Nepal is known to be one of the safest places to visit for sole travelers. Nepal is safer than most countries across the world, conceivably due to the spiritual nature of the people and their instinctive kindness.

Solo travel in Nepal can be extremely exhilarating and rewarding, but you need to ensure that you stay safe and get the most out of your solo travels. It is always tricky traveling alone in any part of the world and prioritizing safety is must!

Hence, we have made a list so that you take every precaution to make sure that you have a safe visit to Nepal.

Plan Itinerary in Advance

It is amazing to travel alone in Nepal you feel a sense of freedom, go with the wind and make random plans! But having at least a daily itinerary when you are traveling solo in Nepal can be helpful. Plan a realistic itinerary, explore everything at your own pace and take help from your travel agency that offer bespoke itineraries depending on your interests. 

Get A Travel Insurance

It is not a compulsion, but in case you plan to get adventurous or decide on a trek to Mount Everest a travel insurance can facilitate uncertain events. A decent travel insurance does not cost a lot and can save your life if things go wrong. While traveling solo in Nepal it is advisable to book a trek or an adventure sport with a travel agency. A travel or a trekking agency will determine the right type of insurance as per your itinerary, which will not only take care of safety but also be cost efficient.

Stay Safe & Eat Clean

Another important aspect of traveling solo in Nepal is staying in safe environs and eating clean food. Nepal has the best hotels and offers top-quality restaurants – not just for the luxury travelers, but also for the explores on a budget. However, while traveling solo in Nepal take extra measures to guarantee that you stay safe and eat clean. You may go by the review of places listed on certified websites or check with a travel agency in Nepal.

Be Careful with Cash

Be careful with the cash you carry while traveling solo in Nepal. In case you plan on visiting cultural villages, trek through the mountains or travel in secluded regions – it is best to carry cash as most places may not have ATMs or Banks. However, do not flash around large amounts and carry cash only as much you may require. For solo travelers in Nepal, it would be wise to get in touch with a trekking agency and visit such places with a group of sole travelers.

Choose the Right Travel Agency

You may intend to travel solo in Nepal to rejuvenate yourself or experience all the adventures choosing the right trace agency can be the ultimate breakthrough! Traveling solo in Nepal with the assistance of a travel or trekking agency can save lot of time and money. While you can enjoy the spiritual shrines, the chaotic towns, the cultural villages, the scenic treks and surely the Mount Everest, the travel agency can take care of all the required safety measure.

Nepal is a soul-rousing experience for solo travelers and to make it even more fulfilling speak to a travel expert from CoreTreks. From offering you the liberty to plan your own solo trip the way you like it to putting together like-minded solo travelers. However, you plan it, CoreTreks delivers a truly special travel treat. Book a free guided session to plan your solo trip in Nepal with our travel advisors.