Nepal is a small country with its major source of the economy being agriculture, tourism, and remittance. The valuation of the Nepalese currency is very low when you compare it with the USD. On average, a dollar is equivalent to NPR 110 and the goods, the products, and the services here in Nepal are fairly cheap as well. When it comes to your expenses, there are three main categories where you will be spending mostly. They are food, accommodation and travel expenses.


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Image: Mo:Mo in Nepal

Traveling to Nepal is not just about its natural beauty and culture but also, food. Food is an integral part of what Nepal has to provide for its visitors. Especially the major cities of Nepal like Kathmandu and Pokhara are famous for its food culture. When it comes to expenses and service charges regarding eatery, these cities are very fair to their customers. An average meal in Kathmandu would cost you around $4-$7 depending upon the type of cuisine and restaurants. A cup of coffee in Kathmandu would cost $2-$4 and a cup of tea would cost you $1-$2. A cost for a bottle of beer would cost $3-$6. The pricing is pretty similar in the case of other cities like Pokhara too however, it is applicable only when you’re in the cities.

Once you head off for trekking or expedition around Nepal, the price goes higher. An average meal would cost $7-$10 and coffee is hard to find except for instant coffee whereas alcoholic drinks get expensive as well. But the price for accommodation while trekking in Nepal would compensate for price hike in food which we will discuss next.


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Image: Accommodation during trek

Lodging in Nepal varies according to your preference. You can find a different variant of accommodation from hostels to a five-star hotel. First, let’s go through lodging facilities and services throughout the major cities of Nepal. A hostel in Kathmandu would cost $3-$5 per night where you’ll get a bed with a shared space. A room would normally have 6-10 beds but hostels are few. Many people want private spaces and that’s what most accommodation services are focused on. If you’re staying at a guest house in Kathmandu or other major cities a room would range from $15-$25 and the services are limited. You should check if they have all the services you need before booking a space for yourself. Then comes the hotels in Nepal and this has a very diverse selection but it is what we would recommend if you’re looking for a place to say in the cities of Nepal.

Hotels would start anywhere from $30 ranging to $200. A three-star hotel’s average cost would range from $50-$70 whereas the four-star hotel’s room ranges from $70-$100 and a five-star hotel’s room costs $100 and above per night. However, when you’re trekking in Nepal, especially up to the Himalayas the prices for lodging are surprisingly low. Most of the accommodation places you’ll find are tea-houses and a room would cost you $5-$10 per night and the facilities are limited.

Travel Expenses

Travel Expenses in Nepal depends upon the type of activity you’re planning on doing. We’ve already given you the details on the most essential expenses you’ll have to cover during your stay in Nepal which is food and accommodation. If you’re planning for a trek in Nepal then the main expense you’ll have to pay would be to the travel agency. They have different travel packages to offer for trekking in Nepal and prices vary according to packages, travel duration, and travel destination. Benefit for purchasing the full package would be that the travel agency will cover for all of your needs including food, accommodation, transportation, guide service, and rescue in terms of emergency cases so that you won’t have to worry and travel without any stress.

Other expenses would be shopping which might include proper gears and equipment necessary according to your needs but many travel agencies in Nepal provide those services as well. Others might be shopping. Keep in mind that bargaining would definitely get you a better deal and it’s not rude to do so if you’re respectful and doing it with enjoyable social experience. Keep in mind though that you want to do all of your shopping while you’re in the major cities of Nepal, specifically Kathmandu or Pokhara.

These are the most essential information about your travel expenses for traveling to Nepal. So the prices for facilities and services in Nepal are fairly cheap and not only that but there’s a variety of choices when it comes to choosing what sort of services you’re looking for during your stay in Nepal. Even the services for higher prices in Nepal are very reasonable when you compare to the same facilities you’ll be getting in other countries, especially the developed nations. Visit our website if you want to know more about traveling to Nepal.