. But because of this, the place looks exotic and we might have lack of words to describe the beauty of this place. Upper Mustang expedition is a popular trek in Nepal for its exquisite beauty that gives a true sense of Himalayan culture. During this trek in Nepal, mountains of Nepal that are in the Annapurna Region of Nepal can be seen such as Mt. Dhulagiri (8,167m), Nilgiri (7,061m), Annapurna South (7,219m), Annapurna First (8,091m), Fishtail Mountain (6,997m), and Tukuche peak (6,920m). The Upper Mustang trek in Nepal is moderate in terms of travel difficulties however getting there requires some essential travel permit for Upper Mustang from the Government of Nepal. You'll need a special trekking permit for Upper Mustang to be able to visit so it is necessary for you to consult with a travel company in Nepal. Upper Mustang exploration requires a minimum of 2 up to 3 weeks depending upon your means of transportation.

The Upper Mustang trek with Tiji festival is basically same as the Upper Mustang trek but with some extra elements added to it, something that can be experienced only once in a year. Being a part of this travel experience in Nepal is truly a rare opportunity. The Tiji festival is celebrated during the month of May in the capital of Upper Mustang, Lo Manthang. The Upper Mustang trek is a trekking package in Nepal which is carefully put together for travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers who will get to experience a whole new world and its unique cultures and people in a valley that lies beyond the mountains. The cost of Upper Mustang trek with Tiji festival is bit higher than other treks in Nepal because of its restrictions and permits to preserve its originality and culture; however, it is one of the best value-for-money trekking experiences that one can find in the world.

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Altitude
Day 1 Arrival in Kathmandu
Day 2 Trek Preparation & Sightseeing 2 palces.
Day 3 Kathmandu to Pokhara
Day 4 Pokhara to Kagbeni
Day 5 Kagbeni to Chaile
Day 6 Chaile to Geling
Day 7 Geling to Charang
Day 8 Charang to Lo Manthang
Day 9 First day of Tiji festival
Day 10 Second day of Tiji festival
Day 11 Final day of Tiji festival and visit to Namgyal Gompa and Tingkhar
Day 12 Lo Manthang to Drakmar
Day 13 Darkmar to Shyangboche
Day 14 Shyangboche to Chhusang
Day 15 Chhusang to Jomsom
Day 16 Jomsom to Pokhara
Day 17 Pokhara to Kathmandu
Day 18 Departure Day

Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Kathmandu

Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 ft (Kathmandu) 

A representative from Core Treks will come to pick you up at the airport. After that we'll be taking you to your hotel. We'll have a short briefing session and feel free to ask any question you might have regarding the trek. If you want to explore the city we might as well walk around the street of Thamel and it's even possible to do some last minute shopping. There're no further activities for the day so you might as well check into the hotel.

Meal Included: No Meals. 


Day 2

Trek Preparation & Sightseeing 2 palces.

Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 ft (Kathmandu) 

We'll be talking more regarding our trip on this day. We'll need your original passport as travelers need a permit in order to make this trek in Nepal. After finishing that we'll be doing a bit of a sightseeing tour around the Kathmandu valley. We'll be visiting two world heritage sites located at Kathmandu, namely Kathmandu Durbar Square and Swayambhunath Temple (also known as Monkey Temple). In the evening we'll be doing final preparation for our trek.

Meal Included: Breakfast,

Day 3

Kathmandu to Pokhara

Altitude: 830m/ 2,722 ft  (Pokhara)
Drive approx.  7 hours by luxury tourist bus, 
Flight, 25 min.

We'll be heading to Pokhara on this day. There are two options regarding our travel to Pokhara; by air travel or by drive. A flight would take around 30 minutes to reach whereas driving to Pokhara might take around 8 hours. It depends on how you want to travel. Whether you want to enjoy the scenic highway drive of Nepal or a short scenic flight and enjoy the rest of the day at chilling or exploring Pokhara, it is up to you.

