Nepal is renowned for being a home to the highest mountains in the world – the Mount Everest. However, apart from this it the country is also known for its traditions, culture, bustling cities, beautiful landscapes, mouth-watering cuisines and so much more!

Slot in between China and India, Nepal is one of the most fascinating places to visit on earth and several tourists from around the globe dream about visiting Nepal. But, before you set foot on the trekking trails and take your ultimate trip to Nepal, there are few basic things you must know.

Here are the five basic things you must know before you visit Nepal

Visa on Arrival

The Nepal tourist visas is on arrival and you can avail it from the Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International airport itself. Even if you plan to travel from India or China to Nepal via road you can acquire a visa on the land border crossings. Nonetheless, apply for a visa online upto 15 days before your arrival this will allow you to avoid ques and make the process easy.
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Traditional Greetings

The traditional greeting in Nepal requires placing your palms together in a prayerful approach and saying “namaste”. Namaste simply means hello and goodbye. It is a way wherein people politely greet each other. Although it is not mandatory, but a Namaste can be a pleasant way to approach the locals and learn about them and their culture.

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Hinduism & Buddhism

Nepalese are mainly followers of Hinduism and Buddhism or sometimes both. This is why, there are several temples, monasteries and other religious sanctuaries across the country. Ensure to be respectable towards the religious ideologies of the people as well as the religious monuments during your visit to Nepal.

Societal Norms

As you travel through the world considering and appreciating the social norms within every culture is important. In Nepal the society is traditional and religious, yet people especially the younger generation have a modern outlook.

Food & Water

Avoid drinking tap water and always stick to bottled water. Also, do not use ice as they might have been made up of tap water. Nepali Food is a traditional fare and indulging yourself is a must! However, eat at renowned places or ask your travel guides for recommendations. Try not to eat at unhygienic places.

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