In this article, we will discuss your options for getting around in Nepal.

Getting around while traveling in Nepal is one of the challenges that you need to be prepared for. Roads are poorly built and they get narrow once you leave the city.

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Public vehicles are usually crowded and uncomfortable. The highways are not maintained regularly and potholes are common. Most of the time, roads are under construction causing long traffic.

Although getting around in Nepal is a hurdle, this only serves to your adventure and makes it more rewarding to reach your destination. With that said, let’s look at your options for getting around in Nepal.

Public Buses

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Getting around by public buses in Nepal is an experience in itself. However, the fare is cheaper than your other options. Frequent stops, crowds, vibrations of window glasses, flat tire, and meal stops are common. Adding to the menu is the 30km per hour of speed on average. Traveling by bus is tough. But if you’re ready to experience how locals get around, be our guest.

4 Wheel-Drive or Cars

Four wheelers are your best bet for off-road trips. If you hire a 4WD then it’s probably a Tata Sumo or a Scorpio. These vehicles can go where the normal public transportation won’t. The ride is more fun and comfortable.

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Be informed that you can also book a ticket for Tata Sumos that are regulated on certain routes. The tickets are a bit expensive than the bus, but it’s faster.

Airplane and helicopters

Airplanes in Nepal are decent and they do not break the bank. The airfare is relatively cheaper. The most important advantage is that you save time. You can cover 5-6 hours of on-road travel time in a mere 15 minutes.

Tribhuvan international airport to open commercial flights

Helicopters are mostly chartered and are used to travel to base camps without having to trek for long hours. They might come costly but flight-sharing will reduce the total charge. Personally, I think they are great for those who are too busy or elderly/children. Some of the private airlines that operate in Nepal are:

  • Buddha Air
  • Tara Air
  • Yeti Airlines
  • Simrik Air
  • Fishtail Air


Riding motorcycle is common in Nepal. Most youngsters know how to ride. But that does not mean it’s easy. Road accidents are common around here. For a busy city like Kathmandu, a motorcycle is far more convenient to get around.

You can rent a motorcycle in Thamel and it costs around NPR1,500 to NPR3,000 per day. They do not come with insurance, therefore it’s completely up to you to bear the cost in case anything happens. If you are up for a motorcycle tour in Nepal, then I’d recommend you go for it. But you should have plenty of riding experience and always wear a helmet & protective gear.


For those who like to get active, bicycles are a decent choice for touring the city. Renting one will cost you anywhere from NPR150 to NPR300 per day that’s equivalent to around USD1-3 dollars. However, Mountain Bikes are a bit expensive, they cost around NPR500 per day.

You will also require a helmet and some basic repairing knowledge regarding maintenance.

There you have it, these are your options to get around in Nepal while traveling. Our travel experts are always ready to assist you further. So, if you have any more inquiries, email us at Happy Traveling!