Meal Included: Breakfast,

Day 4

Pokhara to Kagbeni

Altitude: 2,700m/ 8,855ft.(Jomsom) 2,800m/ 9,185ft (Kagbeni)
Flight time: 25 min.
Walk approx. 3 hours

We'll be taking an early morning flight from Pokhara to Jomsom which is quite short and takes us about 20-25 minutes to reach. The flight is really wonderful as we will fly between two huge mountain ranges of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranging over 8,000 meters in height. We start our trekking from Jomsom as we head towards the village of Kagbeni. The Kagbeni village is also known as the gateway to Upper Mustang. The Kagbeni villages is quite an old settlement which dates back to 14th century as it used to be a check post for traders from Nepal. These places are also famous for their amazingly delicious and juicy apples which might be the best apples you've ever tasted in your life.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 5

Kagbeni to Chaile

Altitude: 3,110m/ 10,200ft (Chaile)
Walk approx.  6 hours

The trail today takes us through the east bank of the Kali Gandaki river as we walk through several ridges to reach the Tangbe village. The village is filled with fields of crops that are usually grown in the Himalayan region of Nepal such as barley, wheat and buckwheat. Beautiful views of the Nilgiri peak can also be seen during our trek on this day. After some hours of walking we leave the Kali Gandaki valley and climb through the rocky terrian towards Chaile. Chaile will be our destination for the day.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 6

Chaile to Geling

Altitude: 3,500m/ 11,480ft. (Geling)
Walk approx. 5-6 hours

We trek through the barren land of the Mustang region alongside a steep canyon. We then descend a long gradual trail towards the village of Samar. From Samar, we climb up above to a ridge and then descend down into a large gorge. We gradually descend to Shyangmochen from where we climb to a pass and again descend to the village of Geling. We'll be staying overnight at this village.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 7

Geling to Charang

Altitude: 3,620m/ 11,875ft  (Charang)
Walk approx. 5 hours

We start our trek by gradually climbing to Nyi La Pass and then descending down towards the blue, gray, and red cliffs. Upon crossing the bridge at Tangmar Chu river, we walk through the longest Mani wall in Mustang. Mani wall is a wall made of stones that are inscribed with prayer mantras. Then we climb over a pass and walk through the long and easy descent to the Charang village. There is a five-story monastery called White Dzong and Red Gompa which are some major attractions of this place. There are collection of ancient statues, Thanka, paintings, and other ancient artifacts inside these monasteries.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 8

Charang to Lo Manthang

Altitude: 3,840m/ 12,595 ft. (Lo- Manthang)
Walk approx. 5 hours.

We gradually ascend until we arrive at the Lo-Gekar Gompa. This Gompa is one of the oldest Gompas of the region which is even older than the Samye Gompa in Tibet. From here, we make our path towards Lo Manthang which is the capital of the Upper Mustang. We'll be spending the rest of our time upon reaching Lo Manthang where we'll also be spending our night.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 9

First day of Tiji festival

Today is the first day of celebration of the Tiji festival. We'll be spending the day enjoying the celebrations and the engagement of the people. During this day, sporting events such as horse racing and tug-of-war is also played which are major attractions of the day. You can also see people dressing in their traditional outfits and monks in their priestly clothing.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 10

Second day of Tiji festival

We'll be enjoying the day observing the unique dance of the Tibetan lamas. The reason for the dance is to chase away all the hungry evil spirits from the village. Many people participate in the act of renewal and purification. During the day you can even explore around the village or rent a horse and visit other villages nearby.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 11

Final day of Tiji festival and visit to Namgyal Gompa and Tingkhar

We'll be enjoying the festival in the village of Lo Manthang for one last time as we come to an end of the festival. After enjoying and spending some time in the village, we then do a short hike as we make our way towards the Namgyal Gompa. This monastery is situated on a hilltop and is a building of utter importance to the local community of Upper Mustang. This Gompa also has a local court that has been in existance throughout ages. We then hike towards the village of Tingkhar which is a last village situated to the northwest of Lo Manthang. After spending some time at Tingkhar, we then head back to Lo Manthang and relax for the rest of the day.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 12

Lo Manthang to Drakmar

Altitude: 3,820m/ 12,530 ft. (Drakmar)
Walk approx. 6 hours

We'll be walking through the highest point of our trek on this day as we pass through the Chogo La. From there our trail advances to a short and steep descent as we cross the Charang river. We then trek further towards the village of Drakmar which will be our final destination for the day.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 13

