Nepal is a diverse country in many ways in terms of its geographical features, biodiversity, climate, people and cultures. The reason to travel Nepal is famous in the world is because of its diversity. Within the hot plains on the south to chilly Himalayas on the north, there are plenty of reasons you need to visit the beautiful country of Nepal. We will give you some of the prime reasons on why you need to travel to Nepal.

The Great Himalayas

Among the top 10 highest peaks in the world, eight of them lie here in this small nation of Nepal including the highest one, Mount Everest. The splendors of these mighty mountains are something to behold. Being many in numbers, these mountains have helped in creating a very unique tourist destination where travelers can choose to travel between varieties of Himalayas based on their travel duration and physical fitness.

Mount Everest 2020
Mount Everest Base Camp

Activities such as trekking, expedition, mountaineering, and exploration has been very popular among these regions of Nepal where people come to get closer to nature and find peace the process of doing so.

Country full of Adventures

This is one tiny but mysterious nation, in a good way though! The gradual growth of elevation has filled this country with different land structures with their own variations because of which adventures can be found everywhere you go. Whether it be safari through the plain forests of the south where you’ll be able to get close with rich flora and faunas including the royal bengal tigers and one horned rhinos (regarded as endangered species), big cities of the hills and then the obvious, the Great Himalayas. This country of Nepal is an amazing spot for various outdoor adventure sports such as river rafting, paragliding, bunjee, mountain biking, and so and was listed as one of the best places on earth for adventure-tourism by National Geographic.

Best Value for Money

Many of the top travel review sites such as Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and National Geographic has deemed Nepal on their list of top countries to visit where and considering it to be one of the best value- for-money travel destinations around the world. The country is inexpensive in itself where as the products and services provided are second to none. This is one of those few places where you can travel freely without having to stress much about your finances. An average cost for a meal per day would cost you around $15-$20 and a hotel with three star facilities would cost around $50-$60 per night. 

People and Culture

Nepal is not only full of natural but also cultural diversity. Nepal in itself has a rich cultures and traditions among many unique ethnic groups scattered all over the country. It has a long history and also considered to be one of the old civilizations of the world. The fact that Nepal being a landlocked country between two huge nations, China and India, it has led to diverse cultures to flourish within one tiny nation. For these reasons there are numerous festivals in Nepal that travelers can witness or take part in all along the year.

Experiencing these cultures as you’re exploring the wonders of nature in this nation is truly bliss and so are its people. There is a saying in Sanskrit “atithi deva vawa” which basically means guests are a form of god and many people keep it in their hearts. Foreigners are highly viewed as it is also one of the prime sources of income for many people.

World Heritage Sites

Kathmandu Nepal - CoreTreks
World Heritage Site – Bhaktapur

The country of Nepal is gifted not only in through nature but also through its rich history and monuments. There are total of ten world heritage sites in Nepal among which seven of them are within the region of Kathmandu Valley. That makes it easier to explore these unique and special places and it is one of the popular activities done around Kathmandu.

One of the most sacred important temples for Hindus; the Pashupatinath Temple, sacred religious site for Buddhists; the Monkey Temple and the Boudhanath Stupa, historic palaces of ancient Malla Kingdoms the Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur Durbar Square and a temple built during the 3rd century; the Changunarayan Temple are the heritage sites around Kathmandu. Other three heritage sites of the world situated in Nepal are Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park (this is where Mt. Everest lies), and Lumbini which is the birthplace of the pioneer of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

Looking for a reason to visit Nepal?

These are some of the prime reasons why Nepal is visited my many but that is not all that it has to offer. There are other countless activities and wonders hidden inside this tiny nation which will make its visitors feel that Nepal is truly that place people regards as “once is not enough”.