Manaslu Region (between Jagat and Dharapani) has been declared a restricted area by Nepal Government for a while now. The primary reason is to control tourism and keep track of incoming and outgoing travelers.

Independent trekkers are not allowed in Manaslu, so it is mandatory to obtain a special entry permit through a registered agency in Nepal. According to current government policy, a minimum of two trekkers accompanied by a local guide is required. 

Since your permit is subject to be processed through a registered agency like CoreTreks, freelance guides cannot issue the permits for the Manaslu Region. 

Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP)

 While traveling to Sama Gaun, travelers need a special permit called Special Restricted Area Permit (RAP). The price for Manaslu RAP depends on the number of days that you spend between Jagat and Dharapani. However, once you cross the Sama Gaun (village), you will need another entry permit, the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP Permit) which we will discuss later. 

manaslu region special permit
Special Restricted Area Permit

The cost of Special Restricted Area Permit for Manaslu (Manaslu RAP):

  • September to November: USD 100 per person for the first week and an additional USD 15 from the eighth day and onward per person. 
  • December to August: 


  • A passport-sized photograph (Digital)

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP Permit)

Required from Philim, starting point of Manaslu Conservation Area, there is no change in price related to the number of days that you spend inside the area. 

MCAP Permit

The cost for Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit (MCAP Permit) is USD 30 per person. The price is constant throughout the year.


  • A passport-sized photograph (Printed)

Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP Permit)

The ACAP Permit is required from Dharapani until you exit ACAP through Beshi Sahar. There is no change in price related to the number of days that you spend inside the area. 

ACAP Permit

The cost for Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit (ACAP Permit) is USD 30 per person. Similar to MCAP, the price is constant throughout the year. 

Once you obtain these three permits i.e. RAP, MCAP Permit, and ACAP Permit, you are good to go. However, travelers are only required to obtain a TIMS (Trekkers Information Management System) Card in case you enter an area that does not requires a RAP.

About TIMS Card 

All trekkers in Nepal must obtain the Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) Card before trekking. TIMS Card is mandatory (unless you obtain a RAP permit) to ensure the safety of the trekker. 

TIMS card

Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS) came into effect since Jan 1st, 2008. It has been implemented in the coordination of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) to ensure the safety of trekkers and to control operations that are not legal. 

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Manaslu Trekking Permit In Nepal – Frequently Asked Questions  

What is a trekking permit? 

A trekking permit in Nepal acts as a pass to different restricted regions in Nepal. It is important to keep track of trekker’s information. Trekking permits are issued in Nepal by: 

  • Department of Immigration (Example: RAP Permit)
  • National Trust For Nature Conservation (Example: MCAP and ACAP Permits) 

Where do I obtain the trekking permits? 

Individual trekkers cannot issue a permit for Manaslu. Only registered agencies are allowed to do so. Therefore, your agency will carry out the necessary procedure in order to receive a permit. 

Do I need a TIMS Card for Manaslu region treks? 

No, you don’t. TIMS Card is not necessary for trekkers who have obtained a special RAP permit. 

How much does the permit for Manaslu cost?

Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit costs USD 30 per person unless you are a member of SAARC country. In addition, the permit prices varies depending on the number of days you spend between Jagat and Sama Gaun. However, Special RAP Manaslu will cost you USD 100 per person.

What is the requirement for the trekking permit? 

The requirement for trekking permit in Nepal are as follows: 

  • Two passport-sized photos (For MCAP and ACAP)
  • A scanned photo (For Manaslu RAP)
  • Original Passport 
  • VISA Documents 

How long does it take to issue the trekking permit?

About an hour and a half, depending upon the stability of the online system. However, it could take a few hours if done manually. 

Can a single trekker obtain the permit? 

No, a single trekker cannot obtain the permit. However, there is a practice of “Ghost permit” for single trekkers. Basically, we issue two permits, one for a non-trekker and one for an active trekker. 

Can a permit be issued on a public holiday? 

No, the Department of Immigration is closed on Saturday and other public holidays. Therefore, we issue the permit in advance when a long public holiday is approaching.  

Can permits be issued in advance before we arrive in Nepal? 

In general, the Department of Immigration needs to verify the details including the original passport and visa details. So, we cannot issue special RAP permits in advance.

Note: The Department of Immigration only provides special RAP permits.    

However, if you wish to issue a Conservation Area Project Permit such as MCAP and ACAP, it is possible to issue a permit after you provide us the required details. 

Manaslu Circuit Trek, crossing Larke La Pass (5106m), Nepal

The Background Process For Issuing Trekking Permits:

CoreTreks has been known for quality trekking and touring activities in Nepal. Being one of the top trekking agencies, we believe in total transparency and this is how we issue a trekking permit for you, read on!

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STEP 1: Fill the online application form

Figure 1 Source:

  • Fill up the online application form : (
  • Fill up separate online application for MCAP and ACAP.
  • Send the application to the Director General, Department of Immigration.
  • Provide the printed itinerary with trekking dates.
  • Provide a photocopy of your passport and visa (each).
  • Arrange US Dollars and write the serial number and denomination of each note on the agent’s letter head.

Step 2: Go to Department of Immigration office with the following documents

  • Head over to the Department of Immigration in Anamnagar.
  • Submit the US Dollars along with the letter containing the serial numbers to the
    Global IME Bank counter (inside Immigration Department) and collect the deposit
  • Verify the official document. Make sure to carry the agencies up-to-date guide
    insurance, tax clearance, and valid authority certificate from the central
  • An officer will verify the details of trekkers submitted online with the passport
    and then print a new slip.
  • A second officer will again verify the details and forward the file to Head of
  • The Head of Immigration (Director General) will make the final verification and issue
    his signature.
  • Now print each individual permits and put on the stickers.
  • The second officer will now sign the stickers.
  • Again, present it to the first officer and s/he will put the final stamp to the sticker and the Manaslu permits are ready.

Now, we only need to issue permits for MCAP and ACAP.

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Step 3: Go to Nepal Tourism Board to issue MCAP and ACAP permits:

  • Drive to Nepal Tourism Board (
  • Pay the permit fee in local currency
  • Submit the printed online application form
  • The officials will print the permit and place your printed photograph
  • They will sign the form and DONE, you are ready to go!

Do not get overwhelmed since us as a trekking agency will handle these for you.

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CoreTreks is keen on developing customer relations along with top notch quality services to travelers from all around the world. Our travel experts with well over a decade of experience in tourism will be more than glad to help you. Book a trip to Manaslu in Nepal at an affordable price with CoreTreks to explore the wonders of Nepal.

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For more information about Manaslu Region Treks along with a quote, visit Manaslu region trek list.