Darkmar to Shyangboche

Altitude: 3,800m/ 12,465 ft. (Shyangboche)
Walk approx. 6 hours

We start our trek after breakfast as our trails descends passing the stone walls and fields before climbing a ridge. We then descend further down to the villages of Mustang region and finally to our destination for the day, the Shyangmochen village.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 14

Shyangboche to Chhusang

Altitude: 2,980m/ 9,775 ft. (Chhusan).
Walk approx. 6 hours

Our trek is long but the trail is fairly easier. We follow a stream all the way down until Chhusang. During this trek, we also have an option of taking an alternative route to Saman that is 30 minutes longer where we can visit the Ranchung Cave.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 15

Chhusang to Jomsom

Altitude: 2,700m/ 8,856 ft.

Walking approx. 5 hours



Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Day 16

Jomsom to Pokhara

Altitude: 830 m/ 2,722ft (Pokhara)
Flight approx. 25 min,

We take a flight from Jomsom to Pokhara and spend rest of the day in this beautiful lakeside city. There are tons of activities can be done in this city. If you're not feeling like getting physical then activities such as boating in the lake, food hunt, or experiencing the city's nightlife could be great options.

Meal Included: Breakfast,

Day 17

Pokhara to Kathmandu

Altitude: 1,350 m/ 4,428 ft (Kathmandu) 
Drive approx.  7 hours by luxury tourist bus, 
Flight, 25 min 

We'll return back to Kathmandu via the mode of transportation of your choice (i.e. by air flight or by drive). We'll drive back to Kathmandu and back to your hotel. After resting for a bit, we'll be organizing a dinner party for our fellow guests where you'll be taken to a traditional Nepalese cuisine restaurant.

Meal Included: Breakfast,

Day 18

Departure Day

Our travel journey has now come to an end as we say our goodbyes and take you to the Tribhuvan International Airport 3 hours prior to your flight time. We'll come to pick you at your hotel and a representative will drive alongside you up till the departure gate at the airport.

Meal Included: Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner

Not satisfied with this itinerary? CoreTreks offers a customized itinerary option that allows you to personalize your trek according to your preferences and requirements.

Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival Cost Mentions

Trip Includes

  • Airport transfers by Private Vehicles.
  • Standard twin- sharing accommodation in a three starts hotel in Kathmandu & Pokhara, breakfast included. (5 Nights).
  • Twin sharing accommodation during trek. (12 Nights).
  • Kathmandu –  Pokhara – Kathmandu by Luxury tourist bus (If you want both ways private vehicle also available on additional cost).
  • Round airfare form Pokhara- Jomsom- Pokhara. 
  • Three daily meals with tea/coffee (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek.
  • TIMS Fee- Trekkers' Information Management System & Annapurna Conservation area permit (Please bring 2 passport size photos).
  • Special permit for Upper Mustang.
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide. Porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary and equipment. Accident insurance for all staff
  • Farewell dinner in a traditional Nepali restaurant with cultural performances.
  • Personal care & attention.
  • Local and government taxes.

Trip Excludes

  • All kind of beverage including mineral water, Phone calls, laundry, hot shower during Trek
  • Travel and Rescue Insurance
  • Tipping to crew.
  • Personal mountaineering gears
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extended 
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Visa fee, you obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu
  • Do not mention the services apart from the services mentioned in "Cost Included services"

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji festival is considered as a moderate level trek. It requires little to no prior mountaineering experience. You will be provided with a brief training by our travel experts in order to equip you with required information for the trek.


Yes, it is completely safe to trek to the Upper Mustang in Nepal. However, there are still possibilities of unforeseen circumstances that might interrupt your travel experience. For that, our travel experts will provide a brief training about safety precautions and about the location that we will be heading to.


During your trek to Upper Mustang with Tiji festival, you can expect to experience the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara, a scenic flight from Pokhara to Jomsom, Celebration of the great Tiji festival, old monasteries and ancient artifacts and the infamous sky caves.


The food is generally our traditional Nepali lunch which is Dal (Lentil Soup), Bhat (Boiled Rice), Tarkari (Veggies), and Achar (Pickle).

