For several years I have fantasised to go on a sole trip to Nepal and trek on the mounts of Himalayas. This 2019 my dream of visiting Nepal finally came true. Enticed by thrill, adventure, wide life and the unique culture of Nepal, I spent backpacking through the Himalayas during my vacation.

If you like solitude and plan on soul-searching, then trekking on the Himalayas is what advice you to do. The experience cannot be put across in words, but I will surely try to do so!

My Research

I have been travelling alone for few years now and explored some of the most serene and adventurous parts around India, Nepal and other the neighbouring countries. A voyager by heart, I make sure that I take a short sole trip every year. Guided my Discovery Channel and travel bloggers, I did a thorough research on the various things that I could require on the journey. Being a female traveller, I also ensured about “safety” during my trip to Nepal and trek to the Himalayas.

But I was more than comfortable and had everything I required. Thanks to my travel agency for trekking in Nepal called Core Treks. Be it the documentation for trekking in Himalayas or the basic first aid requirements they made me aware and kept things sorted.

My Journey

I took a flight from Mumbai to Kathmandu. I wanted to rest well before to trek, so I stayed in Kathmandu for a day. I spent time wandering the lanes of the city and slept well in the comfortable hotel again arranged by Core Treks.
Next day morning I was ready to board the world’s most dangerous flight! Yes, to start my Himalayan trek I needed to reach my basecamp which was in Lukla.

Lukla is where most Everest region treks start from and has several basecamps. The Lukla Airport is described as the most dangerous in the world. Situated in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, Lukla is at an altitude of 2,860m. It is a single, sloped runway and only experienced pilots can land. There are other ways to reach Lukla from Kathmandu. The famous plane journey is a thrill for explorer, and I needed my dose of ecstasy! Hence, I flew with Yeti Airlines from Kathmandu to Lukla.

My Trek

I opted for the Everest Panorama Trek. It was a 10 days package, out of which 5 days were assigned for trekking alone.

My flight reached Lukla early morning, it took me only 40 minutes from Kathmandu. I trekked my way to Phakding (2652m) along with the other 12 trekkers and our guide from Core Treks. The walking was more relaxed and downhill on the first day. I just trekked for over 3 hours and later stayed at a guesthouse. The people at the guesthouse were truly inviting and warm. The local delicacies were amazing and the Momos (steamed dumpling) are a must try!

Next day morning after having my breakfast I trekked to Namche bazzar (3440m). I crossed the suspension bridge and started walking with the group to place called Monju. Our aim was to reach Sagarmath National park. The walk from the national park leads to High Hillary Bridge along with an upwards trench to Namche bazzar. I would feel the trench and I walked along with the group for more than 7 hours. But the views of the Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Kusum Khangru and other such valleys made the walk spectacular. The beautiful nature and the calmness in the air is something worth experience yourself.

One day during the trek I also visited the Namche Bazzar exploring the old charm of the city that also helped us to rest and adjust to the temperature and oxygen levels. I stayed overnight at the guesthouse with the group.
The following days I trekked to Tengboche at (3,873m), I trekked for around 6 hours and visited the biggest monastery in Tengboche. In the evening the Buddhist monks in Nepal were offering their prayers and it was truly serene. The next two days I trekked to Phakding (2610m) which was around an 8 hours long trek. I again stayed overnight, and early morning let from and Phakding to Lukla (2800m) in 3hours trek.

The Difficulties

If you ask me about the difficulties during this Everest trek, I would say that you must know that there is a lot of walking required. Everyday you need to walk over 5 to 7 hours. Thus, it is extremely important that you have good pair of shoes and carry an extra one’s along with a few pairs of shocks if possible.
Another thing is high altitude – through the journey the altitude keeps shifting as we go higher on the path. Vomiting, nausea and mild sickness could be possible if you are not physically and mentally prepared for it. Usually a routine medical check-up is considered by trekkers to ensure fitness and carry some altitude sickness tablets to help you cope.

But the difficulties are nothing when compared to the awesomeness that you will experience on the Everest trek.
Overall Experience

Summarizing the overall experience, visiting Nepal and trekking in the Everest was one of my best decisions. The experience has left me spellbinding and there is so much to explore that a single visit is not enough.
The snow cladded mountains, the magnificent peaks and the untouched nature is what makes you feel how beautiful life is after all! So I am sure to plan another trip to Nepal and try another trek sometime soon!