For the accommodation there are specially Hotels & Lodges, Tea houses, and Camping facilities. However due easy accessibility of hotels & lodges throughout the trial, camping is usually avoided (unless needed) during the Upper Mustang Trekking with Tiji Festival in Nepal.


To book the Upper Mustang Trekking with Tiji Festival in Nepal, CoreTreks offers you a number of booking options including:

  • Online booking,
  • Wire transfer OR,
  • Cash on arrival

We recommend you to go through our booking policy before you head to the payment. In case of further inquiries please feel free to contact us.

Additional Information

Equipment And Gears

To prepare for your trek in Nepal, it's essential to consider both the specific route and the time of year. Here is a Nepal trekking packing list to help you pack wisely. Here’s our Nepal Trekking packing list.

Upper Mustang Trek with Tiji Festival Reviews

Lovely city of Pokhara

From: Australia | On: 16 May, 2019

Even though I loved my all the moments during my trip to Nepal, the city of Pokhara was really fascinating to me. I love lively places and Pokhara was definitely one of them. Unlike busy Kathmandu, Pokhara is quiet and peaceful. The Phewa Lake was cherry on top.


Our trek began after a short flight from Pokhara to Jomson all the way up to Upper Mustang region. It was around 5-6 hours of trekking every day to reach our final destination. During the trek I got to taste the Nepali cuisine which was really delicious. I had an opportunity to observe the Tiji festival which was something I had never seen before. Overall I really enjoyed trekking in Nepal and will do again in the future for sure.


Big thanks to the team at CoreTreks for guiding us throughout the trip and keeping up with our unlimited questions. We were really curious about everything that we went through. They showed no hesitation in replying us with an answer. That is why I recommend CoreTreks if you also plan on trekking in Nepal.

One of the most beautiful treks I have ever had

From: United States | On: 15 May, 2018

Nepal is a beautiful destination for trekking and travelling. As an individual who has trekked in Nepal, I recommend you to take the leap if you have been thinking of it. The pristine rivers, mesmerizing scenery, welcoming people, and the majestic mountains are really something to be experienced once in a lifetime.


Our plan while in Nepal was to go trekking the Upper Mustang in order to experience the Tiji festival that was exactly at the time when we planned our trip. I can say that, it was awesome. The festival reflects on how devil loses against deity. It was fun and inspiring at the same time.


Thanks to CoreTreks for planning our refreshing trek to Upper Mustang and taking care of everything during our trip. They are really professional with their guiding. They definitely deserves some respect for the dedicated that they put into their work. They offer packages with affordable costs, so if you plan on visiting Nepal definitely book via CoreTreks.

Opportunity to sense the Himalayan Culture

From: Poland | On: 18 May, 2017

Our trek to Upper Mustang was full of excitement and adventures. Travelling is really a great way to explore and learn about different cultures around the world. We chose Nepal as the country is filled with diversity, whether it’s culture or landscapes.


We had to hike for around 7 hours every day for 14days and it was tiring. But the aftertaste was sweet. We were lucky enough to encounter the famous festival amongst the Himalaya people, the Tiji festival. People dress up as different characters and enjoy the act which represent how deity are powerful over demons. It was shivering there but we were pumped during the whole show.


Honestly that was the best trip of my life so far. And all credit goes to CoreTreks for making this happen. We enjoyed the services that they provided. Also they guided us through everything, informing us about the cultural believes in Nepal in-between our hike.So, if you are interested in trekking in Nepal then hit up CoreTreks. I definitely recommend them.

Nepal is full of unique cultures

From: United Kingdom | On: 14 May, 2017

After travelling to Nepal, I found that the country is really unique in terms of its culture. The diverse religious believes in Nepal is really something that a lot of people miss out on. It is really a place to be visited once in your lifetime.


We were a group of trekkers and we decided to trek to Upper Mustang region. The Tiji festival was right around the corner so we discussed why not experience the festival along with some trekking. Everything went as planned and it was really an awesome trip. The trekking was a bit tiring. It was my first time experiencing Tiji festival in Nepal, so I was really excited and curious during the whole act.


Nevertheless, I highly recommend you to visit Nepal if you have been thinking of visiting Nepal. The hospitality has significantly improved than past. Thanks to the CoreTreks staffs for helping and guiding us throughout the whole trip. Looking forward to visit again.

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